Written & Produced By: S.Evans (A.K.A. "SE") (SE Records Productions) (2019).

SE decides to go down to the beach one day, which he then discovers an letter that unravels revelations surrounding Joey-O, and what it does mean to Equestria and for planet Earth. What will SE do? Find out in this somewhat continuation of Earth To Pony!

Produced by: SE (SE Records Productions)

"This one contains a sample from 'Seaway' from the 'Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil' soundtrack. Enjoy!" SE.

Produced by: SE (SE Records Productions)

"The 1st sample believe it or not, comes from the show ‘MLP: FiM’, and I took the music of the ending credits to the episode ‘Rarity Investigates!’ (you know the one with the jazz noir music and all). The 2nd sample is a snippet from Bob James’s ‘Night Crawler’. If you do find the song and hear it by chance, you might just find that part of the song. And how it turn out makes it feel like a East Coast type of beat, and also thought about the Fine City. Was gonna originally call it ‘Canary City’, but I just stick to ‘The Fine City’ instead. Hope you like it.” SE.

Passion - Produced by: SE (SE Records Productions).

Samples used: 1: "Love's Old Sweet Song" by The Living Strings from the album "Charmaine" (1969 UK released) (1963 original recordings). 2: "I'll Fly For You" by Spandau Ballet from the album "Parade" (1984).

Walk That Walk - Produced By: SE (SE Records Productions).

“Creepy Crawlers” is the title, and hope you guys enjoy it. “SE”

(Notes: Contains a sample of “Kew Gardens” from the video game soundtrack “Medievil 2”. Also contains sound clips from the films “The Haunting” (1963), and “The City Of The Dead” (1960)).


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