Tired of sleeping too peacefully? Does your city seem too safe? Never fear Demonrats are here!

Don't buy the hype.

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#MAGA is not going anywhere. #Beijing Biden's Asterisk presidency will have many consequences and I think many will be unforeseen ones. It's okay to be upset, it's not okay to QUIT!

Here is a post linking several different site one is trying to list companies for boycotts, the others are informative.

#Antifa Changing Into #MAGA Gear at #DC #Trump #FalseFlag

"Remember kids, you're crazy for thinking that Antifa started any type of trouble at the Capitol Building."

"Even though they're right here changing into MAGA gear."


2021 is a #political shitshow but that is no excuse for NOT focusing on important things in your own life. You cannot help others without helping yourself and those close to you. Work out, try out for a new job, learn something(s) new about yourself and the world. Do not give up. Do not fail.

I am not a Q person but I can see plainly blaming "Q-Tards" is the result of a psyop based on a FUCKING TWEET. Stop blaming people in the community and FOCUS on the real bad actors!

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America Will Still Be Here In Four Years IF WE FIGHT FOR HER.

We have our work cut out for us. Don't give up now the fight has really begun! We will be here waiting for your return if you take a breather.

1. Lawsuits to remove voting machines from the elections. They are not necessary and have been shown to be corruptible.

2. As mentioned in an earlier vid: Local and State level elections. The Legislatures also need to TAKE THEIR POWER back from the Governors and Secretaries of State.

3. And of course vote the RINOs into oblivion.

There's a way. We just need the heroes.

I know people are feeling all sorts of negative emotions about what is going on, and not just in America but the West. Those negative emotions are what these "people" INTENDED.

There is support out there for BASED conservatives, we have the support, we need the leaders!

Be very careful what you say online because inciting violence is NOT protected under the 1st Amendment, it is how the SLPC destroyed a neo-nazi financially because they argued rightfully his speeches were "inspiring" attacks on minorities. Also do not attend any rallies that you did not hear about from Trump or his campaign directly.

People need to realize that they are not alone, there are many who have been gaslit and now live in fear. Part of that fear is having no one to share their concerns with. Another issue is the censorship on social media. Thank god for Gab. And apologies for the congestion.

First day of the #laptopfromhell drop Bannon warned that more would be coming that would disprove any lies to deflect.


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Just another brick in the wall. With GabTV finally coming out I've decided to shitpost to Bitchute and GabTV. It'll be light commentary or opinions at first before things get ramped up. Stay safe out there.

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