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Benjamin Freedman was a former high ranking Zionist Jew, who in 1961 exposed the hidden truth of the Balfour Declaration. Mr. Freedman also revealed why the United States entered World War I. Mr. Freedman explains that the Balfour Declaration was written in confusing language so that no one would understand what the agreement was actually about. When World War I began in 1914, German Jews secretly entered into an agreement with Great Britain by promising them victory over Germany. The agreement was that if Great Britain agreed to give the land of Palestine over to these German Jews, then these German treacherous Jews would get America into the war.

Keep in mind this was after these Jews were ran out of Russia and fled into Germany, where they were welcomed with open arms by German Christians. The Jews were allowed to live and freely practice their satanic Babylonian religion of Judaism. These same Jews double crossed the German Christians who were very friendly towards them despite their religion.

These Jewish refugee traitors backstabbed the German Christians influenced president Wilson to get America in the war, with the end goal of acquiring the rights to take over Palestine from the Palestinians who had been living there among Jews for centuries. We remind the reader that prior to the U.S. entering WWI, Great Britain was losing badly and was on the verge of defeat. But thanks to America, Britain would win the war. Mr. Freedman goes on to explain that Great Britain had no right to give Palestine to the Jews who represented the Kenite Rothschild Banking Family.

Many German Christians were killed over these Jewish wars (WWI and WWII), around seventy million over a seventy year period. That was more then the Jewish Holocaust in which six million jews were said to have been killed. The United Nations illegally allowed Rothschild to take over the land of Palestine.

This should not surprise us, when we consider that the Rothschild banking family are the founders of the United Nations. Many Christians believe that in May of 1948, when Israel illegally became a nation that this was the fulfillment of bible prophecy (Isa 24 and Isa 66) but this is a false teaching. The parable of (Isa 24) had to deal with the Babylonian Captivity and the return of Judah under the leadership of Nehemiah and Ezra to rebuild the temple wall and to build the second temple.

Satan's descendants which include the Rothschild, through different events made it seem as if these prophecies were being fulfilled for the first time, but truth is these prophecies had already been fulfilled with Nehemiah and Ezra. Now (Isa 66) has to deal exclusively with the end times

In fact, the temple that God rebukes in (Isa 66) is end time prophecy, and this will happen when the Jews finally build their temple, which Jews are calling Ezekiel's temple, but this Jewish temple has nothing to do with the Ezekiel temple of (Ezek 40).( Isa 66) also has to deal with the millennium and the eternity. Satan who is the Antichrist will sit in the Jewish temple proclaiming to be God as prophesied by Paul in (2Thess 2:3-4).

Satan and his minions have purposely distorted the history of the bible and prophecy to fit their Antichrist agenda. Neither the pope nor Obama are the Antichrist. We repeat the Antichrist is Satan. Jesus called satan "the son of perdition" in (Jn 17:12). This is because God condemned satan to death in (Eze 28:18). satan is called "the man of sin" and the "son of perdition", who will sit in the Jewish temple prophesied by Paul in (2Thess 2:3-4). Christianity's war is not against humanity, as Paul tells us in (Eph 6:12). God has Christians here to love and help bring mankind into the truth of Jesus Christ who is God in the Flesh (Jn 14:9). Jesus Christ loves all of mankind and wants to save them from satan and his evil lies (2Peter 3:9) and (Eze 18:21-32). Christianity's battle is against spiritual wickedness. essentially against satan and the other fallen angels. Satan hates all mankind because satan himself is scheduled to die for his rebellion and lies against God. Satan is also angry because God gave His own life to save mankind from death that satan purposely tried to cause by deceiving Eve in (Gen 3). Thank God for Jesus Christ. Amen!

Mr. Freedman also revealed that Jews are not Israelites. The Jews make up many different peoples, while the Anglo Saxons are the true biblical Israelites. Most Jews are descendants of Japheth and Ham. The Anglo Saxons are descendants of Israel/Jacob through Shem. Being of Semitic Hebrew descent alone does not make one an Israelite. Isaac alone does not make one an Israelite. Jacob later named Israel, his descendants are the Israelites who are Anglo Saxons (Gen 32:38). It must be emphasized thatJews are not of Anglo Saxon descent.


80 people squeezed onto it, the fishing trawler quickly pulled away. The migrant ship then started to slowly head toward the Italian island of Lampedusa

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"The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it." Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

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Muslims running riot on the streets of the UK. of course the MSM will never show you the fruits of diversity.

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South Africa. We have to fight back. The wont think twice about killing you. This for our very survival.

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"If it was an accident it was the best planned accident I have ever heard off.

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