Second Shooter


Rain in Colombia nearly causes crash
Umbrella to the rescue

Broad daylight attempt to kill the son of a Mafia boss in the Bronx New York

Open borders, guaranteed government jobs, universal basic income, abolish I.C.E., universal healthcare, guaranteed housing and more

July 7, 2018
A massive UFO shut down an international airport in China.
Officials say it was a test of military technology.

July 10, 2018
Laredo Morning Times, a daily newspaper based in Texas, said a series of gun battles erupted earlier this week in west Nuevo Laredo, a city that resides across from Laredo, Texas, and ended near a Wal-Mart shopping center in the Sister City by Avenida Reforma and Bulevar Emiliano Zapata.

This is my first attempt at animation. don't judge too harshly.

In Uyuni, Bolivia there's a massive train graveyard where trains and plans were abandoned a long time ago.
Joss Stone performs "People Get Ready"

I just thought I'd share this video from June 27, 2015.
The video is from the Brazilian Government.

Learning Adobe After Effects
Keylight 1.2
CC Spotlight

We pay cash for cars, any condition, no title needed.

Trying to fly my drone across the intracoastal but my live-feed signal was interrupted.

Some of the video from 10 days in Medellin, Colombia

the city of Medellin, Colombia from above

United States massive military budget recently got bigger

Junk cars are just new cars that aren't new anymore.
New cars are just junk cars that aren't junk yet.
Used cars are just cars in transition from new to junk.

CentralPark1 unsealed FBI Search Warrant

January 15, 2018 will be historic

My YouTube channel should be more popular because I"M AWESOME!

Metástasis and Breaking Bad helped me to learn to speak Spanish like a Colombian.
Don't judge, casi no hablo espanol

October 2016 I visited La Paz, Bolivia and stumbled upon San Pedro Prison.

I'm learning After Effects from Kris Truini.

Kris is a great teacher and I have a lot to learn.


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In an attempt to separate myself from Google I am uploading my videos here.
I rarely watch videos on this site because Alex Jones and his InfoWars crew are all over this site with no way to block them.
They've ruined this platform in my opinion.