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The Crisis is in the Supply of Fuel/Petrol, NOT in Supply of Manpower Daily Mail (21/09/21)

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Haman Impaled On His Own Gallows

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl


Pleased and obviously still in a festive mood from the events of the day, Achashverosh sat in the King's chair that night at the banquet. What fun it was to see Haman accord such great honor to his most hated adversary! That would teach Haman a well-earned lesson....

Tell Me What Your Petition Is

"Esther, my Queen," said Achashverosh affectionately, "surely there is some request you wish to make. You have not arranged these two banquets for the pleasure of Haman's company! Pray tell me, what is your petition? Even to the half of my kingdom and it will be granted to you. Only do not ask me to permit the Jews to commence construction of their Temple again, for that is in my half of the Kingdom . . ."

Esther, who regarded the great honors bestowed upon Mordechai that day as a truly auspicious sign from Heaven, was confident and sure, though her voice shook with emotion:

Spare My Life and Those of My People

"Your Majesty, I ask only that my life be spared together with the lives of my people! For my people and I have been treacherously condemned to die, to be mercilessly butchered and destroyed . . ."

"Who has dared to do such a thing?" cried the King, trembling with dread at the thought that his own beloved queen was not safe in his palace.

An Evil Man and Ruthless Enemy

"A very wicked and cruel man, a ruthless enemy, who has already sent Queen Vashti to her doom and now would also take my life! The villain is no other than this wicked Haman!" cried Esther, pointing an accusing finger at Haman. Haman grew pale and was terrified. He sank at Esther's feet, begging for mercy. But King Achashverosh turned to him with uncontrollable rage: "So it is you who dared plot against the Queen in my own home! " In a fit of wrath, he ran out into the garden for a breath of air.

Angels Incite Wrath of King Against Haman

To his great amazement, the King noticed several people cutting down the rare and exotic trees of the royal gardens. In reality they were not people but angels disguised as humans, sent down to arouse to the utmost the King's wrath at Haman.

"Who has ordered you to do this?" roared the King. "Haman!" answered the gardeners.

Like a wounded animal, the King rushed back to the banquet hall, to find the miserable Haman prostrate on the Queen's couch still begging for his life. At that moment, Charvonah, one of the King's attendants, said "Is the King aware that Haman erected a gallows fifty cubits high for the loyal Mordechai? There it is towering over Haman's house. . . ."

"Hang/Impale the vile Haman Thereon!" Cried the King.

Haman was lead away and hanged/impaled upon the very gallows that he had prepared for Mordechai, and only then was the King's wrath appeased.


Those that plan the demise of others, even their murder, they will themselves in the end be caught in their own traps and devices that they constructed to kill others with.

So, what these evil leaders are doing today, their evil will come back on them, there's no escaping it, it'll happen, Karma never fails.

Riches Made From Lying, Deceit and Dishonesty

What goes round comes around.

Riches Won't Help in the Day of Death

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©
Israel Institute Biblical Studies

The Minor Prophets | Micah

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Book of Micah

Micah | The Kingdom of God and Work of End Time Jewish Remnant

Micah | Woe to Those Building Zion With Blood

Micah | God (Yahweh) The Almighty Who is the Breaker of Bozrah (Micah 2:12-13)

Micah | The Time of God's Total Destruction of His Enemies (Micah 2:12-13)

Micah | The Future Messiah Called David Who'll Shepherd and Feed His People Israel (Micah 5:1-14)

Micah | When the Assyrian Comes into the Land (Micah 5:5)

Micah | Speaking Out Against Coveting, Perversions of Justice and Hypocritical Religiosity

Isaiah | When Yahweh Completes His Work On Zion

Isaiah | The Future End Time Return of Exiled Israel to The Land of Israel

Isaiah | The Dead Shall Live Again

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©
Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

The Minor Prophets | Malachi, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah and Nahum

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Punishment of the Priests (2:1-9)

The Sins of the People (2:10-16)

The Last Days Elijah (Malachi 3:1-4)

My Servant the Purifier Who'll Be Lord of the Covenant (Malachi 3:1-6)

Rejoice for Your Names Are Written in Heaven (3:16)

The Arrogant Will Be Set Ablaze On That Day (Malachi 4:1)

The Book of Amos

Gog | The Locust King (Amos 7:1)

The Book of Obadiah | The Sins of Edom

Jonah | The Reluctant Prophet

Nahum | The King of Assyrias Doom

Wicked and Evil Rulers That Surround Themselves With Liars

Pride and Arrogance Come Before A Fall and Destruction

The Time of God's Total Destruction

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©
Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

How to Tap Water from a Tree

Guide To Medicinal Plants UK

British Hedgerow | Wild Food and Foraging

Top 10 Poisonous Plants UK

Leatherman Raptor Rescue Tool

Leatherman Black Oxide Rebar Tool

Barter Items and SAS Survival Handbook

Condor Atrox and RAT 7

Milbank Water Purification Bag

Water Storage

Rigging A Parachute

Axe Care and Modifications

Alice Pack Large and Medium

Campfire Dutch Oven Bread

Waterlily USB Turbine Charger

BigBlue 28 Watt Solar Charging Panels

PSCOOK Bow Drill Fire Starter Processional

Solar Parabolic Cooker UK £250.00

Avalon ECO Hand Crank Washing Machine

£56.00 Amazom

Wolf and Grizzly Ferrocium Rod £20.00 Amazon UK

Sharpal Ferro Tod Epic Striker

Starting A Fire With Stone and Striker

Best Fire Starters

Ballistol: The Woodsman's Friend

Waterlily Available from Waterlily Canada (Waiting List) £250-300

Waterlily Water/Wind USB Electrical Charger

The FRX3 is a solar and hand turbine powered AM, FM Radio

Ghillie Kettle Hard Adonised

Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap

Stock Pile Food Now- No Time to Waste

Tops Tahoma Becker BK9

Winnerwell Stove, Oven and Water Heater

Winnerwell Stove and Water Heater

Silky Saw Outback Great Japanese Quality

Gransfors Bruks Axes

Luminaid Paclite

The Book of Ezekiel (Chapters 27-48)

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Rapidly Oncoming New System of Trade of the Assyrian and Egyptian World Government (Ezekiel 27)

The East Wind That'll Destroy That Which is Evil (Ezekiel 27)

The Man Who Thinks He is God and His End (Ezekiel 28)

The Lament Over the King of Tyre/Babylon/Assyria (Ezekiel 28)

The Fate of the Assyrian (Ezekiel 31)

Egypt to Fall Like Other Nations (Ezekiel 32)

The Watchman (Ezekiel 33)

The False Shepherds of Israel (Ezekiel 34)

The Turkish Armageddon Attack Upon Israel (Ezekiel 38 and 39)

The Temple Vision | Chapters 40-48

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Book of Ezekiel (Chapters 1-20)

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Book of Ezekiel (Summary)

Ezekiel | In The 30th Year

Day for a Year Commandment Not a Blanket Command for All Scripture Involving Days (Ezekiel 4)

The Abomination of the Priests (Ezekiel 8)

The Destroying Angels and Angel with the Inkwell (Ezekiel 9)

Here Comes Your King Riding On a Donkey (Ezekiel 9)

The Throne of Yahweh (Ezekiel 10)

Holy Ones Can Only Protect Themselves and Not Anyone Else (Ezekiel 14)

The Parable of the Two Eagles (Ezekiel 17)

Each One Will Die for His Own Sins (Ezekiel 18)

God Will Enter Into Judgement With the Jews in the Wilderness of the People (Ezekiel 20)

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

Daniel Chapters 8-12 Highlights

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Coming War With Iran, The Subsequent Collapse of the West and the Rise of the Assyrian (Daniel 8)

The Desecration of the Temple By the Assyrian and the 2300 Evenings and Mornings (Daniel 8)

The 70 Weeks of 490 Days | For the People of Jerusalem and the Messiah (Daniel 9)

Here Comes Your King (Daniel 9)

Daniel Chapters 10-12 | One Narrative

President Assad | The Fall of the West, New Rising Powers and WW3

The Coming 8 Wars Between Assyria and Egypt

From The Coming Collapse of the West Until the End of the 3rd King of Assyria

The Turkish Armageddon Invasion of Israel (Ezekiel 38, 39)

The Career of the Assyrian | Daniel 11:21-45

The Two Marriages of Alliance Between Assyria and Egypt (Daniel 11:6, 17)

Those Eating From Pharohs Table Will Kill Him (Daniel 11:26, 40)

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

Daniel Chapters 1-7 Highlights

Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

God Sets Up Kings and Brings Them Down (Daniel 2)

Legs of Iron Are Not Rome

The 10 Horns and the 10 Toes

Nebuchadnezzars Dream

Walking Through Fire (Daniel 3)

The Writing On The Wall (Daniel 5)

God Doesn't Leave His Chosen People (Daniel 6)

The Exact Meaning of The 4th Beast (Daniel 7)

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The Four Horsemen and the Four Craftsmen (Zechariah 1:1-18)

Restoration of the Priestly Class (Zechariah 3)

The Combined Kingly and Priestly Offices (Zechariah 4)

The Woman in the Ephah and the Flying Scroll (Zechariah 5)

The Four Chariots, the Ornate Crown and Messiah David the Branch (Zechariah 6)

The Nations Left Over (Zechariah 8:23)

Here Comes Your King Riding On a Donkey (Zechariah 9)

It Is Yahweh God the Almighty The People Should Seek (Zechariah 10)

The Worthless Shepherd That Leaves the Flock of God (Zechariah 11)

The Breath (Ruach) In a Man (Zechariah 12)

The Future Jewish Holocaust (Zechariah 13)

The Few Survivors of the Nation's (Zechariah 14)

Behold a Day is Coming (Zechariah 14)

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

Kevin Spacey, Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew and many others visited Epstein Island many times:

The Assyrian: The Complete Writings

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl

The Assyrian | The Complete Future Narrative Articles Link:

The Coming War Between the West and Iran, The Subsequent Collapse of the West and the Rise of the Assyrian

President Assad | The Collapse of the West : Rise of New World Powers : WW3

Fate of the Assyrian (Ezekiel 31)

The Destruction of the Assyrian- Nebuchadnezzar (Jeremiah 50:1-46)

I (Yahweh) Will Destroy the City and King of Babylon (Assyria)

The Ongoing Reconstruction of the City of Babylon in Iraq

Future Destruction of the King of Babylon (Isaiah 14)

The Destruction of the Assyrian (Jeremiah 50)

The Assyrians Desecration of the Temple and the 2300 Evenings and Mornings

God Sets Up Kings and Tears Them Down

The Assyrian King of the North Who'll Enter the Land of Israel to Destroy It

Egypt to Fall Like All Other Nations

The Coming Massive Future Depopulation by the Assyrian

The Lament for the King of Babylon (Ezekiel 28)

From After the Coming Collapse of the West Until Final King of Assyria

Ships of Kittim (Pharaoh) Prophecy

Those Eating From Pharaoh's Table Will Destroy Him (Daniel 11:26, 40)

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©
Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Link for the Complete Articles:

Ezekiels Temple Vision (Ezekiel 40-48) The Complete Works

Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

The River Flowing Eastward and Westward from the House of God

Ezekiels Temple: The Prince

Ezekiels Temple: The River Flowing Eastward From the House of God

The Old City of Jerusalem: Earthquakes Past and Future

Ezekiels Temple: The Priests

Ezekiels Temple: The Sacrifices

Ezekiels Temple: The North Gate

Ezekiels Temple: Layout of the Guard Rooms

Ezekiels Temple: Holy Portion of the Land

Ezekiels Temple: The Splendor of the Temple

Ezekiels Temple: Putting It All Together

by Dr Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

We don't subscribe to what Newton believed. It's of interest to observe how he thought, as he tried to piece together passages from Scripture, to ascertain the End Time.

Isaac Newton | Alchemist and Rejector of the Trinity

Nostradamus Effect | The 7 Seals

Blessed Are My People Assyria, Egypt and Israel | The Work of My Hands and My Inheritance (Isaiah 19:25)

By Paul MacDonald RN RMN MA Dipl

A Middle Eastern Return

Contrary to popular belief, when the real Israel of God returns, they will do so, but from all over the Middle East.

God Whistles For His People to Return

God will even "whistle" for his people to come from the North, South, East and West (Zechariah 10:8).

As we have also already highlighted, Israel of 1948 doesnt constitute the Biblical return.

North, South, East and West of What?

We must point out, that when North, South, East and West are mentioned in the Bible; they are always with immediate reference and location of Jerusalem in Israel.

Assyria, Babylon, Egypt and Entire Middle East

Jews have also lived in Assyria, Egypt and Iraq as well. Iraq had the largest Jewish population outside Israel. They can be found all over the Middle East today.

God (Yahweh) Loves His People Assyria and Egypt

The Bible tells us that God (Yahweh) the Almighty also loves the people of Egypt, and Israel’s destiny has been inextricably linked with Egypt right from the calling of Abraham. He promises that in the future, he will build a “highway”, in Hebrew a “Messilah”(מסילה) between Egypt, Israel and Assyria, which is a very interesting word and concept:

Isaiah 19:23-25

“In that day there will be a highway [Messilah] from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria.

The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance”

Messilah the Highway

It is hard to find another nation outside of the Nation of Israel that God so frequently interacts with, and reveals himself to. Assyria (which includes the cities of Babylon and Nineveh) also receives a great deal of attention, which is perhaps why Assyria is also included in this “Messilah Highway" Prophecy which will be built.


But Egypt is in there right from the beginning of the story of Israel. The first woman that God appears to (after Eve) is an Egyptian – a slave woman called Hagar.

He interacts with her in a very personal and compassionate way, saving her from her distress and delivering her and her son from danger. Later, it is Joseph’s involuntary detour to Egypt that saved the people of Israel from obliteration, and God spoke personally to Pharaoh in dreams, which Joseph interpreted.

God Saved Israel Through Egypt's Resources

God had saved the twelve tribes through Egypt’s resources, and brought witness to the people of Egypt of his sovereignty through the family of Israel.

Thutmoses lll The Exodus Pharaoh

Skipping 400 years further ahead, as brutal as the slavery was, and as cruel as Pharaoh became, God mercifully gave ample proof of his omnipotence and Lordship over every “god” of theirs through the ten plagues.

By now, Egypt knew about the God of Israel, which is more than countries had received at that time. Scripture shows the winding and intertwined road of Israel’s relationship with Egypt, often one of wrong dependence upon Egypt on Israel’s part, but one way or another, God had made himself known to that nation. And he has not finished with them yet! It's not over until it's over.

Hard Times Are Coming For Israel

According to the prophecy, a very harsh ruler will be over the people, and tragedy and suffering will be extreme – it seems due both to political reasons and natural disasters.

God says he will wound them and then heal them and then he will bring revival – a revival which will be intimately connected with Israel.

Judges 5:20

God will build a highway in Egypt. The word “Messilah” denotes a "Fixed Path". We see this idea in Devorah’s victory song, where she declares:

“From the heavens the stars fought, from their "courses" [messilot – plural of messilah] they fought against Sisera.”

In the same way that the stars and planets go about their set "orbits" and "paths", so God has set a "pathway" in place, ready to be traveled along.


Paul MacDonald RN MA Dipl ©

Fauci Criminal Bombshell

Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects Documents Download

Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Data Dump

Pfizer Releases Court Mandated 55000 Page Vaccine Data

Moderna CEO Dumps Shares Runs for Cover

We Are At The End of the Financial System Ed Dowd

Australian Health Official Admits Vaccinated Dying From Myocarditis

Vaccine Deaths From Vaccines Myocarditis

Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects Documents Download

Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Data Dump

Pfizer Releases Court Mandated 55000 Page Vaccine Data

Moderna CEO Dumps Shares Runs for Cover

We Are At The End of the Financial System Ed Dowd

Kissinger Depopulation Speech February 2009

NSA Depopulation Memorandum 200 1974

Pure Evil At the Core Dr Ben Marble (5 Billion Jabbed)

New American Century Document PDF

Rockefeller Lockstep Document 2010

United Nations Approval of Global Genocide Agenda 21 (1992)

Kissinger Speech to Eugenics Council Feb 2009 by Forced Vaccinations


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