Features a critical message from Job 24 which has been corrupted on a widespread basis. Do subtle changes affect doctrine? Final offer for AV1611 bibles is included

No matter what your belief is (Atheist, Agnostic, Catholic, Professing Christian, Satanist, Witch, or Christian) you need to know these things about Christianity.

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John Doerr the producer of the Lamp in the Dark - Below video

At 6:30 into the video, the reference is to 1 Chronicles 16:3.
And hee dealt to euery one of Israel, both man and woman, to euery one a loafe of bread, and a good piece of flesh, and a flagon of wine.
A very easy corruption can be spotted in modern bibles. Find out why the earth is drunk and few are saved. This can be an effective tool to witness to many.

My note: John Doerr was one the main producers of the Lamp in the Dark series of films based on the 1611 text and not the modern 'KJV" that is a substitute from the Vatican to deceive many and a precursor to modern bibles.

First video on this subject:

Yes back then he used the KJV. The principles are true. John Doerr mentions him.
3 Parts: Events Leading to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Part one and two combined. Blayney in secret made changes. (KJV)

These men built on the "KJV" deception.

Where did the word "rapture" come from and what does God say about it?
Have any doctrines related to a physical escape before tribulation affected believers? Would this word come from what is known as Babylon-The Church of Satan? Here is a comprehensive resource for anyone professing a belief in Jesus Christ.

Rapture Origins:
Its Roots:
Plus many more here and on their channels.

These are the slides for the presentation. Pause if you need to. Narration below.

Sounds Familiar?

Thumbs down assumes you are a railer! So go for it!
Another video that speaks to this is:
Compressed historical documentary. Railers: beware of facts.

What does 2 Thessalonians 2 teach us regarding the possibility of a rapture? And who is the man of sin, the son of perdition?

A look at Matthew 15:26-28 in the NIV, and John 7:8,10, also in the NIV (but also in many modern bibles). Another example you can show others from the NIV, to show its corruption.
Part 1:
Part 2:
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Historic Detail of Bible Lineages:
Quote from video called, IS YOUR BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD? HOW DO YOU KNOW? "It is career suicide for a pastor to kick against the bible publishing industry..."

What voice do you hear?
Are you reading the Word of God?
Bibles with Oil Published Words =
Why should we believe the Authorised Bible of 1611?


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News: All Bible readings (no professional actor was available so I had to step in) can be found here:
Not many people were interested and therefore they will be slowly built on the site for the few that are. The goal is a complete library. Sounds impossible?

I will just upload videos as I find them and perhaps the very odd podcast.

The videos on this channel might contain especially critical truths for the believers and/or denominational persons or indeed Catholics. Do not assume you know the content as it is highly unlikely however if you do it will be like music to your ears.

I do not care if you subscribe or not however this content will only ever be for a very small few. I wish it were not so but unfortunately since 1611 and particularity during the 20th century the opposition has led a very effective counterattack on this true word of God and if you embrace the many modern bibles then this provides obvious evidence of this. Most people will never accept, see or desire to know if they are deceived however, I pray you do not fall into that mindset. I was and continue to journey through it. is the site used to host non-copy right books, 1611 bibles and other content.
You will not find this content (videos too) anywhere else (except from sources below) but if you do please comment on site. Most social media/web resources speak of the 1611 but quote the KJV. Almost all think the KJV is the 1611 however this is NOT true and a simple comparison and historical research will reveal this very obvious fact. It baffles me as so many truthers refute this or simply ignore it and quote so called "modern" bibles. History is our teacher so why not learn from it? Most have a blind spot for this area and still bang the drum of the KJV yet they have never laid eyes on the 1611 printing found on the web in PDF form and printed by a few publishers such as Hendrickson.

Source of videos:

Many videos are archives of the following channels so feel free to "ignore" this platform and subscribe to the channels below if you prefer. YouTube is highly censored, my comments get shadow banned constantly, videos mysteriously disappear, and channels get wholesale deleted often without warning. Hence why these are archived here. I only desire to promote this critical subject and any presenter that teaches/writes about this as it is foundational, and we have all been hoodwinked for so long. Everyone says they have the true testimony but only the 1611 printing of the bible has this. (Culminates other English translations from original tongues and true manuscripts)

1. Rescuing the church – Denominational, Baptist, Mega Church members relevant.
Books from the above presenter you may find useful for reference:
I would highly recommend his books. Reg is an prolific author, musician, artist and a radio presenter (was) amongst many other things.
Please also consider his Patreon site:
His work is a blessing to all who receive it!

2. John Doerr - Lamp in the Dark: (Knows the real 1611 text like few others)
==================================================================== Lamp in the Dark or - as an alternative channel.
The three Lamp in the Dark films he produced can be found here: amongst many places on the internet. They are outstanding and the perfect place to start and will make all of his presentations even more meaningful. I highly recommend watching them. The included link will help you with that.

Online searchable by text and verse 1611 site that includes the original scanned copies:
KJV1611 online:
A Recommended Bible: Hendrickson:
This video just reviews the bible and is here for information purposes and where you buy is of no consequence to me.

Easy to Read bibles:
Original Roman font 1611 PDF book part one:
Part 2:

Salvation 101:
If you got here, thank you for reading. May God bless your journey and desire to know Him.