A farewell to Norman W., botanist extraordinaire, King of the Independent Service Providers.,

A close look at classical literature and the master of mind-altering substances.

When the boss tries to force you to have a good time.... and all hell breaks loose.

Contains clips stolen from the movie "Die Hard" as well as a bunch of other lifted content lifted which we don't own the rights to

Our answer to "I Need a Pinochet." Karaoke track to Rammstein's "Bück Dich" taken from "Karaoke Coast Creator" (
Used without permission. So sue me.

About "doing stuff" in factories.

A tribute to good old Uncle Fester. Follow his tips'n'tricks and wake'em up with a special delivery to the city water supply.

Actually "non-textile floor" - about work on the Airbus 380.

Ludwig had a harbour & they blew it right up – 1921 2,000 crispy critters were the result – but the party just begun / 1948 it’s raining parts of trains / under the blazing Rhineland sun / just 1 spark cargo went up in flames / why does Lu’hafen get all the fun? 1917 in Halifax – Mt. Blanc met the Imo kids Cap’n charge musta got the sack/1,600 got their asses lit 1948 in the town West, TX/SS Grand Camp went boom 2,000 tons on board were handled reckless / 581 met their doom – CHORUS: And all ‘cause of fertilizer: BUMSDÜNGER! 1916 in Faversham they got a real unpleasant surprise They felt it in Norwich and wondered why/the body parts rained from the sky / 2009 city of Toulouse / 29 victims had nothing to lose / The NH4 to the NO3 / 1,200 ain’t getting their houses back for free / CHORUS 1918 on the island of Jersey / Gillespie Company Something went boom in the artillery / 4,000 tons of nitrate set free / Thörl & Glückauf – 1914 / thanks to P.O.W. slavery / case of sabotage in the ammo factory / biggest boom in northern German history Don’t let your slaves get their hands on: BUMSDÜNGER! Bridge: When plant food makes a big boom/ ya know ya heard somebody say: The wheat fields gotta eat something/but there’s gotta be a better way! Oklahoma City 1995 / street sauce all over the pavement 158 kissed their asses goodbye/McVeigh tried to make a statement/and all with the help of AMMONIUM NITRATE! Make your perfect improvised explosive devices!

Hamburg's premier football club meets up with Deliverance and American History X

A tribute to the RPG from RAW Immersive Games, written by Ander Wood.

Check it out at

Based on the classic Eddie Murphy sketch on SNL. OUr first video to have been banned on YouTube, which is why it's here now 3:-)

The first song we ever wrote. Based on a tasty dish from the Fleetwood Diner in Ann Arbor - and tips for cooking the denizens of Earlham Hall 3rd floor.


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The band that does less with more - straight outta Hamburg.