Made by Darknessgta4

Originally uploaded on September 3, 2011

Description: "Say hello to my little friend."

Made by phantomkick

Originally uploaded on February 28, 2008

Description: "Update 16/6/2009

I was exploring a cave in fort carson, but i found something!"

Made by KingAnt1991

Originally uploaded on September 21, 2007

Description: "This video is about some of the strange mysteries that are in San Andreas. Check out my account for more videos. IMPORTANT, i am aware that at 2:11 it is not a MOD but just the lil probe inn. Check out the sequel to this video, GTA San Andreas Mysteries Two."

Made by crpgchamp

Originally uploaded on April 25, 2008

Description: "

ProjectModStudios Presents to you, a video of memories, coming back to life...If you remember in halo 2, there was the ghost of lockout...Now it's back, and it's in all body form. OH and it's on it's favorite map too;) We do not know how this happend, and this is not lag, or a hoax. The ghost randomly spawned, and started randomly killing...Tell us what you think could of caused the ghost to show up again!

*Update* With some research we believe the ghost to be, a network glitch...hmm...look up ghost of lockout, and look at the description ot see for yourself"

Made by ScapeTheGoat

Originally uploaded on January 2, 2008

Song: 009 Sound System - Trinity

Made by Dragorphis1

Originally uploaded on February 21, 2009

Made by gta029

Originally uploaded on June 14, 2008

Description: "!!!!MUST SEE!!!!

I Found Aliens in the desert in San Andreas."

Made by Paycer

Originally uploaded on November 28, 2012

Description: "Follow Peter as he goes on a magical, zombie infested, adventure.

I'll try to make a second one of these in the future. It can take quite a bit of preparation."

Made by HAPPYcat Productions

Originally uploaded on February 4, 2010

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Made by Nex Vestrum

Originally uploaded on July 30, 2012

Description: "One of my first experiences playing the DayZ mod for ARMA II. It certainly was interesting. I know I'll be recording every time I'm on from now on.

EDIT: Yes they are hackers, like it or not. This has been established too many times to count in the comments section. I, personally, don't mind when hackers do stuff like this as it is quite entertaining to be involved in."

Made by NormalDifficulty

Originally uploaded on January 8, 2013

Description: "Twitter ►
Twitch Live Stream ►​​
Discord ►​ "

Made by Paycer

Originally uploaded on December 5, 2012

Description: "UPDATE: Wow. Thank you for 1mil views! I want to mention that Ezi, Bane, and MrWolf are from New Zealand - not Australia. You're welcome Ezi :P

Don't make meh beg now. Thumbs up if you liked this video!
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Made by The Zombie BrotherZ

Originally uploaded on December 10, 2012

Description: "The Zombie Brothers on a 'regular' daily adventure!
Hacker came into the server, broadcasted a few newcast, and added a 'bonus' in the end.
Welcome to Celle, home of the hackers!"

Made by Tiger

Originally uploaded on January 20, 2013

Description: "So i hide in the Trunk of a hatchback with my buddy Weasy in a different car. I end up going away on a ride with the enemy! watch what happens."

Christopher Paul Whitney

Christopher Paul Whitney

Made by Ryosharke

Originally uploaded on July 17, 2008

Description: "What do the grunts fear most?...

find out"

A harmless video that's been persecuted by YouTube.

Made by MichelV

Originally uploaded on August 9, 2007

Description: "well this is an tribute to my grunt war i'm blue video what was the first machinima i ever made

I made all of this in 1 hour so dont expect to much out of it i made it today because it is an year ago that i uploaded grunt war i'm blue

January Third 2011 - one millions views xD
20th of October - 1.2 million views!"

Christopher Paul Whitney


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