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Labor - Happy to take away your diesel or petrol car, but will use a diesel powered billboard. Hypocrite, double hypocrite!

Islamic Facebook account names reacting to the burning down of Notre Dame cathedral with a laughing emoji. Source:

Who can beat this? I got my electricity meter going really fast during EarthHour aka North Korea Hour. I did this in protest of the climate change scam which is used to redistribute wealth.

[Please seed Bitchute videos by clicking on the magnet icon] [Edit: The Tommy Robinson Bitchute channel has resumed uploading new content. Please go to and subscribe and seed his videos] What a year 2018 was, for the good and the bad. I thought I would give a recap of some key moments.

I wouldn't change anything that's happened in my life, each bad thing that's happened helps define your character. I feel like I've done my apprenticeship in politics, street movements and media. I'm now better prepared than ever and ready to take it to the next level in 2019.

Support my work: [Summary of the amazing and unbelievable events surrounding Tommy Robinson in 2018.
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Introducing Aisha (aka "Halalexa"), Amazon's new Sharia-compliant, fully Halal edition of Alexa! This is the ONLY version of the Amazon Echo that Muhammad would approve of! Just in time for Christmas! [Reuploaded from Acts17Apologetics because it will probably get deleted by YouTube… Please seed videos by clicking on the magnet icon (requires Brave browser or WebTorrent)]

Please support Bitchute by seeding videos by clicking on the magnet icon (in Brave browser/Webtorrent). Dinner For One street performance in Sandgate Australia. This was part of the Sandgate Christmas festival on December 7, 2018. Based on the old television performance traditionally played every New Years Eve on German television up to this day. To view the original, search for it by name.

Please seed Bitchute videos by clicking on the magnet icon. A man walks into a bank in a burka unchallenged before surprising everyone.
Watch this Australian bank ban a woman from wearing a motorbike helmet but allow a MAN in a burka.
Australian Liberty Alliance, Avi Yemini, Debbie Robinson

Please support Bitchute by seeding videos by clicking on the magnet icon (in Brave browser/WebTorrent). Channel 9 Australia and Ray Martin investigate the radiowave cancer treatment which has remarkable results.

Maiden speech by Queensland Senator Fraser Anning. Following the disqualification of Malcolm Roberts, Anning was declared elected after a special recount. Chosen as a One Nation member, Anning first sat as an independent but now represents Katter's Australia Party. Video backed up from the "Malcolm Farnsworth" channel on YouTube. [Did Anning's speech really promote racist policy? Or was his choice of words just sloppy?]

Tommy Robinson speaks at Oxford Union about his experiences of Islamic immigration in his home town of Luton. He speaks about the English Defence League which he founded and how he lost the battle to keep the Nazis out before leaving the group altogether. He speaks about the fake news about him in the Establishment Media and his persecution from authorities who want him to stop talking.

Tommy Robinson Q&A after his speech at Oxford Union

Tommy Robinson #FreeTommy
Video taken from CBN News which was uploaded to YouTube in 2013. Tommy explains his battle with exposing organised Muslim paedophile rape gangs, his battle against Nazi infiltration of the English Defence League which he founded and his battle against the establishment who are trying to shut him up and cover up the news of Muslim rape gangs.

Protest against mandatory helmet laws in Australia. Pro freedom of choice, anti government over-regulation.


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