Self proclaimed #Snitch and #eBay Seller #Hubcapjoes puts away top mob Bosses in Bergen New Jersey and also admits that he attends Peta Jury's as well. This eBay Seller loves to snitch on people anywhere he goes and then put it on YouTube.

This top rated seller #Hubcapjoes loves to dime out other sellers on #eBay to get them #NARU 'ed or Suspended from selling. He goes after competing sellers in order to erase them from the platform so he can profit from more sales. Him and his eBay facebook group friends are the ones reporting people in order to get their #Youtube , #Facebook , #Twitter and eBay Accounts suspended. This is a sophisticated operation going on and people don't know it.

Sold an item on eBay and listed it as a no returns accepted, and eBay still allowed the them to return it. Why have an option to not allow a buyer to return and yet, let them return it anyway.

Did you receive an eBay Threat in your email after doing business with a top rated seller on eBay? Check out this article about this troublesome eBay Seller

This webstalker for an eBay seller Hubcapjoes in Orlando Florida named Jason Decanio is all over the internet producing lies and slander about eBay Critic eBayisajoke, he's also calling my workplace, and calling the UAW on me to try and get me terminated from my Job but it will never happen. They terminated him from his Job at Walgreens for stealing the Vaseline.

Sellers on Amazon that can't perform and that dropship from China dropshippers are subject to the quick USA return process of it's USA buyers. In this example I bought an item that arrived damaged (Automotive Part) from a China Post or ePacket China dropshipper. Once I selected return Amazon did not require me to send back the item.

With many 3rd party sellers charging return shipping, Prime members shouldn't have to pay return shipping amounts on items being return for any reason. Even if you're not a Prime member, you should get the full refund amount. Let China Post and ePacket sellers bear the cost of return shipping. Our government is giving China special shipping rates to sell their junk over here while we bent over the coals.

eBay has a dark side, they recruit members from Facebook groups to harass and cyberstalk critics says Docs Quality Cars whom is a former seller on eBay that was kicked off because he was accused of doing a deal off eBay. #ebay #ebms #selling #critic

Top Rated Seller Hubcapjoes admits he calls my Employer to cyberstalk me at my Workplace. He's being endorsed by some eBay and PayPal employees to harass and cyberstalk me. Here is a video I produced of his words in a video he posted here:

Witness exposes Keith Detwiler of Biz Hacks trolling and causing problems for people on YouTube. The witness vows that it will be all out war! Click here to view the article about Keith Detwiler Social war monger

Keith Detwiler files for disability SSI insurance and gets denied:

He did this in 2009 and maybe now collecting SSI sitting at home doing videos on your taxpayer dime:

This video by the Car Doctor (ex eBay Motors Seller) explains why the eBay Seller's Critic named eBayisajoke created the Guy Fawkes protest Character that outed eBay for allowing bad sellers like Hubcapjoes continue to operate with immunity from suspension/MC999 while abusing his buyers and bashing eBay and PayPal for over 7 years on YouTube. has been in business for over 15 years exposing fraud and phishing scams on eBay. Important article on corporate wrongdoing


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