Shana CrimsonFlame


Music: Two Breaths Walking

Model: Gamania's Bright Shadow (put into MMD by me Shana CrimsonFlame)

Scene: - Ripper: Shiruhane - Greatly contributor: chrrox

Motion: ureshiiiiii

Roll Caskett from MegaMan Legends

Roll Caskett Model By タイル40号

Motion by ureshiiiiii

Roll from MegaMan Legends

Music: Glassy Sky

Model: Roll Caskett by タイル40号

Motion by ureshiiiiii

I did not create this video, I just found it on youtube and was blocked for some countries, so I'm uploading it here.

November 5th was a sad day for Bright Shadow S. Our most trusted and helpful GM Melody will no longer be a GM for Bright Shadow S. I wont be sharing the details why, and will let Melody share what she wants with whom she wants. Her departure struck my feelings, and I just had to make a video about it. We love you Melody and wish you a happy long loving life.

Also remember that if you need support or want to talk with the rest of the BSS community you can do so by going to our Discord at:

Song by: Tiara

MMD model by: yhck2


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