Violence - Engulfed By flames (1990, Jul 13) Your Beach Front Church Will Be Ingulfed & Abandoned

There is great fear that war is coming & it is time to play the game. The game of playing the VIOLENCE FIGHT OF VIO-LENCE the song.

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#violence #ight #fighting
violence ight fighting

I like for a music. If being homesless was a homeless shelter but being homeless was music & the van for having a house was having a house instead of being homeless but having a house would represent being without music than I would go homeless. Rock n roll dude.
I see how stupid & ignorant people can be.
Grim Reaper - Suck It & See (1987) [Album Rock You To Hell] LATEX FRENCH MAID

This song was designed to clown on top of the pops & it ended up being enough of a hit that they got on top of the pops. Such a killer song. Such a killer band
Feel the oceans of the emotons
The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops (1978) - Can't Stand The Rezillos
The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops (1978) - Can't Stand The Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Rezillos 666

Onslaught - In Search Of Sanity (1989)

Robert - Parker - Sweet Nothings (2016) [Album Crystal City]

Crucified Barbara - Losing the Game (2005) Heavy Chick Metal [Album In Distortion We Trust]

Lee Aaron - Metal Queen (1984) Is The Lady Of The Dark

Two women decided to stand up to society & cause reproductive harm to every man in our patriarkal society. Watch out pigs. It's time for Electra Woman And Dyna Girl. And I'm gonna kiss one of them. Of I'm gonna be transgender. I'm not sure yet. I have 2 gay black men in my bed. I'm pretty confused. And so are you. You'd have to be or you wouldn't be reading this right now. I'm sending Jews to go be transgender in an oven than turns them transgendewre.. I'm tired & need drugs. Enjoy your stupid cartoon.

Vio-lence - Serial Killer (1988) Eternal Nightmare

Violence - Calling in the Coroner (1988) [ALBUM Eternal Nightmare]

Vio-:ence - T.D.S. (Take It as You Will) not Trump Derangement Syndrome or Telephone and Data Systems 1988

Crucified Barbara - Into The Fire (2012 The Midnight Chase)

Grim Reaper - RARE Unheard 1982 Demo - Loser in Love

I am a woman with power. Now watched the dam audio.
Grim Reaper - You'll Wish That You Were Never Born (1987)

This is not a cowardly production. You will see the band that captured the world before they had every teen 80s girl panties drenched with her own love. Young heart-throb Steve "Lock Your Daughters Up When He's In Town" Grimmett belts out his classic countertenorian tune to an uncaring world. Little did he know... Enjoy.
Donate to the Steve Grimmett legs across America fund to help under privileged corporate oligarchs, taken hostage while off on a tizzy. Google his name for more information. I hade sex with a woman once. That is all.

I will not eat the bugs.
I will not live in the pod.

Burlen berlin burlen - The Metro (1982) Pleasure Victim
Burlin - The Metro (1982) Pleasure Victim

Track number 12 from the album Hell And High Water (1984), relaunched in 2003 by Karthago Records in Greece, by the Danish band Alien Force.
Track numero 12 del disco Hell And High Water (1984), relanzado en 2003 por Karthago Records en Grecia, de la banda de Dinamarca Alien Force.
This is their best song & wasn't even on many original releases of their 1984 album. I blame you for that. You were there in 84 listening to Def Lepard when you should have been listening to Alien Force & Alien Force was crying & threw their best song in the garbage. I, ME, had to go in the dumpster & retrieve it so we didn't have to lose a dam 80s treasure & it was all your fault that we almost lost this masterpiece. Now have a Mountain Dew, a smile & enjoy the dam song that you Almost Destroyed. You degust me.

Alien Force - And I Knew (2003 Re-Re-Release ) Album: Hell and High Water

I tried to up the sound. I cannot believe this American Rock classic video is deprived from Bitchute. Imagine if a Youtube bouncer had cegrigated someone off of Youtube. I forced my mom to listen to this song yesterday in the car 'cause she needed moving chores from me yesterday & in exchange I made her take me to Tace Bell AND listen to this song. She loved it. She acted annoyed but I know better. Anyways, you need this song is your morning, so f ucking listen to it. Also women are never right. I just had to throw that in there.
Cheap Trick - Dream Police (1979)

I'm trying to decide if this is Steve Grimmett bitching here where he should just get over the bitch or if this is righteously getting this hoe & a good song. I don't really like this song as much or I'm trying to decide. The 0 viewers I get for this video can help me decide if this is a good reap song. I love & respect myself some Reap more than any other man but this was never one of my faves. Let me know if I should reconsider. I tried to up the sound.
Grim Reaper - Liar (1983) Upt Sound

Grim Reaper Kickers Ass. I tried to up the sound.
Grim Reaper - Fight For The Last (1985) Upt Sound

This is not their best song but it's okay
Grim Reaper - Lay It On The Line (1985)

Grim Reaper - All Hell Let Loose HQ


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