Older ESO content currently unavailable on YouTube

Banned by YouTube. Back only on Bitchute by popular demand!

More content currently unavailable on YouTube.

This is an interview I did with Styxhexenhammer666 maybe a year and a half ago. There were audio problems on my end, but Styx is clear. Another video not currently available on YouTube!

Music. Mine.

More older Semiogogue content not currently available on YouTube. Thoughts on how the poison of reactionary 'progressivism' has been so effectively pumped into western culture.

More older Semiogogue content. This one on Kemites, a black identitarian group.


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Semiotician creating videos. Neither liberal nor conservative. Proponent of individuality. Finds most -isms and -ists repellent. Regards mature aesthetics – within a framework of lawful and civil behavior – as vastly superior to normative moral frameworks.

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