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This sick piece of crap needs to get taken to the gallows ASAP!!!

This is pure comedy gold!

This came out 8 years ago and is spot on!

What if you could just pick up stuff in the store and just walk out without having to wait in line to check out? Well now you can!

These guys are sick! I'll leave the interpretation of that word combination up to you...

What a fucking faggot!

This man claims that Disney paid to change old films to include chemtrails in the sky.
I can’t help but think of the Mandela effect and if they literally went in and changed things.

They aren't even trying to hide it at all anymore...

What a bunch of sick pedophile feminist whores! They ALL need to be taken to the gallows and/or impaled. Impalement spikes for all these lefty "teachers"!

Can you REALLY be morbidly obese and healthy? For fucks sake people!

Anyone trying to tell children they can switch genders should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Not sure what this is really all about, but probably worth taking a gander...

Take that, you fucking cuck faggots!

Downloaded from Truthstream Media @

Old news, but still worth revisiting...

Fuck that shit. I'm never flying again...

People, especially on the left, are actually this fucking retarded...

All these sick fucks involved in the kidnapping of this child should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Palestine is being invaded by people that were never there in the first place...

Taking care of business! Fuck these protesters!

That's how you do it! I would have finished the job and put one in his head, too...

When you "empower" women, they literally choose to be whores...

HAHAHA!!! Fucking faggot Vancouver, BC Canadians! Roonn those phuckers over and 5h00t or 5t@b or 5pr@y 36% ayche2oh2 in the eyes of any c0p that tries to @rrest you!


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