Slowly stewed potatoes in a potato broth lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Great for a meal or side dish. Good for nausea.

Tender chicken breast seasoned w/ cumin & cajan spices, resting on a bed of pastaw/veggies

Step by step tutorial on how to make & use homemade dough/puff pastry

This video is a change. This is the story behind my catering business. How i used cooking to heal from a Narcissistic relationship.

Throw away scrap veggies and money no more. This tutorial show you a quick, easy yet tasty way of preparing your own sauces. Kick your dishes in high gear. Save money. And throw your scrap veggies away no more

Step by step tutorial on Italian mozzarella bread and on using different types of dough for recipes

This step by step tutorial on Swiss meringue shows you how to use different types of dough in recipes. Part 1

Thanking our supporters for their time & attention

Two step by step tutorials on roast beef w/mozzarella & mushroom toaster & fettuccini parmesan bowl

Chicken seasoned with a splash of lemon and a dash of paprika w/green string beans

Step by step tutorial on Rotisserie chicken and homemade stock

how to keep your meringue from falling or shrinking on pies

choc cake cream cheese icing w/pinwheels

rotisserie chicken potatoes veggies w/rice

this Easter favorite is classic. Lemon pie filling w/flaky crust

pork teriyaki bake w/white rice and fresh veggies


Delicious tender lamb roast, baked on fresh veggies served 3 different ways with leaven bread on Passover

Quick and Tasty Jewish Bread served hot and fresh

3 cheeses. Cheddar, cream cheese, mozzarella, fresh veggies and spices

Chicken breast, broccoli, shredded carrots, red peppers on a bed of lo mein noodles

2 recipes in one grilled chops rigatoni & breaded chops on a bed of chips

ground beef on a bed of Penne pasta special sauces and fresh veggies

fresh ground beef/worcestershire sauce and veggies on a bed of elbow past

old fashion choc chip cookies tutorial


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