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Aging with Strength, Style & Grace

How we Look, Act, Speak & Think makes a LASTing impression and equally important fuels our healthy self-acceptance and esteem.

Makeup, Hairstyle and Wardrobe - are the visual components of a great presentation for any situation.
Vocal Power, Body Language and Essential Etiquette - round out the audio and visual aspects.
Inner Strength, Emotional Maturity and Spiritual Sturdiness - complete the package of who we are.

Being our best selves is simply the practice of redesigning our lives for where we are in the present, keeping the above essentials in the mix.

This channel is focused on these aspects. As a retired Master Makeup & Hair Artist, with a background in Transformational Psychotherapy and decades as a Justice Advocate, I've married these features together to share with you as we all continue to age in a healthy, positive and productive way.

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