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German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan of W.H.O.

Even the first 4 minutes of this brilliant documentary by Journeyman Productions preview here will break your heart and open your eyes. Please share.

If you understand that the medical/scientific industrial complex has invented diseases and their cures, nothing about cov19 will be surprising anymore.
Several informed experts express their own discovery of this in this short, engaging video. "The Truth about the drug companies" also on this channel, with inform you of the same thing.

Very informative and sound perspective. Learn and Share ASAP

Priority for humanity - small simple action.
Please sign and share ASAP the petition at:

America's Frontline Doctors

W.H.O. Technical Lead COVID-19 Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove explains that asymptomatic transmission is very, very rare. Which means putting face coverings on healthy people, closing businesses, staying home, staying six feet apart, avoiding gatherings, etc. is completely inappropriate, useless and unnecessary.

Originally broadcast by Bloomberg


Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove

"It was an organized effort"

Arturo D'Elia has asked for protection for his family as he comes forward. Affidavits and case infor were delievered to members of the U.S. legislature on the afternoon of January 6th, 2021.

Update: Thursday 1/14/21 - still no IG posts from Tiffany.
Update: Monday 12/28 It has been 15 days since her last IG post. 10 days since her injection. Her fb account was deleted on 12/19.
On 12/21 CHI hospital staged a fake appearance of Tiffany of the hospital. The only reasonable conclusion is that they are covering up her death. Here's a video that exposes the sham photo-op done at the hospital.

Update: Tuesday 12/22 It has been 9 days since her last IG post. 30.9k followers. 4 days since the injection. No word.
Update: Monday 12/21 It has been 8 days since Tiffany's last post on IG.
Despite having gained 23k followers on IG, she has not responded to any queries about her well being. There has been no public mention of her by fb friends and coworkers since the incident. We wish her family and friends the peace and company of God in these times.
Rumors spread that Tiffany Dover died as a result of the shot.
A fake youtube channel has been set up in her name on 12/19 - purporting to show that she is fine. Her fb page was up until 12/20. Actual Death records for Alabama are not public, so only family or attorneys have access. Search for this video here and on bitchute for updates.

12/20/2020 Update
We hope all is well with Tiffany. Questions have arisen because despite the thousands of followers asking if the injection made her sick, or worse. She has not appeared on her social media accounts to refute speculation that she may have died. Usually known to post publicly on a weekly basis, she has not posted since 12/13. Follow this video for daily updates on her condition as they become available.

you must replay 2:04 - 2:21 until you ****UNDERSTAND.****




David Martin with Brian Rose at London Real 2020

Thank you Willie Soon for the post!

I urge you to make no decisions about 9/11 unitl you have seen this presentation in two parts. Other compelling theories will fall away.


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