The first 100% completely honest Democratic Party election campaign video! 😅😂🤣

The first honest spokesperson for the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics”.

The Biden Crime Family - Corruption Cliff Notes from Donald Trump Jr.

The Biden family has spent decades in Washington, DC enriching themselves by selling access to Joe Biden's taxpayer funded office.

Hunter Biden is corrupt. Jim Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden is corrupt.


Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell on why the black community needs to vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has done more for the black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln, and this video doesn't even cover Donald Trump's Opportunity Zones, his White House appointments, and so much more.

Trump 2020: A Man vs. A Movement.

Tom Klingenstein explains why 2020 may be the most consequential election since 1860 — and why President Donald Trump is the man most uniquely suited to the moment.

In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which reveal Joe Biden lied about Burisma. This is only the tip of the iceberg, much more to come!

Unlike what the radical leftist socialist communists would like you to believe, President Donald Trump is not a racist, and Trump has been denouncing white supremacists for decades.

Video compiled by Mark Dice.

Charlie Kirk gives the best argument for President Donald J. Trump to be re-elected in 2020. MAGA!

The Best Explanation of Herd Immunity when it comes to COVID-19 (and all viruses).

Featuring Dr. Daniel Pompa (@drpompa on Instagram).

The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including "Coronavirus") Are Not the Cause of Disease

Book banned by Amazon.
Written by Dr. Thomas Cowan and Sally Morell Fallon of The Weston A. Price Foundation

Joe Biden motions to staff to change the teleprompter:

"And uh, in addition to that, uh, in addition to that, we have to, uh, make sure that we uh, we are in a position that we are, well, let me, let me go to the second thing. I've spoke enough on that."

Black Lives Matter is a LIE. I am proof. My Untold Story.

Fuck Your Feelings (A song for Liberal Democrats)

The Real Reason they want you to hate Donald Trump

Please share with all of your black friends! How many times can Joe Biden say the "N" word in a single day? You might be shocked. Joe Biden is a racist. The black community deserves to know who Joe Biden really is. It's truly astounding that the Democrats have tricked black communities for decades — even though the Democrats were the ones who enforced slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and MUCH more. Please fund The Free Thinker Project, to put this ad directly in front of black voters.

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots in favor of the Liberal Democrats:

Trump Is The Most Pro Gay President in American History! #LGBT

Wow. Straight from the horse's mouth: Nancy Pelosi accidentally reveals the liberal democrat tactics of lying & smearing President Trump in the media. Truthification — Making Fiction Seem Like Truth, and Making Truth Seem Like Fiction. The Democrat Playbook!

Hey woke liberals! You missed a few brands that need to be canceled! Get on it ASAP! 😂😂🤣 #CancelCulture

Masks, socialism, and communism

Senator Scott Jensen targeted by Minnesota Medical Board for speaking out about COVID-19

Drunk Nancy Pelosi talking about President Donald Trump

Science teacher shows carbon dioxide build-up in a typical mask is COMPLETELY Safe!

Hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) is both the PREVENTION and the CURE for COVID-19 — even in the most critical patients who are on their deathbeds. It is one of the world’s safest medications, even safer than Tylenol and Motrin. It is available over-the-counter in the vitamin section of grocery stores in many countries around the globe. So why is this information being censored and withheld from the American people? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

How many times has Joe Biden been to Jeffrey Epstein's Pedo Island?

Joe Biden the pedophile, sniffing and touching girls.


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