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This is what the future will look like: A society exactly like China, America's consumerism and Brazils multiracial demographics.
No culture, no heritage, no community. Only consumption. A soulless corporate oligarchy and a new feudalist future

Zis iz FINAL

A very special guest explains things about the Markets that are so complex, there exits entire curriculum's just to understand them.

Biden says things that would get you fired

On the serious note, he brings up a good point: Blacks will be outnumbered by Hispanics while White Europeans will be a minority.
I know what you're thinking, how is this bad unless you're a racist?

You're missing the forest from the trees. This isn't about race, it's about an easy to control mixed population with the ever promoted culture (ie new religion) of godless consumerism in a new world of state capitalist.

Imagine a new world of Urbanised "bugmen and soyboys" on a grand-scale. Blended races with no ethnic origin to call their own living in a society exactly like China, and with our culture of broken homes (divorces, single motherhood, etc), this new world citizen is primed and ready to be adjusted to his new world where the elite control the economy and decide what's valuable.
This new citizen works hard but legally owns nothing. He enjoys keeping his social credit score high and looks forward to acquiring the new product he has to replace because they just aren't built to last. This new citizen is just smart enough to work but not smart enough to question things.
Big box warehouses and corporate abuses are plentiful but that's just how it is in the new world: Keeping you just happy enough to still be productive.
With the family unit destroyed and gender as a consumable item, this new citizen spends all his money on his surgeries and women's clothing, doubling the income of the cosmetic and fashion industries.

The races may change but the leaders and their masters always stay the same.
Amazing isn't it?

The World Economic Forum gave a vague idea of what's being planned for early 2030's, but I'll let you in on some interesting details:

The Elite will create a famine in Africa by poisoning their crops to cause millions to flood the entire 1st world like the refugee crisis. This brings the death of the western world as we know it and an end to our normal ways of life. This all happens during President Ivanka's reign and she will help by importing them too, don't you worry.

Ivanka wins the election as early as 2024 / 2028 using the Qanon psy-op to create more "Trump hype", but 2032 is more likely if they want the anti-trump stuff to die down and let covid pass.
She'll be the "1st female President" and likely run as the "common sense" candidate (ie "based and redpilled") but it's all a ruse. She serves the lobbyists no different then her dad.

Your only hope for Ivanka to lose despite massive election fraud is the public to despise that entire family, as Trump sold all his supporters out for her to become Potus some day.
Good luck getting that to happen, as the same people behind Trump will most likely be behind her as well and those same people own Florida.

Tax payer protests are the only peaceful option left, but until that starts happening this is what's coming in 10 years.

A real life Conspiracy straight from the horses mouth; The World Economic Forum has graciously shown us a glimpse of the worlds future and it won't be pretty.
Imagine a world exactly like China where the government acts as a middle manager with no control of the nations money.
Bitcoin crash comes before the global collapse.

Enjoy your freedom while its still here


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