Craig Kelly, independent Australian politician, finds the right words against this medical apartheid system that is being set up in Australia as in many other countries around the world.

"This should outrage each and every one of us!"

Crimes Against Humanity - they will not be able to continue this sick game for much longer.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an experienced trial lawyer licensed in Germany and California (USA) and co-founder of the ‚ě• Corona Investigative Committee, summarizes the Committee's findings to date and reviews the current status.

"If I had been told this a year ago, I would not have considered it to be possible. Now, after questioning hundreds of experts, it is clear beyond doubt and provable: at no time was it about health."

RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to channel here:

Just say no. All over the world hundreds of thousands of people are suffering adverse reactions and dying as a result of Covid-19 injections. There are very effective treatments such as Ivermectin being suppressed by big pharma. Don't give into political pressure and coercion.

They want to control every aspect of people's lives. Dependence on the state.

This video (Produced by Ryland Media) will present the views & concerns of prominent Irish doctors in relation to the administration of the Covid-19 Vaccine in children. Please watch and share.

Dr Pierre Kory tells Pat Kenny he believes the pharmaceutical giants are responsible for denying the use of ivermectin in treating Covid-19

Dr Charles Hoffe, a family doctor from lytton, British Columbia, is no longer willing to he silent about his concerns regarding the mRNA injection.

After just 900 people in Lytton were vaccinated with the shot, Dr Hoffe observed numerous concerning allergic reactions and neurological side effects from the vaccine, with the most concerning reactions occuring in the first Nations patients.

As any good Doctor would do after administering a new treatment that may have unexpected harmful side effects, Dr. Hoffe began to share his findings with other medical professionals only to be chastised for creating vaccine hesitancy.

Focused on his oath to his patients rather than the fear of being punished for raising such concerns Dr. Hoffe wrote an open letter to B.C. Provincial Health officer, Dr Bonnie Henry

(please process and make your mind up for Yourself )
Dr. Bhakdi explains clearly, based on New scientific evidence which has emerged, why he believes the following ;

(1) Your immune system is your best defence.

(2) If you have been infected, even if you experienced no symptoms at all, you are immune to all variants.

(3) We have already reached herd immunity.

(4) There is no scientific reason to continue with this. There is simply no benefit and the rollout must end.

The experimental Covid injections will result in children dying.

Mark Sexton has visited the police to report the government for murder and crimes against humanity.

Mainstream Interview with Ivor Cummins

Dr. Rema Lalbow & Governor Jesse Ventura December 30th 2009

Ireland the longest locked down country in Europe. Ben Gilroy makes a criminal complaint with evidence of falsified Covid death numbers.

Deadly mRNA vaccines, 8th March 21

Leaked Emails

Conspiracy 2001. WW2 DocMovie.

Dublin 1965

STATEMENT from Ben Gilroy outside HSE Community Nursing Unit in Lusk Co. Dublin. Please share!

James Corbett with Professor Delores Cahill

The accuracy of PCR tests

"The PCR test should be trashed immediately, worldwide, and it should be considered a criminal act for anyone to be sent to quarantine because this test was positive"

Says Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, one of the most cited research scientists in German history . . .

Medical experts speaking out against the world wide lunacy that's currently taking place.

The inaccurate PCR Tests


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