Playing around with #madonctl again.

Alt+U = Yank urls to clipboard
Alt+L = Show images with #feh
Alt+Y = Show videos with #mpv
Alt+B = Open webpage in #w3m

tl = translate-shell ( or AUR)

Window Manager = Bspwm
Terminal = Rxvt-unicode

Playing around with Translate shell (a command-line program that uses Google Translate) and how it can be used with the Mastodon social network using madonctl (a command-line client for Mastodon). Lastly I show RTV, a Reddit command-line client. Sorry for the low quality. It's the compression bitchute do. It is somewhat watchable so I will let it out.

Playing around with 'madonctl' which is a command-line client for the decentralized social network Mastodon.
Get it at:


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