Brutal - This The Type Of Fall Where You Gotta Lay There For A Minute To Make Sure You’re Not Dead!

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It appears that this gentleman was threatening this older man (Grandfather) with a knife. The man lunged at the Grandfather to stab him when the Police end up shooting him. He goes down and the Cops decide to shoot him about 7 or 8 more times while he is down maybe more and from my understanding they hit the Grandfather also who was being threatened by the man yielding the knife. I counted about 18 shots....Did you guys get that amount?

From my understanding the Elder man was not threatening anyone but being threatened by the man holding the knife. Can someone explain why the Cops ended up shooting and killing the Grandfather?

WTF is going on with these Cops as they are required to test out with their handguns periodically. This is absolutely ridiculous...

What are your thoughts on this one guys? I read all your comments so lets hear it.

A Gentleman showcasing his talent in a Bar....or Not....

I think this ladies timing when to Dance was just a tad off.....

What do you think?

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David Robinson, one of Dog the Bounty Hunter's partners for years and star of "Dog's Most Wanted," has died.

David was on a Zoom call Wednesday with his Ex-Wife when he had some sort of medical emergency. The Police, paramedics responded and CPR was performed but unsuccessful.

Sources close to Dog say it appears David may have suffered some sort of HEART ATTACK OR STROKE .... although official cause has yet to be determined.

Another person gone and they will never blame it on Big Pharma........Pfizer, Moderna or J&J??? Which one?

Source - TMZ and E!News

Its Chiropractor Time!!!! Hope he has good insurance.

This guy.... SMH.. Doing a Front Squat + Deadlift at the same time????? What on Earth

Ouch!!!!! That has got to hurt....

What on Earth are these women doing???????? Well at least one lady is masked up protecting no one. Madness.....

It appears this could be a very real possibility folks.....If they can focus where the 5G goes then I would not put it past them to do something like this to us.

Lets hear your thoughts below

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And here is another one passing away from the “Mystery Illness”.... Mystery Illness = Pfizer, Moderna or J&J Shot.....


Source - Covid Vax Injuries

This guys is crazy strong doing one armed overhead presses.....Using two arms I couldn't even do this...... Absolutely crushing it.

As if being Welded in their own homes wasnt bad enough now they are spraying their people like Bugs.....

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This Lady gets ran over by a train in a very bad way.... Not looking where you are going......... Ouch

On a Collision Scale of 1-10 what would you give this?

I would say 9 or a 10 as he really plowed into her......

Lets here it below as I read all your comments

A Gentleman at work did the all too familiar Death Spiral right before he died. Anyone heard what is happening here before they die or is it the Vaccine doing something to there brains?

Source - Covid Vax Injuries

Son to Dad..... I think we are going to be up here for a minute Dad.......

In all seriousness this is pretty amazing....

Where is a Handyman when you need one? Madness.......

This Gentlemen's Rottweiler was crying and had not moved for quite sometime. His owner was worried to death if he was ok or not. Should he call the Vet for his best friend? Was he dying?!?!?! Super close call!!!! Phewwww......hehe

It appears the younger man Spit on Grandpa in the Elevator..... I guess he was never taught to respect his elders during his upbringing. It appears Grandpa was not having any of it and decides to teach this man a lessor or two.

Clif_High speaking on All of Humanity at War.....

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Sorry about that folks..... Somehow an older video got uploaded... My apologies on that one.

Well it appears that he might be another Truther who is *Controlled Opposition*..... Good grief.....

Let me know your thoughts on this one below

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Dude tries to play it off after almost killing them.......

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Imagine if you will your own Government Welding your home from the outside in order to prevent you from leaving due to a Fake Pandemic. I do believe China is starting to rise up and riot over this btw.

What are your thoughts on this one? Leave comments below as I read everyone of your comments.

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Flecca Talks is showcasing how Gen Z is absolutely lost..................This is pretty bad.............Good grief

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