Just some questions to consider.

Who is the hypocrite?
Who is deceived?
Who is the fraud?

Kefir is a remarkably healthy addition to your diet. This is a demonstration of how you can make it at home and enjoy it for no more than the cost of milk, a small amount of shelf space, and a minute or two of your time each day.
This will include some typical comments about obedience to Christ and slavery. A normal part of discussing a healthy diet.

You are most vulnerable to deception when you are convinced you are right.

This is a study on “pseudos”, where we get “lie”, “liar”, “falsely called”, etc., plus “false Christs” (“pseudochristos”).

Consider looking at Genesis 3, John 8, Romans 9:6, 1st John 2, 2nd Thessalonians 2, etc.

Eric Cochran was a software developer at Pinterest until a short time ago. His exit from his employer was a bit too much like my own somewhat over a decade ago. As described, I am a repeat offender.

His saga is found at:

Mr. Cochran has my respect.

Additional details:

This might make you very uncomfortable, or you might find the Lord’s marvelous mercy.
If you are interested in a private dialog on this email: [email protected]

A history of Mother’s Day, an example from Scripture (2Kings 4 and Titus 2), and what does the Lord command.

This was an impromptu video for my son and it got very serious on what it is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my hope to encourage other Christian dads that this faith we have is based on truth and needs to be shared in love.

This comes from a brokenhearted old man basking in the grace of the Lord.

Julian Assange was escorted out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and a brief interview was done with a protester in front of the Embassy. The question he posed to the reporters should be a model for the Protestant who protested the might of the institutional church. There is also a serious need to be clear on what the issues are about Assange of WikiLeaks, and Assange the man.

Especially to the follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, consider your attitude about this incident. Is it guided by the news media, the state, or the Lord?

For a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, proclaiming to our daughters obedience to the Lord as seen in the Bible is not well accepted in some areas. However, for a Christian dad to love his daughter, there is no other choice.
This is my encouragement to other dads. It is a choice of obedience to Christ or the world. May you find joy in the journey.


With great lament a local food provider just made their last delivery. As a customer, we must never give up.

In years past I found great joy and wonder in the movie version of “Fiddler on the Roof”. Many years later, out of the grace of the Lord, wonder of wonders, I started to live a part of that movie.

What we see in Habakkuk can be hard. But in it there is the magnificent grace and wonder of the Lord. I hope you find the same.

I shared the video “Vaxxed” with several two years ago and described it, GMOs, and Glyphosate. There is also a review of an experiment I did on myself using CBD oil. This is not sensational or technically deep, but I suggest is it technically accurate.


This started as simply relating what I saw at a local high school, but got on to the Bilderberg conference that was happening that day and a perspective from a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. While it did go long, it is not what you will normally hear from the popular pundits.


This started with a 2012 article and then two videos in 2017. I stand by them and expand the concepts.


For a software guy with no talent in art to have a friendship with a remarkably gifted artist was a joy. This is a celebration of the art of John Painter, a friend, and an encouragement to reconcile.

A fundamental concept in the Bible is the Lord’s reconciliation with His elect. His command to us in Matthew 5:24 is to do the same with others. It is not only a command, it is a gift. Let’s celebrate and live out that gift.

The related video “Naming Names” is at:


This is my effort to reconcile. I hope you will find an example of a man who has received the Lord’s mercy and is striving for mutual mercy with others.

An important follow-up video: “The Artistry of John Painter – A dialog on Reconciliation”


Scientific Consensus is a political term and nothing to do with science. Is the same true with Theological Consensus?


A point I forgot to mention is that Big Frog Mountain is the highest point in the area. There is nothing visible that is higher, and heading west, there is nothing as high until you get to Texas.


This was done as satire to encourage my daughter as she wrote a book called “Rose of Dancé”. But being a dad, I took liberties, as that is what dads who love their daughters do.

I had the joy of reading the book before release and do highly recommend it. Yes, I am biased, but to my joy it really is well written.

The book is available at:é-Erika-Sams/dp/069219486X

While this is personal it is set as an example of what Christian brothers are called to do in seeking reconciliation. It is serious and not fluff. It is set before you to offer an example and encouragement. May you find the joy of reconciliation!


The AP has recently reported about the torture in Yemen with US involvement. I mentioned this over a year ago, so it is being more publicly released.

A follow up is at:


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