WingsofRedemption Rages at stream snipers on Siege & rage quits after just 2 games. He restarts the stream to play Modern Warfare & slams PKA after their latest podcast.

5:13 for PKA talk

New Mustang video -

PKA episode he references -

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After almost a year of struggles with his Salvaged V6 Mustang & thinking about buying a new car, WingsofRedemption decides to buy a new 2017 4 Cylinder EcoBoost Ford Mustang.

2:49 for the New Mustang Footage

Some parts are cut because of bad audio.

The first mustang he bought:

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WingsofRedemption accidentally leaks his phone number while searching for a new car & people start calling his phone on stream.

Note: people sent me screenshots of the messages & I didn't call him either

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WingsofRedemption AKA the "Rocky Balboa of Dark Souls" fires up The Surge 2 and struggles as he meets some stubborn enemies who don't do the attacks he wants.

Intro song: Great Big Sea - Ordinary Day -

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WingsofRedemption plays some late night Rainbow Six Siege with a few friends when GiveMeTheCrown decides to start the stream unannounced. As the stream continues, the viewer count rises as trolls join in for some fun.

WingsofRedemption Down The Rabbit Hole -

GiveMeTheCrown's Stream -

Sk8Code's Stream -

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After many people questioned whether Wings would return to the PKA podcast, enough fans asked Woody about it to make this podcast possible.

Includes lots of talk about past & recent moments, including but not limited to:
- FPS Bootcamp
- PKA survival trip
- Wings appearing on PKA again & Old Murka Drama
- Wings' Toxic Siege Streams
- Wings' Car hobby
- NEW Mustang Talk
- Money talk
- "Troll" channels
- Liquid Richard's music parodies
- Why Wings bans so many people
- Wings' old job at Metglas

I sync'd both streams together and the occasional blur is from zooming in to keep the layout consistent. Audio from one stream only, to prevent echo.

Woody has recently returned to streaming on twitch:

Original date: 8th September 2019

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WingsofRedemption tries playing Rainbow Six Siege on PC but it doesn't go to plan after inviting people from the stream...

Background Music: Skyrim OST - Streets of Whiterun

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Not content with his current Mustang, WingsofRedemption talks about his plans to buy a used 2018 Ford Mustang after he sells his truck & pays off the house.

The other parts of the Mustang Saga:

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WingsofRedemption struggles to meet the donation goal, on top of losing subscribers & vents his frustration after the stream ends.

Creepy Siege Stream -

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WingsofRedemption struggles in some late night Rainbow Six Siege & ends up LOSING his diamond rank after a series of losses.

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It's just past the 1 year anniversary of the Mexico Surgery & WingsofRedemption fires up the stream to conversate about the current weight loss progress.

Includes bonus clips right at the end!

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WingsofRedemption takes on a viewer in a series of 1v1s & ends up RAGE QUITTING multiple times. This is the story behind the infamous clip where WingsofRedemption AKA Jordie Jordan wished death upon the opponent's family during a 1v1. There's another 1v1 that supposedly took place before the video starts but unfortunately no one has it.

BIG UPS to NovaNTS for recording this back in the day.

Original Date: 20/06/2017

ANOTHER failed 1v1 in Black Ops 3 -

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A most unfortunate round of gameplay for WingsofRedemption...

Background OST: Skater's Waltz; Tales of the Vienna Woods -

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WingsofRedemption returns to Rainbow Six Siege as the NEW Operation Phantom Sight Update is live. It doesn't go to plan which leads to frustration & tension between himself & the team, culminating in a Rage Quit only 2 GAMES into the NEW season.

Check out the lead single from the Upcoming Album CARRIED DIAMOND here:

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WingsofRedemption prepares for the upcoming COD game by firing up the remaster of the same title. An unfortunate stream where stream snipers chase him through multiple lobbies, resulting in a premature end to the stream.

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WingsofRedemption has a toxic siege stream where polite disagreements turn nasty & result in team mates getting berated, teamkilled & abandoned after repeated chokes lead to several losses.

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Enjoy these *rare* clips from some 2017 pity streams back from the pre-LOOK HERE LOOK LISTEN days (between February & June). Includes diet & weight loss talk, youtube struggles, low viewers & dwindling subscibers, gameplay fails & random soundbites.

If you enjoyed this classic throwback check these out:

2011 - MW3 Livestreams Compilation:

2015 - Battlefield Hardline Rage:

2016-17 - Battlefield 1 Rage Compilation:

2017 - 1v1's a viewer:

2017 - Rages at BO3:

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The original "LOOK HERE LOOK LISTEN" stream, with more context.


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