On July 4, 2023 the movie “Sound of Freedom” opened to a large audience. It does introduce the audience to what we might politely call “human trafficking”, which includes border crossing, domestic servitude, sex, organ harvesting, and satanic rituals.

For those who have been “impacted” by Operation Underground Railroad, there is a serious celebration. The taste of freedom is fantastic. But perhaps the story is not that simple.

Is this is the best model to address the problem, or does this fuel the problem?
Is the subtle hint of “Wag the Dog” coincidence or intent?

Human trafficking satanic

Because I am “slightly” older than my wife I made a promise to do what I can to live to be 90. Since both of my parents made it to 89, it seemed a real possibility. However, the typical American diet and lifestyle does not lend itself to longevity. I did try things like pushups and dumbbells, but it was not something I would keep up. However, aggressive long distance walking became a focus in my life in my late 50s and today at 67 would beat 90+% of young walkers in a 5K or half-marathon. So an eleven mile round trip hike up a mountain is just normal.
But what do you do when it is cold and rainy outside? I tried jumping jacks and found it was something I would maintain. So I set myself a goal to start on my 65th birthday to do a million jumping jacks by the time I was 70, which meant about 560 a day. Half a year into it I was starting my morning with 512 continuous jumping jacks, so it was clear I needed to move up my goal. For about 2 years I have done at least 1,024 jumping jacks a day. Occasionally I have done 1,024 continuous, and very rarely 2,048. That is nuts!
Yes, my form is not perfect, but I do them. They are often very less than perfect when I do them on the top of mountains, such as Big Frog or Buzzard Point.
On this particular trip we did a 5.5 mile hike from a parking lot to the top of the mountain, which was also a half mile up. At the top I did 128 jumping jacks, which was videoed. Then we did the 5.5 mile return. Obviously when we got to the parking lot I did another 128 jumping jacks, like a normal sane man would do (maybe?).
For reference, the counts are always 2 to the nth power as I am a software guy and binary things gets into your blood.
It is my hope that on December 8, 2023, my wife’s birthday, to again be at the top of Big Frog Mountain and do my millionth jumping jack. Considering how I felt the day after this hike, it seems like a very real possibility.
The bottom line to couch potatoes or those who think they can’t for whatever reason, let me encourage you to try. Set a goal for something that you will do, commit to doing it, and then live your commitment! I am a pathetic running, uncoordinated, and not very strong, but I can walk long and fast. Don’t look at what you are pathetic at, but what you can do and do well. Then do it!

This is an attempt by a dad to advise and encourage his kids.
Details can be found at:

A case is made from the Bible about marriage and the institutional church.
It is relevant to the follower of Christ.
For those that do not follow Christ, there is no imposition from me.
Details can be found at:

Perhaps this is a way for those of us outside of the system to validate the vaccines.
Transcript at:

Something the major media does not seem to cover.
A whistleblower from his perspective.
Eric Cochran ● Morgan Kahmann ● John Kiriakou ● Daniel Hale

A Christian Perspective.

A case is made with evidence, rather than emotion, that the Bible is true, but the institutions that claim their authority from it are frauds. A serious challenge is set out for a public rational dialog on the matter. If your foundation is rock solid, it should be able to take the test. Can you?

Full transcript at:

I state again clearly and unambiguously, that I forego and refuse any benefits available to me via the Social Security system, as it is theft.


A court session in Chattanooga on the overreach of the state to impose on the freedom of the populous. David Tulis, a reporter and radio host takes on the state single handedly.

If you want to stand with David, consider his GoFundMe effort:

Court session –
Radio program –

Reconciliation is love lived out, and the call to the follower of Christ.
This is the reason why from Scripture.

On November 9, 1938 the violence of Kristallnacht happen in Germany where my mom was an 18-year-old.

This is a message to my 19-year-old son to inform him that history is repeating; to expect Kristallnacht Again.

The call is not to be scared, but to love: Matthew 5:44 “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

Formally a candidate for US Congress, I have matured as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am an anarchist. But what does that mean?


If you want an example of something hard to do, embarrassing, but striving for love, and have 38 minutes, this might be useful for you.

Lots of details at:

The family site:

It has not been my habit to ask others to share links, but I am asking that you share the link to this video, either direct on this site or links to any of the external video platforms. It is my hope someone will be blessed by this.

At the end of March 2020 I did a video for my family on the Panic-demic that was building at that time and presented information from history and science in an attempt to prepare and encourage.
Now over four months later I reviewed the video and found that it is all the more relevant today, so I am offering it to inspire others. Be forewarned that I offer evidence not sensationalism, and I am definitely not politically correct.
Since the wearing of masks has become far more an issue than back in March, let me also offer another thought for your consider.
If someone is wearing a mask and has a smelly burp, will those nearby smell it? This is often all the more clear with rectal gas even though it may pass through several layers of clothing.
Masks, especially surgical masks are worn for the purpose of preventing the wearer from literally spitting on patients, or even more a liquid from the patient splattering into the medical personnel. Decades of controlled studies show that they do not stop the spread of viruses, as a virus, like a smelly burp, passes right though the mask, especially when it is simply a cloth mask.
The promotion of masks is not for your safety or the safety of those around you, it is for control. You are being trained.

When we are silenced, we complain.
When the ban is lifted, it should be acknowledged gratefully.
The main point: the difference between a black man and a white man is skin color. It is not qualitative.

The term “Nazi” was a derogatory term applied to the National Socialists in Germany.
A term whose root meaning is “black” is also used in a derogatory manner.
My suggestion is to use it to mean “black”.

A review of a delightful hike.

An encouragement to others.

A challenge to the serious walker.

Oh, yes, we also made a wrong turn.

Photos at:

A serious suggestion to the follower of Christ with the right personality and circumstances:
Go Buy a Slave!
Encourage Him.
Draw him near.
Set him free!
Tell no one


Slavery is huge today. What does the Bible say? How do you show love as a follower of Christ?


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The difference between teaching wrongly because you misunderstand versus teaching what you know is wrong, which is a false teacher.


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Someone who teaches false doctrines can be corrected, which is an act of love toward them. This is not the same for the false teacher.


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Will “Social Distancing” be destructive to the institutional church as it has already to small businesses.
Does it matter?


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