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Did this Dolphin know exactly what he was doing when he plowed over this Stand Up Paddle Boarder? Lets hear it below

Well this is absolutely Brutal. Do you think this was on purpose by the Horse? This dudes injuries are going to be quite substantial if he even survived this.

Lets hear it below

By the looks of it these drivers were not impressed with this Bicyclist. This Bicyclist is a madman to be doing this on these roads. He is very lucky he did not die here.


This seems a tad excessive as in this guy wont ever be able to walk again by what he is doing to him. His discs and vertebra are gone after this. PAY ATTENTION TO HOW HARD HE IS HITTING HIM. Absolute MADNESS

These Mallinois Puppies are vicious and this guy almost lost more than his pants from where they were biting.

Rambo First Blood (Home Made Edition))


Do you know someone who is like this or have you ever experienced this? This is pretty awesome and hysterical.

Lets hear your comments below

Source - Manonmathews and traviswilliamharris

Good Grief.....why, Why, WHY? This dudes tailbone is wrecked.......

You gotta admit this is pretty sweet..... Go from your Balcony to jumping into the water?!?!?!

Apparently this is a thing and it has happened before as these people who dont know sign language get up on TV and act like they do. I honestly cannot imagine what is going through these peoples brains to get up there and do this knowing they know nothing about Sign Language, plus they are not getting paid its VOLUNTEER... And then they could get caught. Ridiculous

With everything going on in Society you would think this lady could channel that energy for something else.

Another Bully getting put in his place. There seems to be a pattern with these guys.

Regardless the other guy does not put up with his crap and is rather on the laid back side when this is all happening but still manages to hurt this kid.

What is on her mind?!?!?!? Hmmmmm something tells me her priorities might be a little different here..... 😄 😀

Like the Sunglasses from "THEY LIVE" The military has interdimensional Goggles that can see Demons....

What are your thoughts on this one? Ever hear of this?

Well if you ever cannot sleep you might want to try sleeping on a bed connected to Parachutes. Make sure you have your Alarm to wake you though such as this man does.

Would you do this?

Ridiculous.....absolutely Ridiculous.....Why have a dog if you cannot control the animal?

Thoughts on this one?

#Dog #Attack #Injury #Death #DogAttack

Finnish Bluegrass Band "Steve'n Seagulls" playing "AC/DC - Thunderstruck".

What do you guys think?

#AC/DC #Thunderstruck #Bluegrass #Finnish

A Man decides to do a Swan Dive Head First into the Crowd thinking they are going to catch him but apparently the crowd had other intentions. Most were apparently warning him not to do it by the sounds of it.

Thoughts on this one?

#Concert #Idiot #StageDive #Comedy #Injury

This is horrible as this gentleman from Licking County, Ohio was cutting down some trees on his property when he cut this one down and it landed on him crushing him to death.


Source - USACrime -

This Kitty had no idea there were some Guardian Angels watching over him. Great save, Great Catch Humans.....

#Kitty #9Lives #Fall #Injury #Cat

THE HONEY BADGER - Because he just doesn't give a sh#t. The Snake has a Choke Hold on him or does he?!?!?! Odds are stacked against this little guy which looks to be what a Python Snake + two Jackals (correction and thanks for that). Never count the Honey Badger Out......He has Heart for Days....Incredible....

I Believe this girl was at some festival in Europe maybe Octoberfest or something and tried to drink this beer using this contraption. Could you do it? Was she even drunk enough to be using this?

Lets hear it below

Props goes to this Manager for standing up against these Lib Tik Tok DEGENERATES.

#Liberal #Idiots #Employees

I guess this is one way to free the car door.... BTW sorry guys I have been under the weather for 2-3 weeks and had to go to the Urgent Care. Regardless I have not forgotten you guys!!!!

#Car #Accident #Injury

Guy takes 1300 horsepower car on public streets knowing the throttle (gas) sticks, then rides the brakes the entire time to compensate until they fail and he crashes.
This was 1.) Expensive Mistake
2.) Dangerous as Hell
3.) Most likely injured the people they rear ended going 60mph or faster.
4.) Ridiculous


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