Elites have been using young blood for generations. Now it is being offered to the masses in the form of: Ambrosia, the food of the old gods.

The power outages and food shortages continue in the wake of the massive Texas storm, which has also halted secession talks. Was this a HAARP trial run for the rest of the nation? Includes scenes from G.I. Joe: Revenge of Cobra (1984)

The "aliens" are already here. More strange eyes, CERN/Portal/Gateways.

Trump is acquitted once again with a final vote of 57/43.

A 2nd serving of Impeachment is on the table for Trump, but will he be called to it to testify?
IG-Video, may post something longer on this as things develop.

The DHS preps for the threat posed by so called "Domestic Terrorists", but there is a bigger agenda at play.

A growing number of Texans want to secede from the union. Included clips of the intro trailer for Shattered Union (2005). Longer follow up video to come.

The veil is slipping. Strange eyes and reptilian predictive programming.

Biden is selected, but will he even finish out his first term?

The hidden global network and the god that they serve, who goes by many names.

With his days in office coming to a conclusion & after the events at the Capitol, the United States is left a nation divided. Also, parallels with Lincoln inauguration included.

Political Theater-Senior officials call for use of the 25th Amendment to have Pence assume the Presidency in the final days, or impeachment. Includes scenes from House of Cards Season 6.

The Capitol is "sieged" by protestors, may do a longer video on this later as things progress..

The lockdowns & restrictions in California are sparking a mass exodus from the state. This is a breakdown of John Carpenter's Escape from LA, a follow up to a video I did a few months ago (Escape from NY). The first movie was (mostly) about 911. This sequel has it all: CV, VC's, 911, Earthquake & EMP predictive programming.

2005 PC/Xbox game about a national crisis, martial law, and a highly contested rigged election

The political theater continues, with Trump considering a number of measures to retain the presidency. With the clock ticking to Jan 20th, has he been undone or unleashed?

Gamers are the preferred candidates to operate Military Drones

Digidog, the first in a proposed series of robotic police dogs

First vaccine in US administered at 9:23

923 sightings, and a 923/47 link

A montage of what could be the end goal of the transhumanist agenda (if not already achieved). Lucifer's attempt at mimicking/mocking the creation of life through A.I.

Scenes from:

Blade Runner
Battlestar Galactica
The Island & more....

Soundtrack: Baltar's Dream by Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST)

Elon Musks plan to merge humans with A.I.

Full video links:

Neuralink: Merging Man and Machine

How Neuralink Works:

Scenes from Battlestar Galactica (2004) and Star Trek: TNG (90's series)

2019 episode of Project Runway model Kovid Kapoor CV Predictive Programming & 47/74 coding

Coronavirus will "conveniently" provide globalists the opportunity to implement what's being called "The Great Reset"

Despite approval of Biden transition process, Trump declares its: "far from over"

The endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The cycle of the Ouroboros.


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