Remake of one of my oldass AMV’s on YouTube

Song: “Dear Mama” by 2Pac

Shoutout to memeking for choosing the thumbnail since my lazy ass couldn’t.

On this day, 25 years ago Neon Genesis Evangelion premiered in Tokyo TV and since has changed the entire medium of animation and the lives of those who watched it.

May your Yebisu be cold and ramen full of curry!

On fREIday night everything is poppin’

Song: “Friday” by Ice Cube

Remade my first Eva AMV for Bitchute

The beginning of the greatest television show of all time. Just for completion’s sake I uploaded episode 1 lol. All of the episodes are in the Netflix dub, because let’s be real: the ADV dub is kinda cringe and they got the translation all wrong.

Omedetou, Omedetou, Omedetou, Omedetou, Omedetou, Omedetou

Another phenomenal episode

Once again late series Eva delivers

Exposition done right

Magma Diver within fixed audio

Man this episode is good....anyway I’ll probably repulsed Magma Diver next, becuase the audio is all off, and I feel like I could’ve done a better job with the mixing.

So when I was editing the audio for Episode 18 I wondered: what would it be like if I put the song in 2.22 in with the NGE visuals? Here is the result

Hands down my favorite episode in the whole show.

The descent has officially begun. No going back

Such an underrated episode

Another of my favorite Eva episodes.


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