Second Shooter

DJI Mavic Pro drone video of the St Lucie River in Palm City, Florida

Flying my DJI Mavic Pro on a boring Sunday

Cuomo stole his line from TV. He just didn't have the delivery.
Typical politician never an original thought

Historical significance of September 11th

A comparison of immigration laws

When video from the dash camera of a state police vehicle was shown at the trial of Daniel Clary in June, the Northampton County, Pennsylvania, assistant district attorney said it "confirmed everything that the police said and every they did."
A jury agreed after being shown the video that captured the violent encounter between Clary, 22, and two troopers on a fateful day in November 2017. Clary was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder for shooting Cpl. Seth Kelly and Trooper Ryan Seiple on Route 33 about 20 miles north of Bethlehem.
Kelly nearly died. His heart stopped for more than five minutes en route to a hospital.

The video was released Thursday to NBC10 through a right-to-know request.
Kelly, a 13-year veteran of the state police, was shot as he and Seiple made a roadside arrest. He may have saved his own life by applying a police-issued tourniquet on his wounded leg before paramedics arrived, according to officials.
In his testimony at the trial, Seiple said he initially pulled Clary over for speeding and became suspicious that he had been driving under the influence. Seiple then called for backup to conduct a field sobriety test and Kelly arrived at the scene.
In the video, Clary struggles to complete three sobriety tests. When Seiple tries to arrest him, he resists and reaches for Kelly’s holstered gun.
Both troopers tased Clary several times. In the video, Clary appears to be in pain and asks the officers to stop. Both officers punched Clary multiple times.

“He was trying to kill us,” Seiple told the jury while fighting back tears.

The video then shows Clary breaking away from the troopers and grabbing a gun from his own car before firing several shots. The troopers returned fire.
During an earlier hearing, Seiple said he remembered falling backward during the shootout.

An armed bystander licensed to carry a firearm shot a gunman who opened fire at a back-to-school event at a Titusville park, reports local ABC affiliate WFTV9.

The shooting occurred at Isaac Campbell Park on South Street shortly after 5:20 p.m. when the shooter, whom police have not identified, returned to the park after a fistfight and began firing.

A bystander licensed to a carry a firearm then shot the shooter, who was flown to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said. -WFTV9

A transvestite, 24, accused of bludgeoning two innocent...
Terrifying moment a blonde woman attacks two innocent...
Mr Waterstreet said the third drug was 'not what she was told it was' by the person who gave it to her, but its composition is yet to be determined.
'She had no intention to do that and very little culpability as it was done in a state of complete psychosis,' he said outside court.
Sharon Hacker, one of the victims, survived the attack in part due to her dreadlocks
Sharon Hacker, one of the victims, survived the attack in part due to her dreadlocks
The defence barrister Charles Waterstreet said that Amati (pictured) was 'super-intelligent' but had a history of mental health issues
Amati's lawyer argued in Sydney's Central Local Court his client had no memory of the attack and was not culpable because she was delusional
'The horrible acts that occurred to the victims can be seen in another light as a random event rather than a deliberate intentional act.'
Mr Waterstreet told Daily Mail Australia before court that Amati was a gifted young woman whose actions were out of character and should not be jailed.
‘I certainly don’t think jail would be the best place for her rehabilitation and that sort of thing,' he said.
‘It’s a very tragic case because she has absolutely no history of violence, quite the opposite. She is a young girl with significant mental issues who has acted out in a way she’s never had in the 24 years she’s been alive.
'She was a straight-A student gifted in maths and science, chess, first in her debating team, and very artistic.
Mr Waterstreet said a combination of her hormone therapy drugs Progynova and Spiractin, 'large doses' of antidepressant Zoloft, and a drug 'given to her by a third party' combined to cause the psychotic episode
‘She’s worked in the same job for many years and is obviously a good citizen who had a psychotic episode.
‘The main thing is to ensure her safety and integrity in the prison system as long as she s..

People in California have a great life. You should visit

Barry O. laughs about saying that he is from Kenya.
The biggest LARP in history.

I'm from the Chicago suburbs and I don't believe one single word of this story. But I could be wrong. Maybe Mrs Clinton has been a champion for immigrants since 1958 and she just hasn't told anyone until now.

moto jacking

United States regime change policy is wholly responsible for Central American violence.

Rain in Colombia nearly causes crash
Umbrella to the rescue

Broad daylight attempt to kill the son of a Mafia boss in the Bronx New York

Open borders, guaranteed government jobs, universal basic income, abolish I.C.E., universal healthcare, guaranteed housing and more

July 7, 2018
A massive UFO shut down an international airport in China.
Officials say it was a test of military technology.

July 10, 2018
Laredo Morning Times, a daily newspaper based in Texas, said a series of gun battles erupted earlier this week in west Nuevo Laredo, a city that resides across from Laredo, Texas, and ended near a Wal-Mart shopping center in the Sister City by Avenida Reforma and Bulevar Emiliano Zapata.

This is my first attempt at animation. don't judge too harshly.

In Uyuni, Bolivia there's a massive train graveyard where trains and plans were abandoned a long time ago.
Joss Stone performs "People Get Ready"

I just thought I'd share this video from June 27, 2015.
The video is from the Brazilian Government.

Learning Adobe After Effects
Keylight 1.2
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