IF it were NOT filmed NO ONE would Believe it !! News August 2019 Turkey Flood

Or Can you ? Some of these videos are truly hard to unsee - Real Ghost caught on cam, Mysterious place in the Himalaya with a scary story, Real magic caught on cam , Man pets alligator , unbelievable weather and mind blowing videos.

đź“Ś 12 Minutes Of Mind Blowing Videos That Will Leave You Baffled : Strange and unexplained lights in the sky, A never before seen storm that isn't a storm, A Man that says he can power a TV set with no electricity, Scary Shadow people caught on cam and more mind blowing videos !

Something scary caught on cam In Brazil : The Sky Goes Dark , Weather gone crazy all over the world, creepy creature caught on cam, paranormal activity and more mind blowing and viral videos !

Holographic Disclosure 10 The Sacrifice Energy 360p

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Though many feel it best to not "live" in the past and be only in the present, we'll examine the benefit of the "past." How we can grow and transform by using reflection and memory AND by acknowledging the possibility of simultaneous time.

Where we tame the untamed political jungle by interviewing luminaries informally.

The Road To Civil War - As I Predicted Long Ago - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

The Legion - Building Jewish Warriors

In the wake of Pittsburgh massacre, some members of the Jewish community are turning to firearms training. At places like Pennsylvania's Cherev Gidon Israeli Tactical Defense Academy, they are learning to shoot pistols and assault rifles, which they believe would prevent such incidents.
Eleven people were killed last week in the mass shooting at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, which the Anti-Defamation League dubbed the worst attack against the Jewish community in U.S. history. Many others feel “fighting fire with fire” is not the best strategy to prevent another tragedy

They torture children & drink their adrenalised blood.
... if you can believe that...
Some families "breed" children for the purpose of abuse.
Robert David Steele. Impeccable credentials.
If not for this video, AN would still be scoffing at Adrenochrome stories...

Kevin Shipp lays out in detail the structure of the Shadow Government/Deep State and the corrupt officials involved.

Amateur photographer captures stunning video of Jupiter being smacked. What's most mysterious , leaves no traces ! What was this unknown object? San Andreas fault is being monitored by a Plane and no one knows exactly why, subscriber catches mysterious and unknown object on cam during thunderstorm, animals acting weird and more Mind blowing videos sent by subscribers.

Are we alone in the universe ? Mind blowing videos that will make you question our reality. Is it possible that somehow the cave systems we have could lead to an "inner" world as presented in some cultures ?

Some Things Are Better Left Unexplained...

Imam Mehdi ka Zuhoor - Shaykh Maqsoodul Hasan Faizi


Two Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopters rescued civilians from flood-stuck areas of Gujarat’s Surat. The operation was carried out in Lahura and Kosadi village of Mangarol Taluka. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams are also deployed in the state to carry to rescue locals. Incessant rains have resulted in swelled up rivers causing flood-like situation across the state.

The US Defense Secretary's week-long tour of Asia began with an in-flight which is likely to anger China.24 hours after Washington ripped up the 32 year old Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty, Mark Esper said he's keen to quickly deploy new missiles in AsiaSOT MARK ESPER, US Defense Secretary"Yes, I would like to, but let's be clear, I'm talking about conventional weapons, INF range /// I don't see an arms race happening. I do see us taking proactive measures to develop a capability that we need for both the European theater and certainly this theater, the INDOPACOM theater"Esper did not specify where exactly in Asia he was thinking about placing such ground launched missiles, but he said he'd like to see a deployment happen in 'months' rather than 'years'.The United States formally quit the INF Treaty it held with Russia on Friday, accusing Moscow of repeatedly violating the text. The Kremlin denies the accusation but the Pentagon chief is still pointing the finger of blameSOT MARK ESPER, US Defense Secretary"It's the Russians who have developed noncompliant likely, possibly, nuclear tipped weapon // We need to now develop defensive capabilities to make sure we can deal with a Russian threat of cruise missiles wherever they may appear"With the arms control treaty now in tatters, President Trump has already spoken with officials in Russia and China about a new nuclear which he says they are both 'very, very excited about'.

In this round table discussion, SSP whistle blowers Elena, Penny Bradley, Lindsey Hooper, and James Rink explore their experiences in the Secret Space Program, Dark Fleet, Solar Warden, the SSP alliance, ICC, and much more. Learn more about cyborgs, reaging sickness, milab abductions, life on mars and off world, and what we can do to bring about disclosure.

Heavy Rain In Hyderabad, Flood Water On Roads | Reservoirs Filled With Flood Water | V6 News


BAKRID CO-ORDINATION MEETING,SALARJUNG MUSEUM: In view of upcoming Bakrid festival, a coordination meeting along with all department officials & Ulemas was organized at Salarjung museum on behalf of Hyderabad city police in which City police Commissioner Sri.Anjani kumar IPS attended as chief guest along with Add.DGP Smt.Shikha goel IPS,Add.CP l&O Sri.D.S.Chowhan IPS,Jt.CP SB Sri.Tarun joshi IPS,Southzone DCP Sri.Amber kishore jha IPS,DCP westzone Sri.A.R.Srinivas IPS,DCP Traffic Sri.K.Babu rao,Add.DCP taskforce Sri.S.Chaitanya kumar & other police officers.......Muslim community ulemas Moulana Qubool pasha quadri shuttari,Moulana Murtuza pasha quadri,Moulana Jaffer pasha,Moulana Hafeez muzaffar Hussain Bandanawazi, Moulana Abdul mogni mazahari attended the meeting......GHMC officials too attended the meeting......Speaking to media on this occasion City police Commissioner Sri.Anjani kumar said,Hyderabad city police in coordinating with ghmc & other departments is all set to go for bakrid arrangements.......Special teams of ghmc will be deployed to lift the animal wastage & appealed public to cooperate with them......Further CP Hyderabad Sri.Anjani kumar IPS said,Hyderabad city is the safest city in india & foreign companies are showing interest for investment in Hyderabad because of Safety & security and maintenance of law & order in the city......CP Hyderabad appealed muslims to celebrate the festival with joy......ACP' of southzone Sri.B.Anand,Sri.Anjaiah,Sri.Shivram sharma & Sri.M.A.Rasheed too were present on this occassion......reported by Abdul qayyum

Cattle Market Zaheerabad | Special Report on Cattle Markets Was Down Because of Rss And Bjp,VHP Supporters, In This Eid None Publice Was Not Intrested in Cattle Because of Present Situation of The Country.


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