I present the argument that Adolf Hitler is a O.Q. Original Q. We compare 1941 Germany to 2021 America’s Q movement. Will the American people end up just like the German people? 80 Years later the war is being fought again.

A discussion about the spiritual announcement a vaccination against humanity and the evil promoters of the agenda

I talk about LeBron James and others who use Luciferian and Satanic inverted black magic hand Symbolism. We discuss it origin and a positive use of these Mudras

We take a look at Genesis and ask the question is man a God or a cocreator God within the cosmic soup And how do we discover this aspect of the human

They can do it.....why can’t we?

A discussion about our soldiers PTSD and possession in the ranks is it real and if so what can be done about it.
I have had personal accounts of working with soldiers with these exact conditions and Share some insight of what’s really going on here.

A quick discussion about why ancestral prayer is important and why it’s more important to pass this tradition to our children

A discussion on whether Donald Trump used the spiritual announcement to call the backbone of America to Washington DC and then set them up for prosecution and Abandon them.

A look at shadow work from its origin of the Shamanic tradition and a discussion about the energetic and print and this thing we call soul retrieval.

Clearing up some of the Fifth dimension Delusions discussing what’s more important than fifth dimension and answering the question are there people already prepared for the fifth dimension

A quick discussion about the primary function of the shaman and a quick look at this Natural Process we call death.

Discussing the power of the spiritual announcement and the use of this slogan and why this particular slogan is aimed at the backbone of America.

We’re going to discuss disinformation platforms and how these disinformation operatives use the power of the announcement to deceive and miss lead those who followed these platforms

A discussion about the path of shamanism the shaman The pseudo-shaman and the live action role-playing shaman.

A discussion about facemasks the use of the announcement and how the face mask mandate will fail

A discussion about different types of prayer the power of prayer and whether or not prayer is a component in the Ascension process

A discussion about the power of the announcement and how they used it against us to try to usher in a new era of black magic

A description of how they use the announcement a voter fraud against America and America’s response

A discussion about ascension how for us to use some of the tools we have at our disposal to help us and some of the myths associated with the ascension topic

A discussion about the natural law of the calling how it works and how we can use it as a community

A discussion about the natural law and the power I've been calling and how it works

A discussion and demonstration on how the spiritual laws are used against us as weapons and cause us to submit our free will

A closer look at the announcement and how the game is played on planet Earth and does God intervene?

A discussion into the power of the announcement and how it really works and how it affects Humanity

A quick look at family, community Karma National Karma and group Karma


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