Sorry about the delay. I didn't realize Bitchute was no longer mirroring my YouTube videos. Ill look into this matter.

recording studio machine broke so I just decided to record this one at home. no construction today and the family is on a trip so I got time.

I'll hopefully be getting my next vid out within the next few days. sit tight.

Kept ya waiting, huh?

sorry about the 2 day late upload compared to youtube. bitchute was being weird a couple days ago and yesterday and then i forgot. my bad. anyway enjoy the terrible memes.



sorry about the delay posting this on Bitchute. i uploaded it and everything but it just didn't publish. must have messed up. my bad.


a bit of a different vid today. going off a couple articles i read recently.

sorry for the lack of uploads. college and work have been very busy. ill continue working on new vids. sit tight.
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