A complete political philosophy, an underpinning to the whole struggle Europids are facing.
Spiritual, Racial, High Culture, High Politics, Territory - Imperium.
Regions and Peoples with their own laws, customs, dialects - Dominium.

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Magna Europa est Patria Nostra!
All credits go to Norman Lowell

The film Alatriste (2006) follows Diego de Alatriste y Tenorio through 20 years of his life, from the wars in Flanders in 1623 to those against France in 1643, when Spain, under king Philip IV, accelerated its decline from its position as the world's dominating superpower.

Vexille: That was 10 years ago just after the government implemented the whole isolation policy. We began hearing reports of a mass epidemic, some unknown disease in the country. The details were vague at first, nothing of the cause or transmission of the disease, only that it was highly contagious and in most cases, fatal.

Before the general public even had time to react the government declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory vaccination program, “For our protection” they said. As it turns out that was the beginning of our nightmare.

The disease was complete government fabrication, and the supposed vaccine they were injecting into everyone in reality it was a cyber virus developed by Daiwa. The virus has a mutated effect on the cells of the body. It alters the molecular structure and converts them into biometal, essentially turning us into machines from the inside out.

There is no way to stop it, and to make things worse the cyber virus was still early in its experimental phase.

Child asks: What do you mean?

Male responds: Daiwa didn’t even know if it would work. It had never been tested on a large scale so they turned Japan into their own private laboratory.

Vexillle: When it does work, the virus gradually progresses through the body until it reaches the brain. At that point we become perfect androids under Daiwa’s control.

The speed of the process differs from person to person. Those of us who have yet to be fully assimilated, as best we can, we hold on to those fragments of our humanity that still remain but even now, we can feel them slipping further and further away.

This film, from the early 1960s, documents how the United Nations waged war on the anti-Communist state of Katanga, forcing it under Communist rule.
When the communists with help of the United Nations began to wrestle for control of the vast area in the Congo starting in 1960, a great black leader emerged who wanted to secede from the hostile and violent communists, Moise Tshombe.

It's December so it's time for libtards to get offended over Black Pete (Zwarte Piet)! Saint Nicholas is a legendary figure based on the patron saint of children. The children feast of Saint Nicholas and Black Pete is celebrated on the 6th of December in the Netherlands and Belgium. Big corporations like Facebook and Amazon are banning books and pictures with Black Pete on it. Zwarte Piet lives matter!

The level of journalism fell to a new low. Copy paste journalism or even plagiarism seems to be the norm now.

Our government is silent!
I will be silent no more!!!


As anti-White incidents continue to occur across the United States, how bad is the situation for White students on college campuses today? Why is nothing being done to combat anti-White hatred on campuses? Why do we allow our children to go through these anti-White propaganda colleges?

Black and Brown people are motivated by Anti-White Hatred.
Multiculturalism does NOT work and will NEVER work.
Liberal White people who support BLM are ethno-masochists who hate their own race.
Stop them before it's too late.


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