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Source: Eternalised
A tool to access the unconscious and to help achieve wholeness

Source: The Wandering Paddy AKA Jamie

Source: Eternalised

Note: The references to the tarot are to the symbolism of the old man, rather than promoting the use (my opinion). I hope this will not deter from a very insightful presentation.

Source: Poetic License
Kahlil Gibran

Source: BRMinistries
Derek Prince

The Confidential Report
Speaker: Mike from around the world

Source: Mandra Kept
(read by Tom O'Bedlam)

Source: The Truth is stranger than fiction

Source: Eternalised
The Sickness Unto Death-A resistance to the belief in God and how faith heals

Source: Academy of Ideas

Source: Eternalised
A Jungian typology

Source: Drwelch
The mysteries of God's universe. Until the past centuries it appears people naturally knew what was best and in tune for with their well-being.

Source: The WTF Files
What do you think?

Source: Truthstream Media

She has a point. Yes, there is prophecy - but we have free will.


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Did you ever wonder if you were living in a script? Me too.