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Rumble — We recorded this last night (the night before the fake inauguration) KNOWING that there is all kinds of reasons to expect this would be a difficult time for patriots. So many people are afraid and we understand that, but walk through this with us and you will see that WE HAVE NOT LOST. We are still in the middle of the "war." And we have already won. Be of good cheer. Keep your vibrations HIGH. Our military leaders are NOT going to allow us to lose our great nation! There's been a plan in place and it's still in play. Watch this video to gain some perspective!

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Admiral Angelis AKA Viking Jake AKA QAnon Shaman AKA
YellowstoneWolfAZ Published November 23, 2020

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P.O. Box 6300, Florence, AZ 85132

Austin Steinbart is an American IT specialist, investigator and independent contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency. His focus for the past 6 years has been to compile a comprehensive set of evidence to expose what he has labeled as a global “syndicate” of corrupt actors who, in part, work in concert with the CIA and FBI to perpetrate and cover up crimes, respectively. His investigation, labeled the “Amorphous Archive”, was stored on the servers of a data-backup and cybersecurity company called Datto, which has been implicated in the illegal erasure of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

For unknown reasons and without warning, Datto removed Steinbart’s access to the “Amorphous Archive”, effectively stealing their client’s information and breaking a contractual agreement with Steinbart to host his information. When a campaign of constitutionally-protected public activism was organized, as a means of putting pressure on Datto to reverse their unlawful decision, the corporation’s lawyers contacted the FBI claiming they were the victim of a crime of extortion.

Subsequent actions against Steinbart also remain entirely unclear, as the FBI decided to raid his home with a dozen combat-ready officers, taking with them, among many items, all of his electronic devices and arresting Steinbart in the process. Thus began a 6 month cycle of Steinbart being arrested and imprisoned multiple times for allegedly violating the conditions of this pre-trail release while he waited for an arraignment date from the court. He is currently in federal prison and can be reached through correspondence as Inmate #35841508, P.O. Box 6300, Florence, AZ 85132.



Who has more power? Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg or the president of the United States?


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All mirrored videos, many from taken down Youtube channels. Just spreading truth. All kudos to creators. Special nod to The Baron of Arizona who created many of the uploads here. Also keep your eye out for Austin Steinbart and American Prophet and others mirrored on this channel.