Everyone on the train ends up hating the Jewish man after he stalls the train for minutes looking for his "Jew Cap" (in his own words)...

You couldn't write this...



"All laws are discretionary."

Police unjustly arrest a UK woman in her home for daring to question the public prayer laws in her local park the previous day. She records everything. Orwellian scenes.

Julius Sello Malema, South African Member of Parliament and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters flirts with the idea of White genocide.

South Africa is hell on earth if you are a White farmer... Why isn't the MSM talking about this?

(8 min onwards is the highlight)

A very brave Evergreen College student describes being told she can't speak at meetings because she is white and being labelled a white supremacist by protesters.

"You were colonized by Europeans but you learnt nothing from them"

Barbara Learner Spectre calls for destruction of European Nations.

15th August 2018 - Muslim man tried to acid attack people inside a shop in Stratford, London. When he then pulled out a knife, several Polish men kicked his shit in. #BasedPoland

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explains how the Communists use ideological subversion to attack and weaken the west.


Europe definitely needs more Somalian astronauts.



(Credit to Shako on YT for making the video)



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