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Google is so deeply involved in crony capitalism, it's impossible to tell where the search engine company ends, and the government begins.

Prof. Ted Hill's research paper on the Greater Male Variability Hypothesis has been the target of direct academic censorship, because one woman got mad.


Though often used to describe years-long processes of society-wide concern, moral panics in and of themselves are relatively volatile and short-lived. They can only last as long as the media and policy-makers can hold the public’s attention; but when multiple topics of concern are connected together under an umbrella of politics or ideology, a sustained moral panic can be carried out for years.



Asia Argento, one of the faces of #MeToo, has paid hush-money to a young man who she sexually assaulted when he was 17. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Transcript & Sources:

Like media today, the newspapers of the 1920's profited off selling America on the threat of white supremacy -- and grew the KKK membership by hundreds of thousands in the process.

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You might not listen to Alex Jones' shows, but the censorship and silencing of him should perk your ears. If they can censor him, they can censor every one of us eventually.

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Facebook Defending their Censorship of Alex Jones:
Facebook's "Fake News" Q&A:
More on Facebook's Q&A:
Facebook Won't Ban Conspiracy Theorists:
News Outlets Reciting a Script:
Morning Joe thinks it's their job to control what people think:
CNN Producers think Russia is Bullshit:
CNN Doxes an Elderly Woman:

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Original House Judiciary Committee Hearing:

Ms Bass: 1:20
Mr Smith: 6:56
Mr Deutch: 12:50
Mr Labrador: 18:46
Mr Gaetz (1): 20:40
Mr Cicilline: 24:17
Mr Johnson (LA): 26:39
Mr Jordan: 31:46
Mr Rutherford: 36:38
Mr Poe: 42:02
Mrs Jayapal: 47:07
Mr Gaetz (2): 53:06

Full House Judiciary Committee Hearing:

Mr Goodlatte's Opening Statements: 1:20
Signs behind Ms Bickert: 6:22
Mr Goodlatte: 07:12
Mr Nadler: 12:29
Mr Issa: 16:51
Ms Lofgren: 22:52
Mr King: 28:55a
Mr Johnson (GA): 34:38
Mr Gohmert: 37:04
Ms Jackson-Lee: 42:27
Mr Marino: 48:41

Manipulatively editing videos to further one's victim narrative is bad enough, but when it's because you assaulted a police officer? Now ya dun fucked up.

Sweden's So-Called "Nazis":
Atlanta Abolish ICE Arrest, Both Videos:

Keywords: sweden,politics,election,proportional representation,social democrats,sweden democrats,swedish democrats,fake news,atlanta,abolish ice,protestors,police brutality,assaulting a police officer

We should not be getting complacent and expecting that we will obtain a supermajority in the House and Senate, in the face of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democratic Socialists who are turning the Democratic party on its head.

Mexico deserves better. They deserve sovereignty and respect -- not to be mocked with the soft bigotry of low expectations and enslaved by the very political party who purports to care about them the most. --

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Shit's been chaotic, sorry I haven't been uploading more recently. Here's an off-the-cuff on things I've been thinking about this morning.

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In continuing from last week's Red & Sev Watch a Movie, we're discussing The Patriot again -- but this time, we're focusing on Tavington. The saving grace for the film, and a role that would haunt Jason Isaacs for the rest of his life.

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This movie is one that has pissed off Red since it came out, and despite Sevvie's terrible memory has stuck with her as a historical nightmare. That's why it's gonna take two videos to fully cover this pain in the ass.

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Words escape me when trying to describe it in any more than the bare facts. This act by a mentally-disturbed individual shook me so greatly, I avoided talking on the subject for some time, instead waiting for all the facts and details to come out. Now that they have, however, I find myself angry -- not at Nikolas Cruz, though that anger certainly exists, but rather at the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and Broward County School Officials.

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Falling in line with the Silicon Valley oligopoly and oligarchy, Medium is making a terrible decision in banning these individuals, and I certainly hope they attempt to remove me from the platform as well. The Streisand Effect is a powerful force, and one Medium clearly hasn’t considered in their decision.

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Amongst those who stand from their privileged positions of power to push this Russian Collusion narrative, there is not one courageous individual. No, all we have are cowards and conformists, joining in on the song to be sure they’re welcome at the money-covered table.


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Twitter provides an API specifically for the purpose of creating the "bots" and "automated behaviour" they are now punishing. This isn't about Russian Bots. This is about politics.

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The more I look into it, the more I think that the FTC is powerless to divest a company as powerful and central as Google. It's up to the consumers -- even if consumers' best option appears to be Google.

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