Secondhand Adventure

Happy New year's. Have a look at how the wound is doing. Some good news from the doctors, and some not so good. Check out my regular channel at YouTube.

Showing how to do a mic test for DJI Osmo Pocket.

A few things I like and a few things I would like to change. Then a little footage.

Pyoderma, you know the drill.

Finally off to get a referral to the dermatologist. wasn't allowed to share as much as I wanted but there are laws against it.

Some of the critters that cruis my back portch.

DJI Osmo pocket. Some fun, some footage, a failed audio test and a work around while we wait for wireless.

A bit about what's going on in my world and a dash of holiday cheer.

A Mornin cuppa Joe, Showing the wound, and a burger time lapse.

taking a look at this ultra tough, lightweight stove option.

My first stable stream attempt

cookin the bird, showin the wound.

a little rain a little sun. a little fun.

Sharing a package from china while i run around town.

just a little walk and talk. a goecache, fall color and a water foul flotilla.

A little story about how I ruined my last camera.

checking in on how my leg is healing and sharing what has been working for me.

today we take a trip out to hobo camp in Oregon to have a look at the falls and sneak a peak at a fish or two.

Lets take a walk around Eugene's Saturday Market.

Sharing a bit about my personal life.

some street art and a few ducks along with some chat about moving home base.

Some photo's of a covered bridge, some beauty from my state, and a little walk down to the spray from the 105 ft falls

taking a little walk down the Fern Ridge bike path in Eugene Oregon

A little journey through my Gopro graveyard.

My buddy Matt and I run out to see some local water falls in Oregon.


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Loosing weight, walking and talking, hiking, gear reviews, hammock hangin, sites around Eugene and more of Oregon, so much more.