In Germany a migrant tells an elderly lady: 'Germany not your country anymore, never forget that'.

He will be proved right.

WTF? Africans protesting against Salvini in Italy.

"Enough, enough Salvini!"

"Houses for everyone, work for everyone!"

"Punish Salvini, murderer!"

This is illegal in France but Muslims get away with breaking the law.

Wake up people. Bagel has infested your country with Kebab.

this is why we can't have nice things.

He we see the usual suspects show their peace and tolerance on the streets of Birmingham UK.

Removed by Jewtube so I have mirrored.

Here we see some doctors and engineers play a game with some friends.

Story about the delousing from an actual holohoax survivor. There were no gas chambers. There was no 6 million.

Who would win?

May 1st! The citizens and patriots of the right-wing movement "The Third Way" marched in huge numbers and under the sound of drums through #Plauen against #Merkel and the illegal immigration of migrants.

Here we see the 13% living up their statistics. People we need to learn to fight back.
We are in a war. They will kill you without thinking. These are not civilised people.

Why does this country get a pass for its ruthlessness? I'm sure it has nothing to do with its arms buying from the West and Israel.
If this was Russia or Syria the world would be up in arms. 104 killed this year so far.

Its a game of spot the white person. As you can see the British here are far out numbered by Muslims.

This is an invasion without weapons. Wake up.

Muslims are only 5.3% of the population.
Yet they feel they can act like this. Wake up.

This is an invasion. Wake up.

Keep pushing. Whites are nice until we're not.

When you complain about white cops and then get black cops.

We wish Papa Adolf a happy birthday.

Hell March of the Anime Nationalists.

He we see newly arriving Doctors and engineers to Spain. The enrichment these will bring will be huge.

We take back the Pride flag

The Pope is Anti-White and Anti-Christian. Watch as he refuses to let his people kiss his ring
but happily bows down to kiss the feet of Africans.

Join us

Guy wants even more power and control over the nations of Europe.

Join us

Remainers told us this was just a conspiracy and that there was not going to be an EU army. Looks like someone forgot to tell Mama Merkel.

Join us


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