Anime dragon ball super
Song Oblivion
Artist Shinedown

Song the Unknown by
Artist 10 years
Anime Alice to Zoruku

Anime-Reincarnated as a Sword,
転生したら剣でした, Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita) or Tenken (転剣
song -sleep in the fire by
Artist- 10 years

Happy Halloween!
Anime from
Highschool of the dead
Angels of death
Vampire princess miyu
Ghost hunt
Song out for blood
By Sum41

Anime Gunslinger girl
Song one more day by
10 years

Princess principle
Sao alternative
The scared blacksmith
Riddle Story of devil
release the Spyce
A certain scientific Railgun S

Anime Princess principle
Song Chew me up by Saint asonia Ft Terrible Johnny

Anime BLOOD+
Song So what by
Saint asonia

Anime Magical Girl Raising Project
Song breaking the habit
by Linkin park

Anime-Acertain magical index
Song- Better late than never
Artist-Saint Asomia

Anime Haibane renmei
Song Bad company
Artist PlainSightGems

Anime-Release the spyce
Song Frontline
By Pillar

Anime .hack //Liminality Amv
Song 11am daydreamer by 10 years

Anime Angelic Layer
Song Finally Free by Alex Norre

Anime Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Song Coming down
by Five finger death punch

This is a alternative amv of the same song
Wasteland as seen from kill la kill the song worked and clicked for both of them so if you haven't seen the kill la kill version please do.

Anime social experiments Lain
Song wasteland by
10 years

Anime Akashic records of bastard magical instructor
Song Under and over it by
Five finger death punch

Anime Magical Girl Site
Song Happy Tragedy by Saint Asonia

Song -Ride away Is a Shadowgamer Ax Original song myself and a friend Wrote preformed by plain sight gems and myself
summer of 99 life was so good love was booming.

Sky was so blue
Grass was so green
I mean if you could meet me.

What I would do for you could be your dreams if you could see me.

I'd be your man I deem to thee unseen my true feelings.

If I could be with you
I would Sing for you
Wait all day for you
I could dream with you
Make a rhyme with you
Take my time with you
I could make you mine now.

Ride away
sky high
you are mine

Anime Phantom requiem for the Phantom
Song You by breaking Benjamin

Anime Amnesia
Song whispers in the dark by

Anine magical girl special ops Asuka
Song Breath by Breaking Benjamin

If you're interested feel free to check out my full amv Playlist

Anime Kill la kill
Song wasteland
Artist 10 years

Had two amvs with the same track I did so as a experiment. Social experiments Lain and kill la kill they were both so good figured I'd do kill la kill on here while Lain will release on YouTube i
hope you enjoy both versions as it was really fun to work on both of them.

Anime Canaan
Song Shaddows by
Nine Lashes

Anime The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shōj
Song Leave it all behind by
Five finger death punch.


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