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Gettting a new truck on our adventure to Arkansas wasn't what we had planned on but here we are with a smaller truck then before. So we were still getting used to it. We went out to get water at an old homestead then tried the truck out in some deep water. Not the best idea then stopped to explore a waterfall. Here is the link to Moonshine Cabin waterfall,

This was an attraction on my bucket list that we finally got a chance to see and it didn't disappoint at all. Riding a golf cart through a cave was a blast. The trail is very scenic with large waterfalls and interesting bridges to drive on. The second attraction wasn't as thrilling so we were glad we saved money buying the pass.

It was close to Halloween so we decided to do a little camping and exploring. The Corpsewood Woodm Manor sounded like a great place to visit and we usual try to do something around this time of year like visit a haunted house or lighted pumpkins so this seemed to fit the bill. But we soon realized that the story was more graphic so I'll provide a link at the bottom if your interested about reading of what took place here. We also stopped at a town called Summerville decorated for fall which looked pretty creepy then headed over to the abandoned train tunnel called Tag.

Eye of the Needle is a technical hike were you have to climb up obstacles and is not an official trail. So condition may vary on when you go and there have been people seriously injured attempting this hike. To make it to the Eye of the Needle you have to scale up a cliff which other hikers have tied ropes to use to climb up. Once past the arch it is a surreal feeling and an amazing sight to see when you arrive at the Eye of the Needle.

We headed out in our recently purchased No Boundaries Camper to hike to some waterfalls. We got to see Foster Falls and then we headed over to see Greeter and Boardtree Falls. The hiking wasn't to difficult and straight forward. We also had a bonus waterfall at the campground that wasn't to bad of a waterfall.

We had been very meticulous in the maintenance of our F150 making sure we took good care of it because it wasn't cheap to purchase. Plus as my wife is a Travel Nurse it was paramount to keep it in good working order. Unfortunately right off the bat we noticed problems with the transmission which Ford refused to do anything about and now the truck is out of warranty we were faced with a difficult situation. On top of that there maybe a looming engine issue that could lead to another major problem. So with that we said goodbye to our truck and we are done with Ford.

After hiking to the popular trail Devils Bathtub near Norton Virginia we decided to check out High Knob Lookout Tower and then stop by Flag Rock Recreation Area which both offered views of the surrounding mountains and Flag Rock overlooked the town. We also wanted to figure out what the heck was a Woodbooger.

A very interesting place to explore both a waterfall and some mines. Crockford Pigeon Wildlife Management Area is full of surprises. There is plenty of things to see and a decent place to camp at Sawmill Lake Campsite even though the road to the campsite has a few potholes. The waterfall was dry but fascinating to see, it even had a small cave to climb through.

Though it was a cold and gloomy day out in November it didn't stop us from enjoying some waterfalls. Virginia has some really nice ones and we had a really good time. Tank Hollow falls is especially interesting and creepy.

Pigeon Mountain is an outdoor wonderland with towering rocks, caves, tunnels and waterfalls. Highly recommend this place if you like adventure but I'll warn you the road is in rough shape gettting to the top of the mountain. Rocktown is also a popular place for rock climbing. The campground is just a place to set up a tent with no specific camp sites like a typical campground.

We strapped on our walking shoes and got to see lots of interesting sights while we were in the Florida Keys. The trees planted in the city were especially cool to see and mile marker zero was also a fun stop. I can't remember the exact miles we walked but it felt like a lot. We were definitely wore out afterwards.

We had been camping for about a week in Florida before getting to Georgia and it had been a rough trip. We hadn't even planned on visiting this area, we were trying to avoid a major rain storm but instead it headed straight for us. So we were pretty exhausted by the time we arrived and certainly didn't what to deal with any more problems. But we didn't get a choice in the matter though. At least we found a solution and had a little time to enjoy exploring before we had to leave in the middle of the night. What a way to end a trip!

We made a return visit so we could see the cars left from when this park was a town. Super fun seeing all the cars and this Providence Canyon State Park is a real gem in Georgia even if circumstances that created this place was terrible. But the fact poor irrigation would make such a remarkable land mark is mind blowing.

A very popular trail in southern Virginia but we were fortunate to get the place to ourselves. This was a straight forward hike to a dramatic area with waterfalls and a bathtub.

A very popular destination in Honolulu Hawaii to visit even though it is super crowded but so worth the trip. Hiking through tunnels and then climbing up a spiral stairs in an old Military Bunker was awsome. The view was very impressive and the hike up wasn't bad compared to hiking up the Incline Railroad Trail. Seriously though it wasn't bad with the switch backs. There was a few steps to get up but not to difficult.

We enjoyed our trip to the Garden Island but we would have enjoyed it more if we knew what we know now. I hope this info is helpful in making a decision in renting a roof top tent. We found that the best place to roof top tent was over by Waimea Canyon. Also there is a private campground by Anahola called Kumu Campground that could be a good spot to stay at even though we didn’t stay there ourselves.

We were out exploring Kauai Island and decided to check out this trail because it looked interesting. It started out going through a beautiful forest then we came to a muddy road which you have to climb up. They were actively clearing the road to the power lines. Once you got passed the powerlines you enter back into the forest. From there you keep climbing to you reach a steep part and with a little help from a rope we made it to the overlook.

Makauwahi Cave Reserve was another hidden gem on Kauai Island. The coast line was amazing with water crashing against the cliffs. There was also a cove with a beach plus the hike was short and not difficult. The crawl maybe the hardest part but it was really short. The parking was a little rough with giant pot holes so cars with low clearance should take care not to scrap the bottom of their cars.

We were informed that it wasn't a good idea to drive down to Polihale State Park because we could get stuck and the truck would get scratched. But what we found was something totally different.

After spending a couple of days visiting Honolulu we flew over to Kaui Island to explore in a rented Tacoma with a roof top tent. We have never stayed in one so it was certainly an experience. Our first stop was a waterfall called Wailua Falls before heading up to Waimea Canyon to see another waterfall Waipos Falls. We visited several overlooks then camped at Koke'e State Park.

We spotted an amazing beach on our way to look for turtles. It was called Shark Cove and it would be a good place to go snorkeling. The waves crashing on the rocks was also super cool. We didn't find any turtles but got to see some really nice beaches and one giant Banyan tree.

When planing our trip trip to Honolulu, Hawaii I came across this trail and put it on our must do list. This was the highlight of our trip climbing up an abandoned Incline railroad but this trail shouldn't be taken lightly. The difficulty level is way up there and your legs will be burning but it is so worth it.

This was going to be our first time in Honolulu Hawaii and I couldn't think of any better place to go to than the popular Manoa Falls. Very straightforward trail to the falls and there is a fee to park at the trailhead. I can see why this trail is so popular with its lush vegetation and crystal clear stream flowing over rocks with a tall waterfall makes for one very nice hike.

This was a very disappointing stop on our trip home. It wasn't like anything that we thought it was going to be at all. The Indian Cave was not even a cave and you couldn't see the petroglyphs either. Then charging for a shower after a miserable, sweaty hike up a mountain was just an insult. Plus hiking and camping wasn't cheap for what it had to offer.

A pleasant surprise to find out that Nebraska has a few nice waterfalls.Smith Falls State Park campground was lacking though and a bit on the expensive side for what you get. Yet it was nice to be camped right on the river which would be a fun river to paddle down.


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