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4:21 - dark matter timelines
6:51 - millennial hell
14:09 - love poem
20:00 - all's well in hell
28:25 - no more we

Starring David Kuhnlein as Lautreamont / Hansson / Wainewright / Gallo / Cobain / Artaud

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Alfred Wichly Introduction
Shock Test: a night of truth - Bill Hicks and Timothy McVeigh meet at Waco (Guest Lecturers Bill Cooper and Ted Kaczynski) (2018)
William Cooper Lecture - 29:03
Bill Hicks and Timothy McVeigh Meet at Waco - 1:30:58
Ted Kaczynski - 2:32:21
Doctor Jolly and Major - 2:41:40

Drawing research and inspiration foremost from: Wendy S. Painting’s Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: The Secret Lives of Timothy McVeigh

Mark Jacobson’s Pale Horse Rider: William Cooper, the Rise of Conspiracy, and the Fall of Trust in America, William Milton Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse, Annie Jacobsen’s Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, Michael A. Hoffman II’s Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Jim Keith and Feral House’s Secret and Suppressed Banned Ideas and Hidden History, Arkon Daraul’s A History of Secret Societies, James Shelby Downard’s The Carnivals of Life and Death: My Profane Youth 1913-1935, Kevin Booth’s Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution, Maurice Joly’s The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu: Humanitarian Despotism and the Conditions of Modern Tyranny

Frank Strunk: 3:04
Pat Clay: 7:13
John Bonnell: 42:09
Ugis Pinka: 1:14:40
Christopher Parks: 1:26:43
Ron Allen: 1:39:49
(John Bonnell and the most important essay of the 21st century)

On Ernst August Wagner
Philipp Blom’s The Veritgo Years Europe, 1900-1914
Ernst Wagner Der Nazarener Autobiographische Zougnisse
Testiimonies by Matthias M. Weber, Michael Fanrin, Wolfgang Burgmair

Lo, thy blood-blackened altars; lo,
The lips of priests that pray and feed
While their own hell’s worm curls and licks,
The poison of the crucifix
Algernon Swinburne

Thomas Griffiths Wainewright

Mayakovsky: the poetry of strife, When you tear along in a car through hundreds of persecuting enemies, there’s no point in sentimentalizing: Oh a chicken was crushed under the wheels.

sounds: ZapSplat

End Easter Egg Quotes

The eternal slaves of beauty / Are the masters of the world.” ― Bliss Carman

"Art may be served by morality, it can never be its servant." Arthur Symons

"The metaphor is of no importance. Any one will do, and the more you mix them the better chance you have to catch a passing impression of that elusive brightness. …an explanation is the most depressing thing in the world." John Davys Beresford

"Words are an art form. Stop trying to use them to communicate with." Ronald Tavel
"In an age rowing rapidly toward annihilation, who is without irreverence is without honesty." -Tavel

“The man of letters is the enemy of the world.” Charles Baudelaire

"All art is anarchical; to take art seriously is to be unable to take seriously the conventions and principles by which societies exist." Clive Bell

Scrape the surface of language, and you will behold interstellar space and the skin that encloses it.” Velimir Khlebnikov

'Tis you speak, that's your error. Song's our art: Whereas you please to speak these naked thoughts Instead of draping them in sights and sound system. —True thoughts, good thoughts, thoughts fit to treasure up! - Robert Browning

"Real literature can be created only by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels, and skeptics, not by diligent and trustworthy functionaries." Yevgeny Zamyatin

"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass." Walter Pater

"The great artists of the world are never Puritans, and seldom even ordinarily respectable. No virtuous man — that is, virtuous in the Y.M.C.A. sense — has ever painted a picture worth looking at, or written a symphony worth hearing, or a book worth reading." H.L. Mencken

"If you have so earth-creeping a mind that it cannot lift itself up to look to the sky of poetry..thus much curse I must send you.. when you die, your memory die from the earth for want of an epitaph." - Sir Philip Sidney

Art for art's sake, with no purpose, for any purpose perverts art. But art achieves a purpose which is not its own. ― Benjamin Constant, 1804

"A kangaroo walks into a bar and says to the bartender, 'Blood is the lipstick of wounds.' The bartender does not know how he said it or why." Michael O'Donoghue

"Huge shapeless rocks have a pleasing kind of horror in them, and the wide ocean awes us with it's vast contents; but when forms of beauty are presented to the eye in large quantities, the pleasure increases in the mind, and horror is soften'd into reverence." Hogarth, Analysis

"You said that the love of the beautiful disposes the empire of the gods, for that of deformed things there is no love" Plato, Symposium

"Crazy Beauty.- I am one of the Lords of Crazy Beauty. Few are anointed; many imitate. I shall make a Tenth Muse, the Goddess of Beauty, and she shall rule the other nine. Poe and Chopin, Baudelaire and Goya, Coleridge and Francis Thompson, Liszt and Blake, Robinson Jeffers and Odilon Redon, Shakespeare and Joyce, Revelation and Cervantes, De Quincy and Laforgue, Nietzsche and Wagner, Dore and Heine- they are but a few of my twins who have stolen the wild light from the eyes of the Furies and inherited the dreams of Cassandra. Prometheus stole his fire from heaven but we Lords of Crazy Beauty have filled our fennel-rods with fire from hell. Our beauty is infernal. We are the keepers of a strange and crack-brained music. We rise out of the pyres of dying suns. We are night-magic, and the light in us streams from crazy comets. We are maniacs who dance our furious bacchanals in the imagination of God! We are the black suns of Genius!" Benjamin Decasseres, Fantasia Impromptu

"...poetry has no other mission than to transmute history." Octavio Paz

"There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion." Poe

"For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror
which we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so,
because it serenely disdains to destroy us.
Every angel is terrible." Rilke

"The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world." Poe

"Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time." Camus

TS Eliot: The theory of “art for art’s sake” is “valid in so far as it can be taken as an exhortation to the artist to stick to his job; it never was and never can be valid for the spectator, reader or auditor.”

A poet seeing only style, I stumble over / mistake the larger picture for a method of Kant's re subjective beauty, missing the point. A better understanding here w/ books listed:


First bit from John Perceval's narrative: a patient's account of his psychosis 1830-32 or A narrative of the treatment experienced by a Gentleman during a state of mental derangement designed to explain the causes and nature of insanity, and to expose the injudicious conduct pursued towards many unfortunate sufferers under that calamity. Other two: original interpretations.

Generation of Vipers
In which
THE AUTHOR rails against CONGRESS,
PROFESSORS, Motherhood,
& other matters AMERICAN
by Philip Wylie

@ Astroetic Studios in Los Angeles, CA (with Brandi Wells, Lorian Long, Timothy Willis Sanders, Meredith Alling, M Kitchell) 04.01.2016 - Gene Morgan, Blake Butler Host, darkfuckingwizard and Camp Real Pants with Adam Robinson

@ Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta, GA (with Uzodinma Okehi, Chelsea Martin, Juliet Escoria, Mira Gonzalez) 11.07.2015 - Hosted by Blake Butler and Jamie Iredell, final Solar Anus Reading, Presented by Short Flight/Long Drive Books (@YrGrrrlsTour)

@ Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI (with Jeff Parker and Pasha Malla) 10.26.2015

@ KGB Bar in New York, NY (with Chelsea Hodson, hosted by Giancarlo DiTrapano) 10.06.2015


Sean Kilpatrick wrote Anatomy Courses (with Blake Butler, Lazy Fascist Press), Thank You, Steel China (Schism[2]) and Sir William Forsythe's Freebase Nuptials (Sagging Meniscus Press). He does monthly movie reviews for Hobart. Other writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Boston Review, Nerve, The Quietus, Fence, Vice, Sleepingfish, Bomb, Evergreen Review, Columbia Poetry Review, New York Tyrant, Obsidian, Black Sun Lit, The Malahat Review, Caketrain, Tarpaulin Sky, Exquisite Corpse, No Colony, La Petite Zine, Juked, The Volta, LIT, Jacket2, Whiskey Island, The Collagist, Action Yes, New South, KMSU Weekly Reader, The Talking Book, Fanzine, Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 30 Under 30, Dzanc Best of the Web 2010, HTMLGIANT, Best American Essays 2014 notable.

1. The Theatrocrat opening
2. The Testament of a Vivisector 3:19
3. The Testament of a Man Forbid 16:52
4. The Testament of an Empire-Builder 29:47
5. The Testament of a Prime Minister 1:13:29
6. The Testament of John Davidson 2:09:56
7. St. Valentine's Eve (Fleet Street Ecologues) 4:26:51

Generation of Vipers
In which
THE AUTHOR rails against CONGRESS,
PROFESSORS, Motherhood,
& other matters AMERICAN
by Philip Wylie


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Sean Kilpatrick has written several books, including Anatomy Courses (with Blake Butler) and is published in Boston Review, Nerve, The Quietus, Fence, Vice, Sleepingfish, Bomb, Evergreen Review, Columbia Poetry Review, New York Tyrant, Obsidian, Black Sun Lit, The Malahat Review, Caketrain, Tarpaulin Sky, Exquisite Corpse, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Hobart, Fluland.