Secondhand Adventure

Secondhand Adventure

A little early morning chat from Fontana lodge

Some sights and thoughts from the trail.

at the shelter near wesser bald

headding in to wesser bald

checking out the outdoor 76 store in North Crolina.

Getting out of GA,

some of my journey along America's Appalachian Trail.

Near the end of a 17 mile day, highest point in GA, great view.

sites and thoughts from trail

A tour of a by gone hammock shelter. I still have the Roo but now use a dutchware chameleon and UGQ Winter Dream 12' tarp

getting to neels gap and the famousquitting tree

Some of the first sights and thoughts along the trail.

how it all started

a little walk n talk about some pre hike thoughts before my first long hike.

Most of the things that I carried much of the way along my 30 day / 300 mile journey on America's Appalachian Trail, from Amicalola falls to just beyond Hot Springs NC.

quick vid talking about my plans to hike the A.T. in 2017

playing at steam baking with some hiking gear.

pickin on a couple of locks

just sharing some of my old locksport videos

picking open a couple old locks. a vid from a few years back.


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Loosing weight, walking and talking, hiking, gear reviews, hammock hangin, sites around Eugene and more of Oregon, so much more.