A memorable customer experience is what keeps the company grow, Grow, GROWING!!! and profits soar, Soar, SOARING!!!

Overwhelm customers with your passion!!! Maybe even follow them outside to continue the dialogue and impress bystanders your commitment is certifiable.

For the Radio Shack clerk who wants to go the extra mile, though vulgarities and invective are usually frowned upon in most retail transactions, sometimes obscenities can create a certain bonhomie between clerk and customer that can blossom into an unexpected bouquet of memories.

Despite the risk of covid-1984, developing closeness in a relationship sometimes requires a bit of physical closeness. Let your insane out, invade that space, and, perhaps, even include touching a customer to establish a personal connection between clerk and customer. Even though you as a Radio Shack clerk may be incubating a variety of communicable diseases, YOLO.

Regardless of any emotions that may arise, it's important to remember Radio Shack is a business. Simply put, we are trying to turn a profit; even beyond what it takes to not declare bancruptcy (again) in the next ten minutes. Whatever emotional bond you as a clerk may develop with a customer, just keep in mind Radio Shack's vision is to, someday, make the customer's dollars be Radio Shack's dollars.

It's a tough world, and Radio Shack's product line certainly won't sell itself. Radio Shack needs an edge. Radio Shack wants an edge. You, as a Radio Shack clerk, can be that cusstomer service edge.

So, go ahead and let that insane out. You be you and BEEEEEEE the edge.


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