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Also, Hadiths in Sunni Islam seems to be more like a "Background detail info on the overall origins of practices or in Islamic traditions of details on how islamic practices are to work like (interms of information you wont get full details on in Quran) which bases on from reports that goes from reliable witnesses to Muhammad the prophet of Islam. Inorder for it to be accepted

And the Tafsirs serves more as a Bridge between Hadiths and Quran, which is given to give clear context, by to having hadiths of reliability to also that of Quranic verse, so that the reader gets a overall clear idea what the practice is all about. Which i take are Islamic experts on the field. Which is also why Ibn Kathir Tafsir is the main important one because of the history and also the overall understanding of how it adds together.

Made (one outdated video of this that wasnt very good earlier and kinda didnt make sense to comparison reasons)

Second i think was better

And this one is basicaly my final thoughts. I do think knowledge does help understand stuff better, whereas politics isnt really the area to go too when it comes to learning about ways of religious cultures, overall the original source material is the way to go (of course depending if people have time or not... which is also why audiobooks is good for some people)

If you disagree with the conclusion i made in this video, then thats fine too. Its just the best description of what the psychology of those texts worked like for me when reading it overall. Its generalizing for sure. But its overall the impression overall.

But feel free to agree to disagree

Too bad. But i am quite happy with previous audiobooks i made. So i am glad those went off without problems of Sunni Hadiths of 1-6 from
But apparently WAV files takes way more space than MP3 files. "Just incase you wonder. Though people say WAV is best for editing in video format but they cant be over 4 gb file size apparently for it to export it to WAV.

Either case MP3 is what i used in previous formats, both interms of archiving it, but also in video editing. So my tip is honestly just download raw MP3 files rather than to listen to the videos. Since the raw MP3 files is pretty much the legit ones.

Although i will admit i am not the best guy to do audiobooks. But wanted to do it since i didnt see anyone else online doing it. So hope it helps!

Here it is. Showcase of what Final Fantasy 1 (ORIGINS) on Playstation 1 has if you complete it 100%
( I am unsure however if you need to beat this on both Easy and Normal mode + 100% on Bestiary and Item Collection to get this. Or whether it depends if you get Bestiary or Item 100% in total. But here it is) And note. Names in bestiary is not 100% canon to what Square Enix figured out later in game series. So take that one on a grant of salt)

I think calling it "Brave Sir Robin" difficulty is totally fair of original NES and PS1 difficulty. Its totally fitting joke name for it :D

I take it back. Original Difficulty of NES and PS1 is Brave Sir Robin all the way lol. Even the game mocks me when i get stronger by having enemies running away from me.

I will beat this whenever i feel like it on Easy mode "which honestly i think is better" because what kind of person wants to play a game where you run away all the time XD. Or fighting when it matters i guess is more what FF1 original difficulty is all about, but i just call it Brave Sir Robin of difficulty.

Can someone ask Square Enix to include "Brave Sir Robin" difficulty in Pixel Remaster of FF1. Just use original difficulty of NES version basically. But just call it the "Brave Sir Robin" of difficulty.

I think one ridiculous thing in the game is "Poison" spell attack (no clue if this was in NES, but PS1 may be harder on some level than NES original) but either case. If i ever beat Easy mode on PS1 then i will just show artwork, bestiary and item collection of what i have not got. I just was impatient in the end there and just wanted to beat the game. So i will show extra video whenever i get there in time.

The video got interrupted. For some reason USB disconnected. But the finished part is in Part 15 that i will upload

Gonna get Warmech and grind for "Evil Eye" in Ice Cavern. And then i will finish the game. But honestly, pixel remaster had better graphics. So while its a bummer you cant have original difficulty. It overall is more engaging and better made than PS1 version of "Final Fantasy Origins". Atleast my view on it. So Easy mode i will just simply play Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster version once this playthrough is done

Basically i was interested in this since this is one emulator i found online where you dont need to download your own BIOS for it. Considering its considered illegal to do. So this is at best closest to legal emulation while also owning the physical games. Also i use OpenGL because it responds faster and i think it looks a little bit better honestly.

And for some weird reason, everytime you load a "Bin" or "Cue" file or even a CD drive into this emulator. You have to press "Power(1)" in the "Run" section. Not sure why but then you wait a little and the game should boot up.
Here is my settings for video output (UPDATE)

"Use OpenGL" Check
"Stretch with GDI" Check
"Nearest" Check
"Progressive" Check
change value of "Display Skip" to "0"

I tried something else in this video. But this seems to be what works best for me.

(although the recommended settings is this)
"Stretch with GDI" Check
"Nearest" Check
"Progressive" Check

The rest i have unchecked. To mess with screen aspect ratio i go to "Scale" settings in "View" usually.

Probably am gonna go with recording it from console i think. Just feels more authentic. But can be nice i guess if you wanna save up old games on external harddrive by using imgburn to save up old Ps1 games as backup.

My sound output is this aswell

N = 1
a1_ = 1
a2_ = 1

b0_ = 1
b1_ = 1
b2_ = 1

Painter: Ludwig Deutsch

(Btw sorry for the breathing sound in the mic. I moved the microphone more away so that it doesnt do that anymore) But i got microphone not long ago so now i can continue the audiobook of this one

Last Islamic Audiobook i will make (Most likely atleast). Because i think Sunni Hadiths from 1-6 of canon ones, and this Tafsir of Ibn Kathir seems like the most relevant ones to cover. I will read to certain point, then continue reading Ibn Kathir (Not done reading it myself. But just wanna get the long ones out of the way) I usually prefer audiobooks after reading. Since i think its more interesting to read first and then do audiobooks. Or its my way of doing it.

The soundtrack got really weird in this one. Sorry honestly. Getting some stuff before i go to next dungeon

And again... i will beat this cave off screen because its ridiculous.

Now its balanced Difficulty in the game. You can fight without you having to become a "Brave Sir Robin" now lol. Although i still have no idea how to defend myself against "Mindflayer" enemy here 38:55. Maybe there is a trick to this or bad luck? Gonna try "Nullbolt" maybe that will work.

Also... i have noticed that now some enemies flee when they see me. See i think this game is intentionally mocking me. So now they run away from me. So the game turns more into "Brave Sir Robin" now basically. I wonder if they designed this to just make fun of the player or something.

You can argue that knowing when to pick a fight is difficult.... but thats really debatable lol. Since the whole concept is stocking up potions and running away 50% of the time lol.

But basically. Now you atleast have a fair difficulty of fight whenever you feel its needed rather than "run run run"

Dark Wizard i would argue is harder in PS1 than they are in NES. Since they spam Fire 3 (Firaga) over and over when given the opportunity. In NES you can atleast hope there is 50% chance that RUB(Death) doesnt kill you. So you have more of a chance. So i will try beat this cave next time.

And like tradition... death by the end lol. But i have beaten this now though by the time i am uploading this. But i think this is more my mistake, i was too eager using potion and didnt run away enough from enemies.


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