After 10 years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait...
Sorry this took so long! Real life likes to take priority over the things you love doing.

But anyway, enjoy this video on Perfect Dark for the Gameboy Color.

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Welcome to part 2 of my Dreadhalls playthrough (that seems to be what it is at this point). This time I was much braver than I was in the last video... wish I bloody wasn't. Anyway, you're sure to be in for a scare like I was. A lot more happening in this video, so viewers beware!

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Check out my other videos and stay tuned for my next Review/Retrospective video of Perfect Dark on GBC!

Here's something different, a scary VR game let's play.
Don't worry, the next video in the reviewspectivewhateverthehell catagory is coming. I just wanted to do something for Halloween, and to branch out into gameplay videos because I enjoy doing these.

VR horror games are nothing like normal horror games, the feeling of being surrounded by the game world as opposed to looking at through a monitor or TV has a weird effect on your mind and your brain starts going into survival mode and want to cower away from everything. So forgive me for being a when it came to this game... I promise next time I'll be more brave!

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Actually on second thought maybe not... go buy a hamburger, or an indie game on Steam, donate to charity or something... I don't know...

A video I made in 2014. It's still on youtube, only I removed the end bit since it was unecessary and outdated. Long story short, it was refering to a video that was being made at the time but never came out due to my hard drive breaking and losing everything on it.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Looking for Part 1? Come right this way:

Finally the second part is done and here for your enjoyment, or your displeasure, whichever is the closest.

I used these two brilliant channels again for music


Give them a listen to. These guys are great!


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Originally Posted to Youtube on the 7 Jul 2018

Here is part 1 of my take on SpellCaster for the Sega Master System. Hope you enjoy the video!
If you're looking for Part 2 then go here

I also used some music in this video, made by these awesome channels:

They do great music covers of video games old and new. The 8-bit style ones are my favourite.


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Originally posted to Youtube on the 18 May 2018.

In this video I take on Toy Story the Video Game for the SEGA Mega-Drive... or Genesis for the yanks. A review/retrospective of sorts... maybe a video essay? Not sure what to call my style of video really.
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Hello there! I'm SeanTheExtraGuy. I'm an Australian content creator of mostly comedic video game content. Trying to balance fulltime work and this sort of stuff is tricky so I can't post videos in quick succession at the moment (One video a week would be great, I would love to be able to do that, but I gotta eat and I gotta buy drugs... I mean Nintendo Switch games... which are basically the same thing...)

I've been on youtube for many years, with two accounts, and "SeanTheExtraGuy" is the one I'm comitted to. Started a BitChute account because why the hell not... If you can, support me on youtube too. If and possibly when BitChute becomes a viable platform, then I won't have to worry about youtube anymore, but until then, I need all the exposure I can get.

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