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How to Cook a Turkey was a Liquid Generation Sabotage screamer. It's similar to How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro, but with a Thanksgiving theme instead of a Halloween theme this time. The screamer was taken down along with the entire Liquid Generation website.

Crazy Pierrot (クレイジーピエロ, Kureijii Piero) is a Japanese Flash screamer game designed and scripted by Yoshiaki Ogiwara in 2005. Rumor has it, the game is considered cursed.
Inkblot Test is a Flash game made by Liquid Generation on 2002, The screamer was taken down along with the entire Liquid Generation website.

Original Video:

Original Video:

Original Flash video made by Gorekiller on Newgrounds. Putting it here before flash is discontinued.

Super Mario Bloopers OMG is a flash animation made by Gorekiller on April 21st, 2002. this animation containing lots of funny short movies of Mario and his friends doing funny stuff. However, it contains a screamer in the end.

The Ultimate Maze is a Flash game made by Kingcarlo; the screamer is featured on the website.

This game is surprisingly very similar to The Maze - the player is presented with a yellow maze, and players use the arrow keys on their keyboard to move (unlike The Maze where players use their mouse). With each level, the game gets progressively harder. At the third level, just like in The Maze, the walls get very thin and it becomes difficult not to touch them. Just as players get to the end of the level, Samara Morgan from The Ring pops up along with a loud scream.
Dolphin Swim.exe is a screamer game for Windows made with GameMaker Lite 8.1. Most of the art resources in the game are of very low quality, to the point they seem like they were created in MSPaint in a poor job with the mouse.

When launched, the main menu will be displayed which has a "Made with GameMaker Lite" sticker, the game's title, and a play button. Hitting the play button will enter the main gameplay where the player controls a dolphin with the left and right arrow keys, to either swim forward or backward. After 7 seconds, an evil-looking dolphin with blood (named Roki ubica in the game's source code) will appear and start chasing the dolphin. As there's no way to control the dolphin to move vertically, the Evil Dolphin inevitably ends up reaching the player, which results in a screamer picture of two monsters appearing, along with a loud roaring sound.

The part you're probably looking for is 35:13-35:32

Full CNN segment which includes the famous portion that was used in the screamer video Michael Jackson's Ghost
Reversed Song Prank is a flash animation on DeviantArt created by MatthewSeldon16 on February 3, 2009.

It's similar to Jingle Bells Reversed, it starts playing by an extract from Paramore's song, after forwards behind the same extract of this song was played in reverse, after a few quarters, a flashing picture of an inverted man's face pops up with a ghostly demonic scream.

From SNL

Intro to the episode Don't be Afraid on Brain Games.

Censored screamer
Chris the Jack-o-Lantern 3 is an animation made by TastyBabySoup on the website Albino Blacksheep.

The animation shows a child’s voice plays in the background singing "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z". Then he says "Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you-“. After he says this, a person shouts saying "FIVE", with a flashing image of (ironically) the number 5. The animation then ends with a story about how this happened on a syndicated airing of a Sesame Street episode, which the creator made up.

Fatal Darkness is a Flash screamer made by MJBDiver on 2004.

The Flash first displays a cartoonish window in a dark room, with the window visible due to the moonlight outside; sounds of crickets, a clock tick, and footsteps play. After 32 seconds, a blank black screen shows, and after the suspense, the credits roll, but the player's not safe from a jumpscare; a ghostly face appears with a scream pops up before the replay button shows.


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