A little bit of fishing in the cold water temps of winter, at some local places for me. For some reason my video cam turned on the date stamp in the video again, even though I had turned it off. The date it displays is not correct. The first video clip was taken at a different place than the last 3. The last 2 fish I caught today were the first fish ever landed with my new Piscifun Torrent 2 piece MH 7'0 bass worm rod.

Got out for a few hours for some fishing at the ol spillway. Stayed awhile after dark,under the full moon,catching fish with the flyrod on #8 foam poppers.

Footage of me doing target practice in PA,with friends.

Spent the weekend away visiting friends in PA. Did some fishing and shooting.

Tonight I went fishing at Lahaway creek,using a fly rod and 2 bait finesse setups. One of the many fish I landed was a Longear Sunfish,which are not supposed to be in my state. Their range is completely not anywhere close!

This afternoon,I made a trip out to Mirror Lake,and landed a nice variety of fish,on Ultralight(bait finesse) baitcasting gear. It was a little breezy so I decided to throw around a few bladed baits,like inline spinners,small spinner baits,and a small spoon. I did catch a fish on a 4.5" finesse worm weedless with no weight too.

Today I went out to a new place I've never been,and hiked around,looking to find fishes.

Fishing under the Moonlight

A video clip of me casting A bait finesse rod and reel combo. I was casting a strike king bitsy pond minnow that was broken while fishing it. Must have smashed into a rock or something. The hardware is removed,and I use it as a casting plug,for practice. It weighs around 2 grams.

Some footage of landing a few fish from a local spot,and some footage of me fishing at a few new spots.

I went to Mirror Lake yet again,for some fishing.

Today I got out for a few hours,at a lake close by,and hooked into a couple fish.

Today I went to Mirror lake,and caught most the fish I did,on the fly rod.

I got out on my favorite lake,for the first time this year,in my kayak. Also a few days after that,I walked around some local spots,and caught a few fish.

The Tsurinoya xf50 bait casting reel arrived in the mail today,so I went down the street and tested how it casts with a handful of lures. I spooled it with 6 pound Berkley fire line crystal .

Part 2 of me fishing ponds,at a resort in Virginia,on vacation.

Just some fishing at a local place for a few fish,on a nice day.

Testing a homemade 1/32 oz chatter bait,I put together last night. No fish were caught in the video. The place I went isn't the best spot,and I just wanted to see how the lure worked.

A pleasant afternoon spent fishing BFS gear, and a fly rod. I hit 2 places,both with good results.

Water was a bit high due to heavy rains,we had a few days ago. The crappies were hanging very tight to cover,and not out in the open like they were the last time I was fishing here. It was bluebird skies,and breezy too.

Testing out my brand new Daiwa Tatula CT reel, with various light lures,after installing a shallow finesse, diy rays studio, honey comb spool,which arrived this afternoon. It was a bit windy out today too,adding a little adversity to my testing.


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