Major General William Walker tells George Stephanopoulos that he is proud of the National Guardsmen "who have come to help ... with a peaceful transition to military power." Oops! Why didn't he say Biden Administration?

Christopher Walken has a secret meeting with Donald Trump to warn him about how he should deal with his enemies.

Scott McKay delivers a quick update on military operations as of January 17, 10pm.

This videos surveys our current situation from one perspective based on military intelligence.


Scott McKay gives another update on the current political situation. His sources tell him that the military will conduct mass arrests, possibly even on inauguration day. He also warns of a two-week lockdown and a possible interim government run by FEMA.

Did you know that Joe Biden has a private island too? It's right across from Jeffrey Epstein's island and the old submarine base used to smuggle in kids to Epstein island aboard Ghislaine Maxwell's private submarine. Why don't we know about this? What else is the media not reporting? Do you wonder about what happens on Biden Island? Maybe it's just like what happens on Epstein Island. We have evidence that Joe is a pedophile. Maybe he's also a child trafficker. Hopefully, Joe is going to prison.

Ex-CIA Agent Robert David Steele has a message for agents of the Deep State.

Mike Adams explains how Trump may continue as president under the military. He says that Biden can be nullified as our nation is now in a state of emergency due to foreign interference in the presidential election. Are we to believe that 20,000 troops are in DC to help inaugurate Joe Biden?

Robert David Steele is a former US Marine and intelligence officer and current author, scholar, activist, speaker, etc. Mr. Steele has loads of information on the current happenings in the US and the world. In this interview with Nicholas Veniamin, Steele discusses the Donald Trump situation and explains where we are headed in history.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik remains steadfast on his prediction that Trump will be president for a second term. Pieczenik identifies the current troop deployment as part of an ongoing military coup and promises that Biden, Pelosi, Romney, and other big-name politicians will be arrested and tried by military tribunals. January 20th is 7 days away, which is plenty of time for our armed forces to round up the criminals in DC and elsewhere.

Tipping Point Radio Analyst Scott McKay gives us his latest update on current events based on his inside sources. McKay maintains that Trump will remain in power and Biden will not but projects a later date for the inauguration.

Thomas McInerney (born March 15, 1937) is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions under the President of the United States and Secretary of Defense.

Vox Day analyzes the recent Trump speech in Alamo, Texas, discusses a letter from some military leaders declaring Biden president, and covers other news.

Health Ranger Mike Adams discuses the current Trump situation based on information that his sources are giving him. Adams admits that some of his sources see Trump giving up, but most of them do not. In defense of a possible Trump victory, Adams says that things seem to be lining up in his favor such as the troops converging on DC, recent executive orders, and other factors. The message is positive overall.

Simon Parkes gives his latest update on what is happening with Trump based on his intelligence sources. Among other things, Parkes maintains that the US military fully supports Trump and will NEVER have Biden as its commander in chief. He also explains that the US Military has been working to overthrow US deep state corruption since JFK was assassinated.

Based on their intelligence connections, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and Danielle Stotijn discuss current events related to Trump, the US, China, and other world players.

Simon Parkes divulges the latest information on Trump's actions and whereabouts, military action in the US, blackouts in Pakistan, Berlin, and Italy, lockdowns in Canada, and other world events.

Former US Navy Seal Michael Jaco gives us an update on the latest Trump news. POTUS has signed the Insurrection Act! The criminal politicians are going down! Trump will use emergency broadcasts to alert Americans. There may be blackouts. Prepare yourselves!

Back in 2018, Donald Trump reportedly had special envelopes delivered to some important people at George HW Bush's funeral. Among the recipients were the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bushes, the Bidens, and the Pences. According to this report, the envelopes contained indictments of the said people for some serious crimes that they had committed while in office. Allegedly, Father Bush was executed for his crimes (that included human trafficking) and did not die of natural causes. In due time, we are told, these other deep state figures will also eventually have to face justice in front of military tribunals. Has that moment finally arrived? Are these allegations true? Time will tell.

Scott McKay from Tipping Point Radio breaks down how a US military sting operation with Trump as commander in chief is bringing down the deep state all over the world. Criminal politicians and world leaders are going down! This is one video that you don't want to miss!

Mike Adams gives us an important update about the current situation. Pray for Trump!

Jeffrey Prather gives his full analysis of the January 6th situation and the aftermath and what he thinks will be happening in the coming days. Prather says that Trump will have to use force in order to save the republic after having exhausted all other options.

Why are the corrupt establishment Democrats and Republicans in Congress talking about impeaching and removing Trump with only 13 days left in his administration? They may be well aware of what he can do during that time with the US military fully supporting him. Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, and Charlie Ward discuss what they think will happen in the next two weeks. They indicate that a second Trump administration is still possible.

This is an excellent summary of the latest events from AWK News ("And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose"). Keep praying. Trust in God. Keep the Faith.


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