Black men in America rape women at a higher rate than men of any other group, and it's not even close. This reality may be related where they came from and how their African cousins think. This interview of Congolese soldiers is a frightening example. When asked about why they rape women, the soldiers show no remorse and even seem to be proud. One explains that after being so long without a woman, it is understandable that they would rape them on sight. Another says that they have to rape women because it makes their "magic potion" work, and that helps them defeat their enemies. This kind of superstition and savage primitive thinking is one reason why sub-Saharan Africa has not advanced in thousands of years.

Hordes of black Africans are being sent in boats to white European countries. Non government organizations (NGO's) and other entities, like the European Union, have been planning, directing, and funding this invasion. Why is this being done? And if Africa is such a wonderful continent that black Africans built (Wakanda), why are these Africans so excited to leave and come to white countries?

Brevin Randle, linebacker for Louisiana Tech, stomped on the head of a fallen opponent in a football game between the Bulldogs and the UTEP Miners. During a run by UTEP quarterback Jake McNamara, Miners lineman Steven Hubbard (54) blocked Randle on the play but fell down injured and in obvious pain. Randle then rolled over on top of Hubbard and gave him a shove while Hubbard was face first on the ground. To make matters worse, Randle savagely stomped on the side of Hubbard's helmet/neck area with his right foot before walking away. Louisiana Tech suspended Randle indefinitely for his dirty act. For an offense this heinous, Randle should be suspended for good.

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An alarming number of internet videos is revealing a total lack of decency and empathy for other human beings on the part of black people with absolutely no conscience. In this episode, we go to a New York subway station. A large fat black man in a red jacket doesn't like what a small, handicapped white man with no arms says. So the black man viciously kicks the helpless white man to the ground. Of course, in modern America, we are being told that no black person can ever be held accountable for any evil behavior at any time because of slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, systemic racism, etc. We will also hear that the black man must have a had a very good reason for kicking the crippled white man to the ground. Degenerate people will always give justifications for their heinous behavior. Other degenerates will defend them. In reality, no matter what the handicapped white man said, there is no justification for what the Negro man did, and that includes being called the 'n-word.' We don't need any more context.

The European Union, among other globalist entities, has been fomenting the invasion and dispossession of historically white European and North American countries by flooding them with non-whites (Africans, Arab Muslims, Latin Americans, etc.). Many of these so called "migrants" are hostile to the white nations they invade and are leaving their God-forsaken third-world hell holes to take advantage of government handouts in white countries. These non-white invaders have nothing good to offer the countries they are sent to and only bring chaos, crime, and social unrest. Understandably, many white Europeans (like the Italian man in this video) are getting tired of seeing their countries destroyed by the invaders and are starting to fight back. Note that after the white man drops the Negro with a punch, he doesn't continue wailing away or start kicking him in the head the way so many sociopathic black predators do. Even in self defense, the white man is humane.

A mob of mostly black looters continued their demonstration against white supremacy by looting wide screen televisions from a Philadelphia business. Philadelphia police have released several new videos as the search continues for the looters who ransacked other businesses earlier this week. The said video shows a massive crowd breaking into P.C. Richard & Son on Tuesday. The suspects fled the business on the 2400 block of Cottman Avenue with televisions and other items. Racist white people who watch this video must not judge the looters because you need more context. For example, many of these African Americans were probably called the 'n-word' by white people many times in their lives. College professors and psychologists say that the trauma from being called such a bad name can drive black people to steal. We simply cannot judge because don't know what happened in the lives of these poor minorities growing up in a racist white society that made them desperate enough to steal TVs to feed their starving families. Also, calling them hurtful names like "thieves" is unwarranted because the negative stereotype that black people suffer from will damage their self image even more. Instead of stealing, they are "claiming reparations" for the 400 years of grievances against the white man.

A white female Michigan teacher was knocked out cold after an unruly black student hurled a chair at her head from across the classroom. Disturbing footage showed the teacher standing in front of the classroom speaking to students before being whacked to the floor with the chair. Shockingly, instead of helping their injured teacher, two other students immediately start fighting in front of her unconscious body. From the video, it could also be seen that none of the students cared to go and check the attacked teacher. The school's superintendent Kevelin Jones issued a letter to parents informing them that an altercation took place this week between 'two scholars' which led to the staff member getting injured. From that name (Kevelin Jones) you can guess what race the superintendent is. Interestingly, he calls the uncivilized black students "scholars" which in other circles has become a sarcastic term for low IQ black thugs. Also noteworthy is news that the white teacher will reportedly return to work, for some strange reason, at least according to Kevelin Jones. As with this incident, much handwringing has occurred about the decline of the American school system. But in this case (as in so many others) the violence is just a regular part of life in the so-called black community. It looks like those evil white devils wanted school segregation for a very good reason.

Many Negroes take liberties with white girls and think they have the right to touch them and make romantic or sexual advances. Popular culture and bloated black egos tell them that all white girls desire them. But the blonde girl in this video hasn't yet learned about her white privilege and how she should submit herself to black males out of alleged white guilt. It's disgusting that the black kid, as young as he is, already is touching girls and making unwanted advances. It must have something to do with his "culture." At least the girl stood up for herself. White parents, would you want your daughter to be in school with a boy like that?

Former US President George Bush recently delivered a speech where he condemned Russia and "one man," Vladimir Putin, for rigging elections, imprisoning political opponents, eliminating them from the electoral process, and unjustly invading "Iraq." Of course, Bush meant Ukraine, but the irony and the hypocrisy of Bush's words are painfully obvious. Bush unintentionally indicted himself for ordering the unjust and brutal US invasion and annihilation of Iraq and its people. Iraq was absolutely no threat to America and had no "weapons of mass destruction." Russia, meanwhile, has been deliberately threatened by NATO's military buildup on its border with Ukraine and other European countries after being promised that this would never happen, and the US fomented a coup of a duly elected Russian-friendly Ukrainian president in 2014. Russia was most definitely provoked to take action in Ukraine after the EU and US-backed NATO refused to negotiate and uphold the Minsk agreements. In addition, Bush's criticism of the Russian government for its alleged domestic election interference and political persecution of its enemies is exactly what the established US political machine (that Bush belongs to)--including its bureaucrats, intelligence agencies, judicial system, and other government agents--is doing to Donald Trump and his supporters. Yet Bush hasn't spoken a word in defense of fellow Republican Trump. In fact, Bush Jr., as an agent of UN globalism (as his father was) has attacked Trump, a nationalist.

According to "civil rights" laws, like the 1964 Civil Rights Act, disparate outcomes between different groups, such as whites and blacks, are always due to racial discrimination against blacks and not their negative behaviors or lack of skill. As a result, the official policy of local, state, and national governments in the US is to discriminate against whites who, as a group, perform better in society. This philosophy explains why a recent court judgment in New York City just awarded 1.8 billion dollars in taxpayer money to a group of incompetent blacks and Hispanics who couldn't pass a basic teacher competency examination. Stew Peters discusses this absurdity with author Richard Hanania.

Trouble ensued in Philadelphia's Center City as mobs of young black people looted several stores and there was a reported assault at a Foot Locker on Tuesday evening. A large roving melanin-enhanced mob looted several stores throughout Center City, including the Foot Locker and Apple Store near 15th and Chestnut. Along with the looting of stores, a security guard was assaulted at the Foot Locker. There was also looting captured at the nearby Lululemon store on Walnut Street in Rittenhouse Square. Police have said they have made multiple arrests after the incidents. Members of the black mob had large plastic bags that they were filling up with stolen store merchandise. Although many blacks filming the looting on their cellphones can be heard laughing and screaming in glee, we must remember what social justice warrior LeBron James said about his people. They are terrified of being shot down by the police just for being black in racist white America. Strangely, the looters in this video did not seem terrified at all..

Why are Jews so hated around the world? It might be because they have repulsive beliefs that come from their allegedly holy book, the Babylonian Talmud. In this example, two religious Jews claim that the entire non-Jewish population of the world exists only to serve them as slaves. Do evangelical Christians, most of whom idolize Jews, realize what these people really believe?

A white man in Chicago was found guilty of walking down the street while white. The man was accosted and brutally attacked by two black men. The black men have not yet been interviewed, but it is believed that they were angry about what happened 160 years ago when a small number of rich Southern plantation owners bought some black slaves from Africa after black African slaveholders sold their own people to Jewish slave traders, who subsequently brought them to North America. There is also no word on why the two violent black brutes attacked this man in particular since he has nothing to do with the aforementioned 19th century practice of slavery, and black people today are 1000 times better off in white America than living in the squalor, poverty, crime, and corruption of sub-Saharan Africa.

A Chinese man who lives among blacks in the Congo explains why conditions are so bad in this African nation. He does not blame the black man's problems on white racism. Instead, he maintains that the blacks should have learned how to govern their society under colonial rule: "You should have learned how things work. You went backwards instead of forwards. You neglected the things others left you. What's more, you completely destroyed them." Predictably, the black Congolese man does not accept this criticism but makes excuses. And so, as the Chinese man correctly states, the black man's people can never improve themselves.

This video is a perfect advertisement for why people need to be armed to protect themselves and their homes. Hopefully, the police chased the criminals after interrogating the apartment residents.

Black people are so oppressed in America because of all the white racism that they are now forced to steal liquor from convenience stores. As Alexandria Occasional Cortex has told us, black people don't steal because they are bad or dumb or lazy or worthless lowdown thieves but because they are desperate to feed their families. Black people have to fend for themselves to survive in this white supremacist system, so when they steal we shouldn't judge them or get mad at them. They are heroes for fighting against their oppressors and showing their black power.

On October 17, 2015, undefeated Puerto Rican boxer, Pritchard Colón, boxed Terrel Williams (black man) in an undercard fight in Fairfax, Virginia. Colón and Williams fought for nine rounds, with Colón ahead in the fight. However, throughout the match, Williams repeatedly punched Colón in the back of the head illegally. Colón informed the referee, Joe Cooper (also black), of the illegal punches to the back of his head, to which the Cooper replied "You take care of it." But when Colón hit Williams with a low blow, Colón was penalized two points. After multiple illegal blows from Williams, Colón was knocked down for the first time in his professional career during the ninth round. After the fight, Colón was vomiting and was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with brain bleeding. As a result, Colón went into a coma for 221 days. As of April 2017, Colón had remained in a persistent vegetative state. In July 2018, Colón's mother posted a video of Colón on her Facebook account in which he can be seen taking physical therapy and responding to verbal commands. She also stated that he was learning how to communicate through a computer. Question: Why was the black boxer Terrel Williams allowed to repeatedly hit Colón in the back of the head but was not disqualified or even penalized? And why did the black referee Joe Cooper allow this to go on even after being told about it more than once by Colón? A man's life was destroyed because of a dirty black cheater and a black referee who protected him. This kind of story is infuriating. But will the black evildoers involved be held accountable?

Unlike what is happening in many other European countries and the US, the authorities in Poland are actually doing something to resist the illegal alien immigrant invasion. Many other European countries would do well to follow this example (if their politicians weren't being blackmailed by the globalist/Jewish/EU/world government cabal).

Sooner or later, one of these racially diverse airlines is going to suffer a major disaster because certain passengers will not control their anger, violence, and foul mouths in public. Segregation, they said, was bad, a stain on our nation. But I would wager that many of the non-diverse passengers in this case wished they were flying on a "whites only" plane.

A fat black woman attacks a white elementary school teacher. While cruelly grabbing the white woman by the hair with both hands (a common technique often done out of envy), the police arrive to stop the abuse. As one policeman holds the overweight black woman's hands behind her back, she suddenly discovers that she "can't breathe." The woman also declares that she's been shot before and tells the officer to shoot her. The officer uses a taser rather than a gun. However, this works to neutralize the threat, at least temporarily. Al Sharpton may step in soon to protect the woman's black civil rights.

This video describes the Anglo-American bombing of Dresden WWII on February 13-14, 1945. Of the many "allied" war crimes of WW2, perhaps the most insidious were the countless terror-bombings of German civilians from 1941-1945. On the night of February 13th, 1945, there began the most controversial and DEADLY bombing-raids of World War II and of all history at that, which dwarfed the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. This event, was the "Allied" firebombing of the Dresden, Germany, which had no military manufacturing at all within the city. It had become a city far overcrowded with refugees, as the war was all but virtually over and was filled with over three times its normal population The firebombing of Dresden marked a low point of "allied" brutality and contempt for civilian lives.

A man on TikTok eloquently describes the Barbary Slave Trade that lasted for about 300 years (from 1500 to 1800). During this time, North African Muslims captured and enslaved approximately 1.25 million white Europeans. Men were forced to work in mines, as shipbuilders, or as galley slaves, a brutal occupation. Women were forced to cook, farm, and clean homes, and others became sex slaves in Muslim harems. But I thought only black people suffered slavery. Now that we know the truth, should white people demand reparations?

When academics, globalists, films, television shows, books, and international communists talk about "indigenous people," they are always talking about non-whites. We hear incessantly about how European colonizers violated the land ownership rights of oppressed native peoples around the world. But one might ask, 'What lands are European/white people indigenous to?' Does the right to have a homeland only belong to non-whites? Now that non-whites are migrating to lands that belonged to white people for thousands of years, will the talking heads show sympathy for white people whose ancestral lands now being colonized by non-whites?

A jury could not reach a verdict in a brutal attack and robbery of a Wilmington, Delaware jewelry store owner. Calvin Ushery (oppressed black man) was on trial for various charges, including robbery and assault. He violently attacked the owner of Solid Gold Jewelers on September 15, 2022. Surveillance video shows 68-year-old Chang Suh being stomped on and hit in the head at least a dozen times - twice with a hammer. The first thing the suspect did to the shop owner was pistol whip him causing the man to fall to the ground. After that, the robber placed jewelry in a bag, taking his time to gather the items he was stealing. But that wasn’t enough for the vicious attacker. Periodically, he would return to the owner on the ground and strike him again for good measure, including blows with the hammer. The Korean-American jewelry store owner was in intensive care for four days following the assault. It is a small miracle that he survived it. Yet, he is now reportedly unable to walk following his head injury. The video of the suspect bludgeoning the owner with a hammer was the first thing prosecutors showed the jury during opening statements before three days of testimony last week. But after two days of deliberations, a mistrial was declared. Question: What kind of juror would vote to not convict this man of the crimes he committed with video evidence? Answer: A juror who is one of the criminal's "PEERS" and a juror who is not compatible with a decent civilization.

If you are still brainwashed about what happened on 9/11, listen to these architects and engineers explain the basic principles of physics. According to the experts, there is only one way those towers could have collapsed to the ground the way they did at virtually free-fall speed: a controlled demolition. Explosives must have been strategically placed throughout the towers from top to bottom, and that must have been done well ahead of time. Since a group of alleged Muslim hijackers couldn't have done that, someone else did. That means you have been lied to. And after 22 years, they are still lying about it.


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