This week on SWC: Kit talks about Char's Counter Attacks, Red Neck Vol. 4, and the Invisibles. While Chad discusses: AnimalMan Vol. 2, Low Vol. 1 and How to Talk to Girls at Parties! Oh and Kit just continues to die slowly with alcohol!

This week on SWC: Kit lectures Chad on his wrap up of Gundamn Double Zeta, followed by a review request from Storm King: Hyperbreed! We then dive right into DMZ, Followed by Animal Man, Cloud Scratchers, Persona 5, and then finally A & H Club!

We are back with the second episode of our monthly series: Gut Rot, where we review some of the strangest things we can find, this week it’s: Marshal Law, Tales of Terror and Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos!

This week on SWC, Kit takes a look at Cankor, Chad talks about Hellblazer: Pandemonium, we both get uncomfortable with Legend of the Overfiend and we take a look at a forgotten manga with Tegami Bachi and a generic DnD comics: Relics and closing off with Hero Cats.

This week! We dive back into the world of Gundam with Gundam Double Zeta, Chad wraps up the last Vertigo title that tried: Art Ops Vol. 2, Kit relives his high school days with Doro He Doro Vol. 2, Chad discusses Venomverse and Kit and Chad have too much fun with MLP Season 10, Followed by Cankor and Black Hammer from Kits perspective!

This week on SWC, Kit and Chad take a look at comics that are mostly continuations! Beastars Vol 6, Black Hammer Vol. 2, Summit of the Gods and then Platinum End Vol. 2, rounding it off with Berserk and The Musketeers!

Welcome to SWC: Gut Rot! A series that is recorded live, we take a look at the worst comics we can find and rate them from Best to the Worst! Each episode is us reviewing single issues or stuff that doesn’t have the quality we want from the original show. So sit back and relax as we talk about: 3D Alien Terror, Winter World and Bimbos in Time!

This week, Chad looks into the Seven Soldiers of Victory, Shadowland: Blood on the Street and then a long rant about Punisher: Pugatory, While Kit takes a look at H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hound and Other Stories and Golden Kamuy!

On this weeks episode, Kit talks about Gundam Stardust Memories, Chad reviews Voracious, The Hood, Hiyakkimaru & Dororo. While Kit dives into more DMZ, Uncle Sam and Captain America: White

Today on SWC, Chad and Kit talk about: Captain America, Dial H for Hero, DMZ, Uncle Sam, The Invisibles and then a review request of Far Traveller Comics: Fates.

This week on SWC, our special at CouchCon 2020! Where Kit slowly gets drunk from Tequila, Pickle Juice and Hot Sauce, plus we dive into our own comic series, Chad reviews Kits book: False Start and Kit Reviews Chads book: Blu Lullaby, Plus The Story of Us All: Mankind and Monster Matador!

Today on SWC, Chad talks about his favorite Valiant title: Ninjak, Kit finally looks at DoroHeDoro and followed by DisEnchanted, and then their follow up review of Beastars Vol. 5, then a Grant Morrison Batman comic: Batman Gothic and finally…Kits most hated comic ever.

Today on Shots With Comics, Chad takes a look at the confusing title The Kingdom, Kit directs Headlopper vol. 3 and then we look at a Vertigo title we didn't know exist! Deadman and then Tales of the Mysterious Traveler, then we wrap up with Secret Avengers!

This week, Kit talks about his final thoughts of Gundam Zeta and then Chad talks about the political comics March, while Kit dives into V for Vendetta, then the exciting comic Black Panther vs Deadpool, then Starve Vol. 2 and a book called Death Sentence and finally the weirdest book ever…The Paranormal Misadventure of Cringemeister!

This week on SWC, Kit gives his insight on the comics Starve, Chad looks at Black Hammer and guest host Corey dives into the world of Dog Man and more dad insanity, while Kit talks about The Goddamed and Chad complains about Reign In Hell and last but not least…Kit finds an obscure comic: Nordguard: Across Thin Ice!

This week, Chad and Kit talk about: Zeta Gundam, The Goddamed, Apocalyptigirl, Avatar the Last Airbender comics, HP Lovecrafts Into the Mountain of Madness second volume and then Sink! All that and more on SCW!

On this weeks episode, we had a technical malfunction so we do a quick review of Redneck, Corey joins us in the studio to talk about the Gravity Falls comic, Chad dives into Lore Olympus, Kit talks about Rover Red Charlie and then we all come together and talk about The First Calendar.

Today on SCW Kit talks about the Final Gundam Movie, Chad gets sad with Marvels Shadowland, followed by Kit looking at In the Form of a Question, then the final results of Girls, we wrap up with Redneck!

On this weeks episode, Chad reviews Lucifer (2016), Kit talks about an obscure Leila Del Luca comic: Afar, followed by the B Movie comic: Grizzlyshark and then a strange HP Lovecraft Manga: Into the Mountains of Madness, Then Chad talks about the functional book: Girls and then finally we are ending our embarkment with more Gleipner!

Today on Shots With Comics, Kit talks about the Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy, Chad talks about Persona 5: The Manga and following up Kit dives into Venom by Donny Cates, Chad finds a classic in Highway Men, Kit looks at Flex Mentallo and then closing off with Imperium!

In todays episode, Kit takes a look at Eric Powells Hillbilly Vol. 4, Chad dives into The Demon, followed by a continuation of Beastars by Kit and then a long drawn out review of the anthology: Odd Tales from the Curio Shop, then into Black Summer and then wrapping it up with Gleipnir!

On this weeks Episode Kit takes a look at Berserk Vol. 4 and both of the guys tackle the gross muscle comic: HardBody and the new Action Lab Danger Zone title: Villains Seeking Hero! We then wrap it up with a Marvel western title: 1872.

This week on Shots With Comics, Chad revisit’s JawBreakers and Goddess Mode and then reviews Belle: Beast Hunter, while Kit takes a look at Second Coming and God Country! We are also on a live twitch stream!

Today, Chad and Kit take a look at the We Are The Danger, Hillbilly, The Meek, Seven to Eternity and then tie it all off with Gretel!

As the Quarantine slowly starts infecting us, Chad, Kit and special guest AJ sit 6 feet away from each other talking about: Form of a Question, Mashle: Muscles and Magic, Apocaylptigirl and then finish off with Jawbreakers and Goddess Mode!


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