Jewish Supremacists in Action. Man is jailed 18 months for "Rape by deception" for having consensual-sex with a Jewish woman. Always know that what they claim you are doing is merely a projection of their own behavior - leftists tactics 101.

Ran this buy an anthropologist buddy and it's apparently legit. It's almost as if the media and educational systems are controlled by a certain semetic (((tribe))) that doesn't want this taught. It's almost as if there's been a tribal war going on ever since Rome BTFO the Jewish homeland and the latter are still butt-hurt.


Argue me the 12-steps is wrong...

JP's Truth



It's time to create your OWN description. I can't do this for you. You, and ONLY you, can write your own destiny and ultimately, that of your people.

Finally, we begin to see the impetus of (((their))) plan and the curtain is opened fully for everyone to see (which is why they auto-ban this video). This is where the documentary fully comes together. We move into a post-War period and in this 9th of 10 chapter of this documentary, shit is going to hit the fan because the redpills in this are a hard but necessary swallow.

I'd add that chapter 8 may not show for some of you as the default setting on bitchute is to not allow NSFW content to show. You must manually go into settings (probably have to log in) and change it from "13+" to 'show all' or the equivelant in order to see part 8 which I flagged as NSFW content.

Complete and professional Holocaust debunking (with sources). Very high production quality and the only video one needs to show another in order to disprove the false narrative that justified the creation of the nation-state of Israel. Convenient, that part, isn't it...

Here we find the cogitation behind the ultimate starting point of reasoning for the WWII as a whole; that being, removing Communism before it reached Germany. This part 6 shows the complicity and aggression of the U.S. (((leaders))) which actively sought to maintain the financial system as Hitler's Germany had proven itself a threat in this very regard. An example being that prior to December 7th, 1941, the U.S. intelligence had already cracked the Japanese war-code and had prior knowledge of the attacks yet purposefully ALLOWED the "day that will live in infamy" to commence and thus enter the war in Europe.

The majority of this part 6 is dedicated towards the side of WWII history that you weren't taught. With now elderly interviewees explaining the horror (including Dresden in detail), one may wish to go find your box of kleenex before beginning. Powerful imagery capturing terror bombing of German cities abound, this one is not for the faint of heart, but important enough to warrant a view at this history. I will add that this chapter is correctly placed in regards to the previous one, showing the forced destruction of European Nationalism and her peoples. Correlation doesn't equal causation, but if you've watched the chapters previous to this, you'll have seen that the plan had already been laid out and this simply follows suit.

Also, lots of awesome color war footage...

The Final Solution to the 'European Problem'.

This brings light (with sourced material) onto the fear the Jewish people have of European peoples (Whites), and the resulting coping/survival mechanism formulated and it's plan to ultimately bring down Western powers by reducing the cultural homogeneity and ultimate destruction of pure blood (and therefore IQ). This is no conspiracy theory here and you WILL see the proof. The end-goal being, of course, for a certain strongly in-group preferenced tribe to take the Top-Dog spot in the world as "God's Chosen People" and ironically enough; the plan is in full motion and by my estimation via projected demographic changes and the proof you will find here, we are nearing the point of no return.

Explore the Kalergi-plan, the Pan-European movement which was the catalyst for the European Union and see the progression to where we are today. Watch personal interviews of Tel-Aviv residents and Rabbinical leaders and see just how much the shrew cries out in pain as he strikes you by way of this global bio-weapon of forced importation of non-compatible peoples into the European homeland and America (White countries).

This. Is. Real.

In this part 4 of 10 (I'm sure you're interested at this point), we actualize the reasoning behind the WWII. It isn't quite what you have been led to believe...

Enjoy excerpts from Gentile and Jewish leaders alike which focus on the truth of the matter. Understand 'The Final Solution' fallacy for what it really was, the primer(s) for this Second World War, and the Judaic influence that coerced both the once Great Britain and the U.S.A. into the war to not fight communism, but for the global financial interest of the Jewish peoples which ultimately will lead the World into a 50-year Cold-war run by these same globalists. Yes, the Cold-war 'game' was played by both sides for economic purposes to some extent, but at the end of this video, you will understand how both sides were played by a certain religion via orchestration of ALL World wars for benefit of a 'chosen people'.

The rabbit hole must go deeper, for history is too simplified and unreasonable in it's current explanation. Understand how and why things are the way they exist now with excellent editing/post-processing and wit! Cameos not to be revealed within this description.

Part 3 of 10: What it takes to have re-birth of a nation-state under decadent rule, and the reasoning behind some of the greatest ideals manifest from the ashes... Notice the 'Antifa' flag being hailed as Communist, some 100 years ago, and the great struggle against it; in that sometimes what takes to create an ideal society is self-cleansing, and I mean this in the most pure sense.

Watch the biggest White-Pill victory story as a Phoenix rises from the ashes!

A VERY quick overview of German supremacy pre-WW1 and the (ultimate) Zionist goals that led to the theft of His land by way of the Zionist Balfour declaration via the baiting of the U.S. and others into the threat of the global power structure change (away from Rothschild's grasp), and the resulting destruction of the Germanic people's way of life and these same implications that led towards the REAL reason for the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Yuri Bezmenov, Kevin MacDonald, et al. are featured, and this is not stale by any measure. A wealth of information not related to War is revealed, and it's ALL Meta-oriented. You will be satisfied with the time spent watching. From Culti-Marxism to disgenics; this 'Part 2' continues to reveal the history that our people will never be given access to; the history that was not written by the victors.

A comprehensive insight into the history and Meta tactics of how and why we got into the situation we are in today. The curtain is fully revealed.

Refined, and in my Meta estimation, 4x as effective. THIS is the greatest story never told and is more than just a WW2 sentiment; it shows Jude, the past and current power-structure, their Islamic puppets today, and more importantly, how to defeat it. This is NOT a black-pilled documentary.

Those familiar with pre-subverted 8/pol/ "webm threads" will recognize a great lot of familiar clips (especially in the later parts of this documentary) and only high-quality source-material was used. This will be split into 10-parts and length of each will vary.

It is absolutely fundamental that this knowledge is NOT lost in our current censorship climate. The history was indeed written by the victors, and this shows the other side of the coin; the one not told to you in school and it's sourced and VERY effective. This is NOT a re-hash of

I guarantee you it's worth it, please watch it. It started many journeys before and it will start yours. Don't get too sad about it, we were all born into this fucking lie, and we all can't change it. Start your journey. True love, is eventually measured by your willingness to become a monster in order to protect the ones you love.

This is politically incorrect and thus precisely the reason why it's worth your time. It is truth and the absolute necessary logos the West needs.


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The Black Sun becomes emblematic of the Odinic Journey itself. For one must awaken to one's own inner darkness, to reshape into a being taking ownership of his destiny. The Black Sun is hence both a symbol of death and rebirth, for before every great transformation and ascendance, comes a great sacrifice, a great renunciation of what has been holding you back.

It is not a symbol for everyone, but the true reason for this is internal rather than external. Those who prefer a quick fix in life, or even believe that another can offer it, need not pursue this symbol. When fully implemented, it is the Singularity - the point of no return.

The question to be asked with this symbol, is: what do I have to sacrifice, to achieve those things I truly desire? What part of my old self do I have to sacrifice, myself to myself, so that a superior self can emerge unshackled? And what must I cast off forever in order to do so?


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