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video of my family enjoying the holidays. Have a happy New Year

Getting you thru the holidays ❤️

Coming back strong 1

Coming back strong 1

Hi, friends. I'm Sherrie with borderlines, narcissists, and toxic people. You are not random for the narcissist. Find out their testing strategy. Please share. Others may not know about Narcissism but need help escaping.

Hi, friends I am Sherrie with borderlines, narcissists, and toxic people. This may be a bit sensitive, but the narcissist chooses their victims. It is never random. Please share, the Narc is on the move.

Narcissists refuse to accept accountability for anything. They sustain what we call Narcissistic injury, over the slightest accusation. Hi, I'm Sherrie with Borderlines, narcissists, and toxic people. Thanks for watching

Hi friends, I am Sherrie with Borderlines, narcissists, and toxic people. Seeking revenge on Narcissists is a dangerous idea. They thrive off negativity. Stay the beautiful person you are. They have the problem, not you. Love you guys. Please share with friends. Please help us help others.

Hi friends I am Sherrie with Borderlines, narcissists, and toxic people on youtube and I received a question regarding Narcs and God. thanks for watching.

Hi friends, I am Sherrie with "Borderlines Narcissists Toxic People," from Youtube. In my quest to inform others about the narcissists I am attempting to extend my reach. I am a 12th grade teacher ( Psychology major) thank you for watching.

Hi friends this is Sherrie from Sherrie Williams Borderlines Narcissists toxic people with another sit-down about depression stemming from the narc in childhood, or memories from the trauma. Thanks for watching

This is Sherrie with Borderlines Narcissist toxic people. Narcissists use other people to help them intimidate you

I'm Sherrie with Sherrie Williams borderlines, Narcissist, and toxic people. On my channel, we expose the Narcissist and manipulatively toxic people. I was in a 20yrs relationship with a Narc and have a narcissistic parent. They wear masks. Thank you for watching.

Hi friends thank you for watching

Hello friends thanks for watching, I'm Sherrie host of "Sherrie Williams Borderlines Narcissists & toxic people on Youtube, we expose the Narc. I'm having trouble posting on Bitchute, so forgive me if I repeat the post. Join us on Facebook or youtube for more information on the Narcissist.

Hello friends, thanks for watching, this is Sherrie and on my channel called "Sherrie Williams Borderlines Narcissist toxic people" we expose the Narcissist. I was evolved with a Narcissist for 20 yrs and needed 10 yrs of counseling to recover. Now I advocate for others. I'm having a hard time posting to Bitchute, but please feel free to join the conversation on youtube, facebook under Sherrie D Williams... Knowledge is Freedom

The narcissist can play dirty; even after you go no contact. Hi guys on my channel Sherrie Williams Borderlines Narcissist & toxic people, we expose the Narc. After majoring in Psychology I am posting again; also on Youtube, Rumble, and Bitchute

Hi, I'm Sherrie. Thank you for watching. After 20 years of Narcissistic abuse, I quit my job as a caterer to study Psychology. I also was raised in a Narcissistic home and my goal is to inform others about toxic people.

Cooking w/ Sherrie: Thank you for watching. tender filet butterflied center. served with a honey glaze over fried cabbage

Thank you for watching. Baked chicken in a honey glazed sauce with garlic onions carrots potatoes & rosemary. You'll want to invite some guests to show off this recipe.

Fresh blueberries, a dash of lime juice. One squeezed orange and some brown sugar. This cake is fun to make and very tasty

Thank you for watching. Hi my name is Sherrie and 20yrs I was with a psychopathic Narcissist. I survived. Hoovering is a manipulative tactic of the Narc to keep you on the hook. You can expect the Narcissist to "amp up" the pressure with these tactics. Parts 1 & 2

Hi I'm Sherrie and i was raised in a Narcissistic home and I married a psychopathic Narcissist. Hoover is when they try to suck you back into the relationship. If you refuse they sustain Narcs injury and they will try this.

Minced or Ground meat combo: ground chicken/pork (optional) mix. breadcrumbs parmesan cheese rolled into meatballs. A creamy parmesan sauce. garlic & onion seasoned linguine. Absolutely marvelous.


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Hello my name is Sherrie and I'm the owner of Panlasagn Catering. For nearly 20 yrs I've been showing people how to cook home cooked meals that's delecious & under 30 mins. I've published a book entitled Everdai Use and I'm working on my second Cooking To Heal: How cooking rescued me from a Narc. Odd yes, but true. Now I do both, food coach and inform others on the dangers of Narcissistic relationships. I was raised by a Narc and married one as well. The kitchen was my "safe space". Consequently, I've traded in my catering hat & returned to school, majoring in psychology. My posts keep you (my friends ) up to date on my new journey. Thank you or your support!