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Short clip from One America News Network rumble channel posted Wednesday April 17 2024.

Climate scam and the psychopaths who push that narrative.

In honor of Dutchsinse you tube channel shut down by the F

How to forecast an earthquake -- TEXT VERSION -- Fundamental Principles

This has been made for anyone to test the method.

How to forecast an earthquake THE TEXT VERSION: By Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch)

Simply put, almost anyone can do earthquake forecasting down to a region of a few hundred miles, down to an approximate 7-10 day time period, and usually within 1 magnitude of what actually ends up striking.


Standing wave principles apply. See here for a video example:

Video above shows the whole process from deep earthquakes to the spread up, the halfway sorting and the spread out......... (video shows concentric waves , into a singularity spike upwards, then a standing wave in a tank building power reflecting back into itself.. then the middle points are sorted via vibration on a shake plate, then the wave travels as a soliton solitary wave of translation, then sorts to middle points again as it distributes out along the linear plate boundaries and across craton edges)



Between any two earthquakes , a middle point exists.

Think of two earthquakes like two waves in a standing wave tank. Then a new earthquake (a new single wave of same size or combined larger) pops up in the "middle point" between the two previous waves.

Like book ends, the two previous earthquakes define the area to watch for the NEW earthquake to strike in the nearterm future. The middle point usually is struck with the combined total of both previous earthquakes.


Two 5.0's hit across Japan.. (one M5.0 on the south at Kyushu, one M5.0 on the north at Hokkaido)..... then a few days later or less a new M5.1 to M5.2 strikes the middle point at Tokyo.

The standing wave usually spreads onwards along the plate boundaries and craton edges after striking in a particular area more than a few times.

As the standing wave spreads, new sets of quakes occur at the halfway points previously mentioned.

Just as a standing wave spreads in a tank, and then reflects into itself, earthquakes spread and strike the same way, but instead of being in a "tank", the seismo-electrical wave which is spreading follows the plate boundaries and craton edges "out and away" from where the wave comes up.

The seismo-electrical wave comes up from below the plates (coming up from the core itself as a Ultra low frequency or Extremely low frequency wave).

When the seismo-electrical ULF/ELF wave comes up from the plasma core of the earth (like lightning spreads up from the plate into the atmosphere).. this seismo-electrical wave spreads up and out through the plate.

The ULF / ELF seismo-electrical wave is usually accompanied by a "deep earthquake" recorded at the bottom of the plate receiving the wave, or even deeper below the plate receiving the wave in the semi-melted asthenosphere.

The deep earthquakes sizes (magnitudes) and locations are importan

White House under siege.

Even radical leftist Democrats chant "Fuck Joe Biden"

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Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – The Deception of Zionist KENNEDY & NETANYAHU That Serves SATAN, Not YOU! – With Michael Murphy, Mountains of Hope

In this interview, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, shares with Michael Murphy of Mountains of Hope, why the unholy alliance of Zionists Kennedy & Netanyahu serves Satanic interests, not the interests of working people.

Link to post with full video & transcript:

Time for US.

Get Educated, or Be Enslaved

To attend an online OPEN HOUSE with Dr.SHIVA this THURSDAY at 11 AM EST or 8 PM EST. RSVP at:

Repost from Hawaii Real Estate you tube channel posted October 15 2023.

Please visit these 3 links to 1) Fill online form for a "Request for Service" about fire hydrants not working in Lahaina 2) Fill out online form Ethics Complaint against any Maui County employee or council member 3) If you live in Maui County and would like the Mayor Recalled Please sign the petition.


Fill Out of "Request for Service" Online form with Maui County for non working fire hydrants Goto

Be Sure to
Site Section 10 4.1 (g) Violation

RECALL Mayor Bissen (sign if you live in Maui County)

NANO particles chemtrails filament fibers ( chemwebs) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the United States Air Force (USAF) are listed as the agencies that gave the grant monies for the invention of atmospheric, radar chaff created from silk fibroin proteins derived from the milk of transgenic goats.That are crossed bred with spiders
The United States Army funded the development of the transgenic goats, who were given a gene from a web-spinning spider. This silk fibroin material is harvested from the milk of these transgenic goats. This must be a new kind of radar chaff, instead of the old, aluminum strips chaff. Over many years, the Air Force has dumped radar chaff in the skies of the United States.
information was hacked off of the front page of the site. Nothing was hacked off of the front page but this information. We can only assume that it is important for certain parties that this information is not known by the public.

Repost from Redacted you tube channel posted September 9 2023.

He's EXPOSING the hidden U.S. child concentration camps used for trafficking | Redacted News

The united states is the largest trafficker of children in the world. Children that are illegally kidnapped and brought across the US Mexico border are then sold off to wealthy Americans… used as sex slaves and worse… if you can imagine anything worse… it’s happening and the corporate media is too scared to touch the story.

A Whistleblower who worked at one of these facilities has come forward to expose all of this… Carlos Arellano Former US immigration contractor and he joins us now.

Short clip from a longer video post by Benny Johnson you tube channel posted September 4 2023. Full video at the following link:

Internet DESTROYS Oprah, The Rock For FRAUD Maui 'Fundraiser' | 'YOU Started FIRES To Get More LAND!

Repost from Ron Yates you tube channel posted September 4 2023.

Repost from Maui Exclusive Real Estate you tube channel posted August 29 2023

Lahaina FIRE - Inside the RESTRICTED Area - The MIRACLE Neighborhood that Survived !!!

Maui Exclusive Real Estate

Three weeks after the Lahaina Fire... What is inside the restricted area? This video takes a tour of a portion of Lahaina Town that survived the fire. My neighborhood, Kahoma Village, is in the center of all the destruction but it is mostly still standing. Is there any critical information we can gain from looking at the areas that did not Burn? The media is only showing the areas that have been completely destroyed.

Repost from Brush Junkie you tube channel posted August 24 2023. Makeup artist youtuber turned truther content creator.

Original video link at...

Lahaina Fires updates and more disturbing news

Hello Youtube family and new viewers. I'm Traci- I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. In this video I present some of Lahaina's history and provide new information that has been released.

Repost from Hawaii Real Estate you tube channel posted August 27 2023.

Hawaii realtor turned truther content creator.


Repost from Brush Junkie you tube channel posted August 24 2023.

I'm told this site is now blocking this upload. WOW. So original video link at...

Lahaina Fires updates and more disturbing news

Hello Youtube family and new viewers. I'm Traci- I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. In this video I present some of Lahaina's history and provide new information that has been released.

Assuming gender

Repost from Dom Lucre tweeted August 23 2023

Like I said last week. Be aware of the men that randomly appear saying all of the things you want to hear in the most professional way.


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