Some thoughts on two of huMAN's videos - "More" and "Value of Time".

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Value of Time:

Part two of the "Learning from Women" series.
Hypergamy is primarily discussed in the manosphere as a negative trait of women. Occasionally, the evolutionary advantage is mentioned. However, there is a third aspect of hypergamy which is quite empowering to women and can be to men as well if only men would start using it. And that aspect is that hypergamy represents the ability to act.

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Ask for More (part 1 of Learning from Women):
Black Pill, Biology, Rationality:

Part one of the "Discarding the Black Pill" series.
After taking the red pill, many men enter the malaise often referred to as the Black Pill. There are several aspects to it, one of which is finding your purpose in life after the pursuit of women, family, and fatherhood are no longer the goal. Understanding the human nature will help you understand why you chose the things you chose to dedicate youself to and help you lead a more fulfilling life.

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Stardusk's channel:
Colttaine's videos:

Understanding women can help you understand yourself better and improve your own life by borrowing parts of female traits and behaviors.

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huMAN's "More":

Critique of Turd Flinging Monkey's argument about taking women's rights away.

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TFM's Bitchute channel:

Judging has become a dirty word. Yet properly judging everything and everybody around you is indispensible for living happily. Every man should continuously improve this skill.

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NMP - Not My Problem - is an application of practicing the art of acceptance. (see my previous video: ). It's important for men to know what is and what isn't their problem; to recognize when they own somebody else's problems and to break that habit.

Acceptance, and the ability to get to the stage of acceptance quickly, should be a very powerful tool in the mental arsenal of every man. It is very hard to explain how to do it, but having done it once you can see how to do it again and again.
Alexander the Great story in the video was meant as an example of people (the conquered nation) coming to acceptance quickly as a consequence of the extreme actions by Alexander.

My take on the purpose of #metoo movement and its likely eventual societal consequences. This video does not focus on justice or fairness, rather it looks primarily at #metoo as a political operation and the purpose for which it was conducted.

Note on release date and quality: this video has been collecting dust for the better part of the year because I couldn't finish it. I finally decided to just get it out. So I know it's very dated (should have been out a long time ago) and the audio is not very good, I just don't think it's necessarily worth trying to improve it at this point.

huMan, "Feminism is Female Amplification":


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