The Richie Allen Show Thursday January 25th 2018 Two guests who need very little introduction join me tonight. I welcome back the terrific journalist Michael Rivero from and the legendary publisher of The Trends Journal, Gerald Celente. visit and subscribe to The Trends Journal. Do support YOUR Richie Allen Show by donating at

The Richie Allen Show Thursday January 4th 2018. I'm joined tonight by the brilliant journalist and broadcaster Stephen Lendman. We'll be chatting about Michael Wolff's sensational new book about the Donald Trump presidency and more. And I welcome Barbara Honegger to the show. Barbara has served in high-level positions in the U.S. Government, including White House Policy Analyst, Special Assistant to the Assistant to the President, and Director of the Attorney General’s Gender Discrimination Law Review at the Dept. of Justice, where she was the highest-ranking official for women’s rights in the federal government. She is the author of the terrific "October Surprise" which lays bare the hidden truth of the Iran/Contra scandal. Barbara researched, wrote and produced the 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour which uses actual exhibit items in the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero itself, to prove that the official of 9/11 is a lie. Support YOUR show by donating at
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>The Richie Allen Show January 10th 2018 I'm joined by former British Olympic sprinter Allyn Condon. Allyn will be chatting about his family's fight for justice for his son Ben, who died in April 2015 aged just eight weeks. Last October, over two years after Ben's death, Bristol Children's Hospital acknowledged there had been "failings" that had contributed to Ben's death. Ben's dad Allyn, had been campaigning outside the hospital and always believed that the hospital had worked to cover up what happened to baby Ben. This is a must listen. Don't miss it. And Wayne Madsen returns to The Richie Allen Show. Wayne will be chatting about "Maria" a woman who alleges she was sodomized and raped (at the age of 12) along with at least one other underage girl by Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein at Epstein’s midtown Manhattan townhouse in 1993. Maria was kidnapped on March 20, 1993, when she was 11-years old from the front of Nash’s Pizza in Waterbury. Wayne Madsen believes that the girl's kidnappers were involved in a child trafficking ring that provided abductees to wealthy individuals like Trump and Epstein in Manhattan. Support the show by donating at

Richie is joined by the wonderful Mark Bajerski. Mark Bajerski is an international speaker, author, spiritual teacher and the founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Affectionately known as “The Healer of Hearts”, Mark has practiced and developed a unique Pure Energy Healing method helping tens of thousands of people to heal themselves and overcome various life challenges. In fascinating and must listen to chat with Richie, Mark talks about the mysterious and wondrous crystal Moldavite and how he uses it to heal. Moldavite came to earth in a meteorite strike in Germany 15 million years ago. Mark also talks about dealing with stress, Reiki, Why we are really here and much more. Plus a full news round up by Richie. Support YOUR Richie Allen Show by donating at

Richie rounds up Thursdays biggest news stories. He has an astonishing report on SKY News Diplomatic Editor Dominic Waghorn. Two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman this morning and Waghorn actually said on SKY, that this might be a false flag attack, carried out to blame Iran! You couldn't make it up. Richie also reports on the Jo Brand saga. UK comedienne Jo Brand is under fire after joking about throwing battery acid at politicians on the right. There's also news of a Colorado based baker, a devout Christian, who is being sued by a Transgender woman, because he wouldn't bake a trans themed cake. Support YOUR show by donating at

Sunday View. There is a lot of coverage in today's papers of Fridays terrorist attack on London Bridge. Richie provides analysis of what we know so far and shames the UK media for not asking some pretty obvious questions about the attacker, his background and associations. Don't miss.

Richie is joined by legendary CIA officer Ray McGovern and Sussex University Professor Kees van der Pijl. Why have US and UK journalists abandoned Julian Assange? Why have national newspapers, who sold so many papers on the back of Wikileaks revelations left Assange to rot? Ray McGovern discusses this with Richie. They also chat about the Ukraine-Russian naval escalation over Crimea and much more. Kees van der Pijl is a political scientist who is emeritus professor of international relations at the University of Sussex. Kees explains to Richie why he believes Israeli agents were behind the demolition of the twin towers on 9/11. They also chat about the post 9/11 media landscape, the death of investigative journalism, academic freedom, Russia/Ukraine and more. This is unmissable. Support your show by donating at

The Richie Allen Show Wednesday August 28th 2019

Richie is joined by the brilliant Jordan Maxwell. Mind-blowing stuff this. Jordan talks about The Philadelphia Experiment and connects it to Ancient Astronauts in Egypt. He also explores Cryptozoology and the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot and the chupacabra and then links that to the ancient Gods and extraterrestrials. This is unmissable. Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three-and-a-half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America's oldest Freethought Journal. His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world. Visit

Richie is joined by Chuck Ochelli and Dr. Rima Laibow MD Chuck Ochelli is a top guy and terrific broadcaster. Check out The Ochelli Effect at Chuck and Richie discuss the Jeffrey Epstein case, Epstein's relationships with the rich and famous and the possibility that he might have been an intelligence asset, who was used to blackmail politicians and business leaders. Dr. Rima Laibow MD is a truly courageous woman. Rima discusses evidence that points to an increase in cervical cancer among girls who have had the HPV vaccine. This is dynamite. Rima discusses UN Agenda 2030, depopulation, male fertility rates falling and much more. This is unmissable. Support YOUR Richie Allen Show by donating at

After a busy news round-up Richie took calls from listeners and as usual the callers didn't disappoint. Support YOUR show by donating at

Sam Hill is a survivor of child sex abuse and the author of a book called "An Oath To Hell." Sam was abused at VIP paedophile parties by one of her abusers, a doctor and his wife, who were neighbours. When she confronted her abusers aged 16, Sam was kidannped and taken to a psychiatric hospital where she was tortured using ECT and told to forget what had happened to her. She gave the police an abundance of evidence to prove that this happened, proof that she was held at the hospital and witness statements to corroborate her story. However, the police inexplicably dropped the investigation. Sam joins Richie to talk about the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse and why it has dropped out of media focus during the general election campaign. She also discusses identity politics and a new book she is writing on Perversity Culture

September 28, 2007, Graham Hancock, who discussed lost Ancient Civilizations and the importance of exploring our own consciousness

Richie catches SKY News running a shameless infomercial for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). SKY ran a report all day Monday September 16th, which talked about a Meningitis Research Foundation survey, that found that people in the UK were uninformed about the dangers of Meningitis and that vaccine uptake was on the decline. In fact the survey was only commissioned by MRF and was in fact carried out by GSK, something the SKY presenters seemed very reluctant to share with their viewers. This is a must listen! Share far and wide!

Richie welcomes Michael Rivero back to the show! Michael is the host of the brilliant What Really Happened Radio Show. Michael runs through the biggest stories of the day including, the beginning of the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump. Michael also discusses the Israeli strikes on Gaza, the Palestinian retaliation and speculates as to what will happen next. Plus much more. In the second hour, Richie takes calls from listeners across the UK on a wide variety of subjects. John from Wales calls with shocking news that his local authority has begun to place microchips on household food bins there! Caller Dean from Sheffield reads out a terrific original poem about Climate Change and Greta Thunberg!

Richie dissects the BBC's Saturday night interview with Prince Andrew, where he was questioned about allegations surrounding his relationship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the abuse of underage girls. The Duke of York has "categorically" denied having any sexual contact with an American woman, who says she was forced to have sex with him aged 17. Answering questions about his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in a BBC interview, Prince Andrew said the alleged incidents "never happened". Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's accusers, claimed she was forced to have sex with the prince three times. The prince said he was at home with his children on one of the occas

Richie opens the phone lines to the show every second Thursday. The phone-ins are incredible. Callers drop in from all over the world. Today, Richie's guests chat about the nature of reality, gatekeepers in the UK media, Brexit betrayal, teaching 5 years olds about masturbation in schools, the terrible treatment of the mentally ill and much more. Support the show by donating at

Richie is joined by Jonathan Royle and Tommy Sheridan. Renowned hypnotherapist, author and television personality Jonathan Royle joins Richie to talk about the war on the minds of our children. Jonathan discusses trial by social media, sex education for 5 year-olds, the gender agenda, the Greta Thunberg phenomenon and explains the psychological effects experienced by youngsters and why he has come to believe that it is not coincidental or a result of bad policy. And the politician and broadcast journalist Tommy Sheridan joins the show. Tommy discusses the October 31st Brexit deadline, the prospect of a general election and the effect this will have on the campaign for a 2nd independence referendum in Scotland. Tommy also analyses Labour's plans to abolish private schools if they were to win the next election.

Richie flew solo today but brought us an action packed hour of news analysis unilke anything else on UK media today! He discusses White Privilege, the impeachment inquiry facing US President Donald Trump, dreadfully unprofessional conduct by Sky NEWS anchor Kay Burley, the political analysis of Robert de Niro and much more. Support YOUR show by donating at

As Richie calls it "Car Crash Streaming" but, in my opinion still entertaining and informative.
Please visit and support the show if you can. Thank you.

Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and presents the highlights from the MSM Sunday talk shows. Support YOUR Richie Allen Show by donating at

Richie provides analysis of the days biggest news stories. Today he discusses Extinction Rebellions latest stunt and asks why UK police forces are not arresting and charging the Climate Change protesters. He also looks at the latest in the Brexit never-ending story, Scotland's politicians have just banned the smacking of children, SKY's Kay Burley and her unique approach to interviewing guests and much more. Support YOUR show by donating at

Sunday View October 6th 2019 Richie reviews the UK's Sunday Papers and brings you the best outtakes from the country's morning news shows. Today Richie asks an important question. Why hasn't Extinction Rebellion, the climate change protest group, been designated as a terrorist organisation? He also talks gender-neutral toilets in primary schools and the negative effect it is having on girls, Britain's Got Talent, mental health and much more.

Richie is joined by Dr. Robin Kelly. Devonshire officials have halted the installation of the 5G network after campaigners demanded further research into its effects on health. 5G is supposed to enable the fastest speeds and most reliable connections. However, the campaigners in Totnes, Devon, claim that it is a serious health hazard. To discuss this, Richie is joined by Dr. Robin Kelly. Robin is a GP who has, for the 30 years, integrated Western, Eastern and modern mindbody concepts within his medical practice in Auckland, New Zealand. Since the 90's his overriding interest has been in researching the roles consciousness and quantum theory play in the deep healing process. Robin has written several books including: "The Human Hologram: Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field." Plus Richie rounds up the days news in his inimitable and humorous style. Support The Richie Allen Show by donating at

Richie is joined by Stephen Lendman and Hayden Hewitt. President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy Turkey's economy if the country goes "off limits" following his surprise decision to pull US forces out of north-eastern Syria. In a series of angry tweets, Mr Trump defended his move, which could open the way for Turkey to launch an attack on Kurdish fighters across the border. The withdrawal was heavily criticized even by Mr Trump's Republican allies. So is the US really pulling out of Syria. The brilliant journalist Stephen Lendman joins Richie from Chicago to discuss. New research on a small cohort of mice has suggested that long-term exposure to vaping liquids that contain nicotine could increase the risk of cancer. In the US last month, the CDC advised people to stop using vaping products, or e-cigarettes, regardless of whether they contain nicotine or marijuana. Some US states, most recently Massachusetts, have moved to ban vaping altogether until its health effects are better understood. Last month President Donald Trump said vaping was a "new problem", especially for children. Broadcaster and co-founder of Hayden Hewitt joins Richie to discuss this. Is there a sinister motive behind the all out attack on vaping? After all, nearly half a million people die from smoking each year in the US right? For more on Hayden go to

>Richie is joined by Dr. Chris Busby and Deborah Tavares. Chris Busby serves as the scientific secretary of the European Committee on non-ionising radiation risk. He's a preeminent researcher in the field of ionising radiation. In a recent thought-provoking YouTube video, Chris discussed how progress disturbs economic equilibria in such a way as to take money from the poor and hand it to the rich. He compares this to the Tragedy of the Commons (Garrett Harding) an influential economics and philosophical scam used in the 60's to justify stealing common land. The problem is the flooding of the closed system of total value with Bank created money which increases the value of property and defrauds those without property. Chris discusses this with Richie. And Deborah Tavares returns to the show. Deborah uses her website and her YouTube channel, to reveal documents that prove that there is a global agenda to transform society on every level, through mass technological disruption and weather warfare. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is cutting electricity to around 800,000 homes, businesses and other locations in Northern California, in an attempt to prevent wildfires. Large swathes of the San Francisco Bay Area - though not the city itself - have lost power, angering residents. Deborah does not believe the move to blackout is to prevent wildfires, but rather it's a part of the Global Climate Action Plan, which she believes is meant to transform human civilisation on Planet Earth but not for our good. Don't miss this.


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