A Metal Gear meme in 2019.. why not?

Anime: Domestic Kanojo(DomeXKano)

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Reggie thanks for all those wonderful years at Nintendo, bringing us the best games and technology Nintendo has to offer. Hearing that you are retiring leaves a hole in my heart but hey go play that Animal Crossing bud!
Okay That's all the time he's got, he better get to play Animal Crossing New Leaf on his Nintendo 3DS.

You see what happens Luma?!

Scene from The Big Lebowski.

Ahh That's Hot. YouTube Rewind was trash but at least Will Smith gave us this wonderful meme. And after all who wouldn't pip on that Sword Maiden Ass amirite.
Anime: Goblin Slayer.


Song:Rude Buster
Composed by Toby Fox

I had to do it lol. there will be there parts of this because I loved this format of meme. Smash Bros Ultimate is the best game ever.

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Her name is Mio she's a waifu sent by cyberlife.

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Woah 60 fps.
Ending 1 from Hinako Note.

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Pitohui goes Genkai Wo Koeru and becomes the Wombo Combo Mastah.

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Zero One doesn't get why she still here.

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Yeah so i posted a Love Live meme and got a copyright claim lel I not even going to appeal because yeah Bandai Owns that shit and I don't wanna a copyright strike to fuck my ass. MataNe minna~

Anime: Another
Song: King's Dead
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Ali-A intros Memes haha
Anime: Bible Black.
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Fortnite gae

Anime:Bible Black

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Hanamaru accidentally clicks on the clip This is America by Childish Gambino

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Anime:Youkoso Sukebe Elf.

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Futoshi is now the master of cucks.

Anime:Darling in the FranXX

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Nico Nii fellas. love live best
Korean cartoon.
haha GameCube memes.

Haha funny 2018 meme.
Anime is Shoujo Ramune.
hope a fucking SWAT team doesn't raid my house by tomorrow.

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It's over now my heart is broken and empty. Citrus was the greatest Yuri anime I've ever watched. I loved the story, loved the animation, loved the characters (EXCEPT Matsuri and Nina)
It was a great ride. Yuzu and Mei Bye Bye!
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No U.
Pewdiepie for views.
Smash 5 coming on this bitch but I have a Switch (glad It is on 3ds tho)


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